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Safe children's slide in the country

Safe children's slide in the country

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A children's slide is a small structure that children really like. Installed in a clearing or lawn of a summer cottage, it will become a place of active recreation for kids who will now be busy strictly with their “affairs” and will not distract adults from their summer cottages. Other sports equipment, a sandbox, a hut for children can be installed here - everything that will be interesting to little pranksters.

Every regular reader will be able to build a slide for young summer residents with their own hands, because we have repeatedly been engaged in construction in the country, and successfully completed many even more complex projects!

Requirements for the construction of a children's slide

At first glance, this is a very simple structure, which can be done literally in a day. But if you approach it more seriously, then it is worth considering the basic requirements for such structures.


The main requirement, which bypasses the cost and other parameters. Safety is the most important thing here, because it is our children who we love very much who will descend from the hill, and therefore, there should not be a single chance to suffer at least somehow.

Safety is determined by many parameters, but it is very important that the slide is stable, durable and can support the weight of several children at once. It should be fixed on the base or installed on poles driven into the ground, provided with protection, high-quality fastenings for each individual material, and also ensure safety during descent. Here you need to pay attention to the evenness of the gutter, exclude all bolts, sharp corners, burrs on metal and wood, so that the kids do not scratch and tear their clothes, as well as providing a “soft” landing, for example, on a lawn with thick grass, in a sandbox or even on special mats under the slope.

Also, you need to provide a safe lift. Good staircase with handrails and additional protection, low height, reliability and stability of the slide.

These parameters are already included in security, but they should also be given time separately.

Each connection is strong, from a new and reliable fastener. Mandatory installation of the slide and its fixing. Perhaps it will be home-made piles, or maybe a simple foundation, where fixtures for the entire structure will be placed in a concrete pillow under the slide. This is what will ensure the stability of the structure, and its reliability will be guaranteed by your serious approach to assembly and the selection of high-quality materials to create.

Seat selection

The children's slide is set in place with a good view, so that the children who have fun there are always under supervision. Most often, it is built specifically on the playground, but it can also be a separate structure outside the complex.

It should be a slightly elevated place, warm and sunny, perhaps not far from the garden, from which, at certain hours, a diffused shadow will come.

You should not install the building near the backyard, garage for cars and other buildings, which can be dangerous for kids things and tools.

Construction of a children's hill

Materials for different types of designs come in handy different. You can always take a standard tool, ensuring practicality and increasing the speed of work with the high-quality power tool that we described earlier.

From wood

We have known such structures for many years, and they are being built according to the classical plan, which includes the base, stairs, descent of the hill, the protective part and the upper platform. Quite often, the building has additional elements for games and entertainment - internal labyrinths, a sandbox at the bottom of the slide, small rooms under the base of the slide, and others.

You can build such a structure quickly enough, you just need to choose high-quality material for it. Attention should be paid to the quality of wood, which should be dry and well polished. The base can be built of timber, the upper platform and the descent stops - from the boards, as well as steps.

It is especially worth working on the descent. Here you can buy a tree ready for installation, because home processing is not always so high quality as to ensure safety. But if there is a grinder at the cottage, then you can always engage in the refinement of the tree yourself.

To assemble the product, you need to choose reliable fasteners - bolts, nuts and washers, but fasten the descent guides to glue or reverse fastening, so that there are no nail heads, self-tapping screws and bolts along the sliding plane.

From metal

There are few structural differences from a wooden structure, only the tree changes to metal. If anyone remembers, metal slides used to be in every yard and, interestingly, could last for decades with normal care.

The first thing that is being built is the foundation, which is necessarily fixed on a simple foundation. It is possible that 4 vertical installation pipes are simply poured, approximately the same as when installing the fence posts.

Further, on one side, a ladder is welded onto two pipes at an angle and a railing. On the opposite two pipes - descent. On all four pipes on top - a platform. The whole structure is tied with metal protection - rings from pipes or rods, high railings, etc.

It is important to note what kind of construction will be the descent of the children's slide. Most often, these are two pipes with a certain bend that go down from the upper platform and abut against the ground. The gutter is a sheet of metal welded to these two pipes. Everything is very simple, but you need to initially determine the loads on the entire hill and its descent, and based on these data, select the material for construction.

When assembling a children's construction, it is important to take into account the quality of welding and the mandatory grinding of all welds and other joints. This process is carried out by a grinder.

Further, the slide is painted, and the descent is well polished. It is highly desirable that it consist of a single piece of sheet metal, without seams.

Modern options

Today there is an opportunity to reduce the duration of the process and labor costs, as the market offers us some components for children's slides.

Naturally, you don’t have to think about the construction of such structures at all, but look for them in stores or online, where you can buy a modern building. But if you decide to build in the country with your own hands, then you can only think about some of the most complex components.

DIY wooden slide

From our own experience we know that the most difficult part of the structure in the country is the descent, or rather, the gutter for the descent. It must be stable, strong, safe. And, if strength is not a problem to ask him, at least with the same additional fastenings, then making the gutter smooth and slippery is sometimes not so simple.

Therefore, we recommend paying attention to plastic slopes. They come in different sizes and are suitable for any type of construction. It is good that plastic slopes have many advantages: they are immediately ready for installation, quite durable, do not deteriorate from moisture and other atmospheric phenomena, and are ready to serve in their original state for more than ten years.

A children's slide is a good solution for a playground in the country, and therefore we recommend that you definitely think about installing a similar on your land. Do not forget that we are always happy to hear your ideas about articles on the site, and therefore offer to express your opinion in the comments. The material about plastic children's houses for summer cottages will be interesting.

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