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What food waste can be used to fertilize the garden

What food waste can be used to fertilize the garden

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A very important question was asked by Margarita: "What food waste can be used to fertilize the garden? Is such top dressing safe for all crops?"


Benefit or harm?

In fact, the use of food waste as fertilizer for the site is not only useful, but also very beneficial. Firstly, the use of natural products will ensure the health of your plants without resorting to chemical substitutes. And, secondly, there is food waste in every house, and you do not have to spend money on expensive mixtures, fertilizing and fertilizing. Such fertilizers are well suited for trees, and flowers, and shrubs. Practically in all food waste there are substances useful for plants, which favorably affect their root system, contribute to rapid growth and high productivity.

What waste can be used?

Consider some examples of the use of food waste:

  • For example, do you like a cup of freshly brewed coffee at the beginning of a long day? Many will answer yes! So, the coffee grounds remaining after brewing can also be useful on your personal plot. It is very useful to use for feeding magnolia and hydrangea.
  • Used tea bags, which quickly decompose in the soil and are a good fertilizer for flowers, also have a good effect.
  • The boiled egg shell boasts a high content of calcium and magnesium, which would be very useful for fertilizing the soil. It is necessary to grind the eggshell and add it to the ground in order to saturate the soil with many useful trace elements.
  • Banana peel brings sugar to the soil, which has beneficial effects on rose bushes. For disinfecting the soil, a decoction of onion peel will fit perfectly. The same tool is perfectly perceived by plants as fertilizer.
  • From a variety of parasites, harmful insects and some diseases helps to get rid of a decoction of orange peel, especially well affecting the spider mite.

As a result, the use of food waste as fertilizer will not only help your plants, but also significantly save your money.

How to use waste

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