How to decorate a garden in winter

How to decorate a garden in winter

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A very interesting and relevant question was asked by Natalya: "Tell me, please, how can I decorate the garden in winter so that children would be interested in playing in it?" We will be happy to answer this question.

As winter approaches, less and less bright colors remain in the garden. Bright green summer behind, behind and autumn, pleasing us with yellow-crimson shades. Nature froze. But winter is also a magical time, fabulous, beautiful. One has only to look out the window and look at the unusual forms of trees, shrubs, hedges, sculptures. After all, we will not hibernate, but will admire the beauty of a magnificent winter garden!

Year-round beauty of the garden

To make your garden beautiful in winter, you don’t need to make much effort. To the question of how to decorate it, we answer that suitable plants will help you with this. The most important are the evergreen fluffy pine and spruce, juniper, yew. They will decorate your garden not only in winter, but also for the rest of the time. The Christmas tree can be decorated with toys, cheerful and bright garlands, and regardless of the number in the winter calendar.

In addition to conifers, plants that have a contrasting pattern of stems, bark are ideal. For example, thin birches with black and white trunks, derain with colorful shoots. Berry shrubs whose fruits do not lose their juiciness even in severe frosts: mountain ash, hawthorn, viburnum, spindle tree, sea buckthorn, barberry, can highlight bright accents.

Landscaping winter design

Winter landscaping in winter is a diverse garden sculpture. The lack of colors is offset by attractive shapes and some designer details. For example, garden furniture will add coziness and peace, which significantly enlivens the picture of the garden. In winter, there is very little light, so you should add more artificial lighting: bright and original garlands hanging on shrubs, trees, lanterns and lamps along the paths will give a special charm.

The most interesting element of the winter garden will be sculptures made of snow and ice, made by hand, as well as various decoration toys. The whole family can take up their creation. Modeling snowmen of different sizes and with different elements is not only an option for creative decoration of the garden, but also providing fun family leisure. Various toys and decorations will become real "magical" objects that open the way to other worlds, and are very useful for children's games and dramas.

To add bright colors, you can use an interesting idea:

  • collect balloons of different shapes, sizes;
  • fill them with water with dye;
  • tie the balls, leave in the cold.
  • when freezing, remove the film.

As a result, you get amazing, like glass jewelry that can be placed throughout the garden or make an interesting composition.

Snow figures

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