How to get rid of mosquitoes in the country

How to get rid of mosquitoes in the country

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Rest in the country can be prevented by a lot, but the most common reason for a spoiled mood in the fresh air is mosquitoes. They buzz over the table, crawl into the eyes, bite painfully and leave traces, so the time has come to get rid of annoying guests!

Almost any evening at the cottage ends with loud applause, which does not sound to the best storyteller of jokes and even a friend who does not masterfully play the guitar, namely mosquitoes that flock to the light and warmth in our gazebo.

These little bloodsuckers interfere not only on the street, but also in the house when we try to sleep. They make subtle and annoying sounds, flying over us, and then completely sit on any part of the body and feed on our blood while we sleep.

It seems to us that it is high time to stop this, and therefore recommends reading the next few sections of the article, which will tell you about the fight against mosquitoes in the country.

What is a mosquito

The common mosquito, or as it is also called, the squeak mosquito, is widespread everywhere, which means that it can occur in any suburban area. A small insect that feeds on plant juices and mainly human blood reaches a size of 3-7 mm, and is a carrier of many dangerous diseases.

It is worth noting that only females drink human blood, which is necessary for the development of eggs and the future population. Males are more humane to us and eat only the sap of plants. That is why there are so many mosquitoes in the beds, and simply, in any greenery, where they feel very comfortable. You can learn about personal protective equipment and additional comfort in the country.

Favorable conditions for mosquitoes on the site

Very many can be comfortable conditions for the development and growth of the mosquito population, because each species prefers its own temperature regime, humidity, nutrition. But we can say for sure that all such insects have common conditions of existence.

That is why there are so many of them near water, in dense greenery, in a warm and humid climate, but also around people, because it is our blood that is the food for many of them.

It is difficult to say why there are more mosquitoes in one country house and less in another, but you can say for sure that in the evening, near the lamp in the arbor, they will definitely be. We will meet them in the garden, near the artificial summer cottage, in the cellar and even in the summer shower. Indeed, in any of these places the mosquito lives pretty well.

Fighting mosquitoes in the country: the best ways

It is quite difficult to deal with these insects, because their number in one hundred parts of a summer residence can reach hundreds and thousands. Killing one mosquito does not affect their number, and even destroying a hundred with poisons or repellers, you are unlikely to get rid of them forever.

But this does not mean that you need to endure bites and an obsessive squeak every night ... at least you need to try hard and free your mosquito from your house and rest places in the country!

Mosquito traps

The simplest bottle trap

If you want to significantly reduce the number of insects in the gazebo, near the barbecue or just at the evening table, we recommend that you make a simple trap from a plastic bottle. We made similar traps for wasps and other insects, so it will not be difficult.

Cut off the top of the plastic bottle and fill the bottom with a glass of warm water.

Next, drop 2-3 tablespoons of sugar into the water and mix well. After you can add 1-2 g of yeast, which is not necessary to mix. Now it remains to cover the trap with the cut-off neck of the bottle, only with its neck down, and set it close to the resting place. A sufficiently large percentage of mosquitoes, and other midges, will now go there!

Velcro trap

Such traps have been developed for a long time, and are intended for various insect pests. The trap is a small roll of masking tape that stretches and hangs in the place where you want to minimize the presence of parasites. The mosquito goes to a special aroma, sits on a tape and can no longer fly up. Be prepared that flies, small midges, and maybe even wasps will also gather on such a trap.

Velcro is not necessarily sold in rolls, they can be in the form of small sticky pieces that are placed in any convenient place - on the support of the gazebo, near the lighting lamp, on the glass window.

UV traps

The idea of ​​such a trap is that ultraviolet radiation attracts mosquitoes, and a certain element of the trap simply kills an insect that has approached or has fallen into the desired area. But either the UV lamps in these devices are weak, or we choose not the most expensive and high-quality devices, but they are extremely inefficient. In general, there are good devices on the market and not very, but we do not undertake to advise them for obvious reasons!

The best remedies to get rid of mosquitoes

You can completely get rid of insects only indoors, in which access is restricted for them. Let's say this is the bedroom of a country house with mosquito nets on the windows. But a couple of mosquitoes still wound up, and buzzing insects do not allow us to sleep soundly, and even leave traces of their presence on our body. This is where modern tools that are sold today in almost every store will help.

Pills and mosquito repellent

By purchasing tablets in the store, at the same time you take a special electric adapter, which is plugged into an ordinary outlet. The plate is installed in the adapter, and when it turns on, it warms up a bit.

Due to this, chemicals that act on insects are released from the same plate.

The sadness is that over the years a lot of manufacturers of such tablets and plates have appeared on the market, but not all of them meet quality standards. Almost each of us could notice that individuals do not die from the aromas of the appliance with the plate, but become just a little plague, fall on the floor, bed, furniture. If they are not collected on time and not crushed, mosquitoes miraculously come to life, come to their senses and take revenge on us.

For anti-mosquito liquid, we don’t see the need to open a new section, as in the small cone offered for special adapters, the same components affect mosquitoes. The liquid is a little more effective, but here too much depends on the manufacturers.

There is a great way to quickly kill all the bloodsuckers in a house or just indoors, but it has some danger. Due to the fact that fumigators are not always effective, some of us use them a little differently, having completely forgotten about adapters. The plate is clamped with pliers or scissors, ignited and extinguished after 5-7 seconds. At this moment, caustic smoke comes from the plate, which kills mosquitoes, really kills. You just need to walk around the room and let this smoke rise as a shroud in the room. We once again emphasize that the method is effective against insects, but it is quite realistic, which harms human health!

Anti-mosquito coils for the street

In addition to tablets and liquids, a rather interesting position is introduced to the market - a spiral. It is sold in small boxes, where there can be 6-10 pieces at once.

A spiral is mounted on a special metal base and ignited for 10-15 seconds. Further, it needs to be extinguished so that the spiral simply smolders. Depending on the brand, there are different recommendations for use. But we can say for sure that it can not be used indoors and installed near you. A few meters of removal will be enough.

That is, such a tool is just for the street, and you can use it while relaxing in the gazebo, garden, or even if you went outdoors. You can learn about the best methods of getting rid of moles in the country.

Alternative remedies

It's time to go to the most modern methods and apply ultrasonic repellers. In theory, these are quite effective devices that repel mosquitoes at a short distance.

Today on sale you can find portable boxes that you can carry with you in your pocket and not be afraid of bites, since repellers operate in a radius of up to two meters. You can take more powerful ones that work from the outlet and save the whole room from mosquitoes. But if we talk about how to scare away insects in the country, for example, with evening tea drinking, then you need something more powerful, for example, electric street repellers that can work in a radius of even 50 m.

Folk remedies for mosquitoes (video)

Folk remedies

It is far from necessary to use expensive electrical or chemical agents, because there are always living plants that perfectly resist these insects.

And, since we are all already experienced summer residents, such plants just have to be on our site.

Among them, there are no rare or very expensive ones, but only those that are stably grown in the country. Tomatoes, mint, cloves, wormwood and tansy - the main "green army", which fights against mosquitoes, but for a man!

Mosquito repellents

Protection against bloodsucking can be comprehensive, and sometimes it is even more advisable to protect not the space around you, but yourself. For this, there are long ago means that can scare away mosquitoes and many other insects - repellents.

They are applied to the skin or even to clothes, the main thing is that you get the aroma of that component that works against insects (most often, the person himself does not feel this aroma).

Repellents are sold in the form of sprays, creams, lotions, and the most famous among them are Gardeks, OFF, Argus and FLOP. Of course, others can be found on sale, but be sure to read the contents and instructions for use.

You can use natural repellents, which are also applied to the skin, but certainly will not do any harm to a person. This is a room lemon, the smell of which repels mosquitoes, cedar oil or a decoction of wheatgrass rhizomes, which we all consider a serious weed in the garden.

In addition to the means and instruments indicated by us, on sale you can meet a lot of offers. It can be gas lamps, traps with poisons, and essential oils that protect a person without harming him, but you should only choose what you heard about positive reviews!

Prevention of mosquito invasion in the country house

Driving mosquitoes on the street when you are resting is one thing, but you need to take measures that will not allow them to mock you when you sleep. So, first of all, you should think about how to prevent bloodsucking from entering the house.

The best means today are mosquito nets that are installed on windows and doors. It is they that are an obstacle for small insects, which can no longer get inside the premises. Fresh air penetrates through the nets, but mosquitoes - no!

Before going to bed, try not to leave windows and doors open in the house, to put out the light that mosquitoes fly into in time, and also to turn on the fumigator in advance, which, while there are no insects, will act as a repeller, and not as a destroyer. The simplest comprehensive measures will give you the opportunity to sleep in the country house calmly.

It is simply impossible to get rid of mosquitoes forever, but to reduce their number near you, unpleasant sounds and bites - really! Use our tips, and share your thoughts in the comments if you want to offer an interesting way to deal with bloodsuckers.

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