Summer kitchen in the country: the best project of this season

Summer kitchen in the country: the best project of this season

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We want to note right away that this is not a gazebo or a canopy, where only minimal participation and a certain budget are required of you. This project is much more serious, because the summer kitchen can be built on a solid foundation and have expensive content. That is, if you decide to build, you need to prepare well.

By and large, the summer kitchen has a lot in common with those buildings that are already in our country house, and most of all resembles a garden gazebo, with a barbecue stove located inside. We talked about her in this article. But it also has some differences, which you will learn about in the process of reading the material.

Why do you need a summer kitchen in a summer cottage?

This building is a place for cooking in the spring, summer and autumn, when you are reluctant to hide in a hot house, and even smell the smells from cooking and frying there. Here can be installed furniture for relaxing, a table for eating, a set of chairs or benches, as well as a stove, electric stove, cabinets, shelving, in general, everything that is available in a ordinary country kitchen. But all this is in the fresh air, where it is very pleasant not only to have lunch or dinner, but just to sit in good company.

We can’t say that the summer kitchen is a compulsory building, like the same garage or cellar, which have a special purpose. But if you want to feel increased comfort, and you just like to enjoy nature in your own summer house, this object should be well thought out and proceed with construction.

Types of structures

A room of this kind can be divided into several types according to construction materials:

  • wooden, the main building material of which is glued beam, log, logs;
  • from metal - simple frame structures that are easy to assemble and disassemble, can be moved from one place to another;
  • budget-type constructions, when all improvised material is involved in the construction - a wooden base, metal base racks and so on;
  • Masonry, in which the auxiliary material of construction is wood or metal.

In addition, buildings can be divided into open and closed kitchens, which in the cold season turn into winter structures by glazing openings and installing doors. On this occasion, in order to understand what we are talking about, we recommend that you read the articles on warming the gazebo and modernizing the veranda. There are many stages in which buildings intersect.

Choosing a place for construction

This structure can take up little or a lot of space, be round, oval, square, rectangular or, in general, of irregular shape. Therefore, the place for the kitchen should be chosen at the same time as the design for the construction.

It is necessary to pay attention to the convenience of location:

  • Remoteness of the construction site from the entrance to the house, from the household yard, garden, other objects and territories;
  • Warming up of the construction zone. You can build a kitchen in the shade of the garden, but in such a way that at least half a day it is heated by the sun;
  • It’s worth thinking about the wind, drafts, because it will not be very pleasant to relax when the cold walks on your feet.

Also, it is necessary to study the topography of the place where you intend to start construction, the soil, the level of groundwater in the country (which we recommend reading here), plants around, remoteness from neighbors, and other factors.

DIY summer kitchen construction

Immediately we want to advise reading an article on the construction of a terrace in the country. It will give you some building knowledge, especially since it mentions design work that is very important before starting such an important process.

It is necessary to determine in time all the materials that will be involved in the construction (we advise you to familiarize yourself with the building materials for summer cottages in this article), because the final result depends on them.

Today we suggest you build a kitchen, the basis of which will be brick, and the frame is made of wood.

Choosing the foundation

There is reason to believe that for such a structure, it is not necessary for us to fill in a concrete platform or to conduct a major tape of concrete, because only a partially summer kitchen will consist of brick, but its entire top is a wooden frame and a light roof. Therefore, we will not dig huge pits or hammer piles, but we will manage small.

Calculate the construction area according to the project and mark the pillars. We suggest starting from six pillars, as most often the kitchen is rectangular. Naturally, the columns go in 2 rows of 3 columns. But we have a building with a brick base, which means that not all the pillars will go from the ground, some of them will start with brickwork.

The installation scheme of the foundation is determined by the plan, but what kind of pits and trenches will be, depends only on the selected material. We have brick and wooden poles, which means:

  • Under the brickwork we dig trenches to mark the walls. The depth of the trench is 40-50 cm, the width is 30-40 cm, the length is strictly along the length of the wall;
  • Under the pillars of wood, we dig holes, the depth of which is not less than 60-70 cm, and the size itself is about 40x40 cm.

Next, we install the posts in the pits and level them, and along the trenches we arrange the strip foundation, which necessarily intersects with the posts. There is a positive point, because you don’t have to prepare the solution twice, you can fill everything with one composition.

When we have the tape ready and the main posts are installed, we move on to the site device.

Playground for summer kitchen

The platform on which furniture, equipment and accessories will be installed should be solid and level, but always on a hill. Therefore, we propose to arrange it from paving slabs. Here we want to recommend an article on laying paving slabs, from which you can learn a lot of useful things. Whoever does not want to be distracted from the process will receive some of the information here.

Inside the marked territory, that is, inside the zone fenced by pillars and strip foundations, a swarm of a small pit, about 20 cm deep. Naturally, we do this only after our foundation is completely dry!

We put sand in the finished foundation pit and carefully roll it. A layer of sand should be at least 5-7 cm. If there is no special heavy skating rink for this case, you can just trample along the site to compress the sand as much as possible.

You can also moisten it a little while trampling.

You can adjust the depth of the pit yourself, depending on the size of the tile. We need that the paving slabs lay on the sand, and after installation it is raised above the general ground level by about 5 cm. From this, build on.

When the sand is compressed, proceed to laying paving slabs, and maybe decorative stone, depending on what you have chosen for the site.

While the foundation dries and takes the necessary strength, and depending on the brand of concrete, this process can take several weeks, we suggest arranging a blind area around the site.

Blind area for summer kitchen

You can always read how to make a quality blind area here, but in this article we decided to mention it.

The blind area for the summer kitchen is needed, and this requirement is not our whim at all.

It is clear that the construction will be built somewhere in the garden or on the lawn, and therefore we need some space around to give decorativeness, as well as to protect the foundation from excessive moisture. At the end of the blind area, you yourself will understand how pretty she looks.

Masonry walls

For laying walls, we need re-marking of the territory. Check everything exactly according to plan and install beacons! Now everything is ready for work, of course, if the material is purchased.

Initially, we prepare a cement mortar. It is advisable to use a concrete mixer for this, because in the process of constant stirring the solution is of the highest quality, it does not separate into cement and aggregate, water does not collect from above. If there is no concrete mixer, then there is an occasion to read an article on how to make a concrete mixer, moreover, with your own hands. If it already works, stack the bricks near the construction site and proceed.

Brick laying is standard, in half a brick, since we do not need a more complex dressing of one and a half bricks or multi-row dressing. After masonry, flashing, wiping the material when the mortar slightly sets, and waiting for complete solidification.

If you have a more serious construction planned, the masonry may differ from what we have proposed. Also, in such a case, we would recommend immediately installing special mortgages in the brickwork, so that later it would be easier to work with supporting pillars.

Frame erection

We have already installed poles for the project, but a few of the deliberately defined are not yet available. They are installed on top of brickwork.

To fasten the pillars along the upper boundary of the masonry, you can fix the beam or beam, from which the posts will rise up.

When all the pillars for the roof structure are installed, we need to perform their dressing, which will give the necessary strength of the entire structure. Connections occur with the participation of the same wooden beam.

It is very important that in this work all levels are strictly observed, except with those biases that are prescribed in the work plan. So it will be much easier for you to work with installing the roof frame and roof.

Roof installation

First of all, we need to choose a roofing material and the method of its installation, for which we recommend studying this article. But it is also important to build on the strength of the frame, and choose a roof that will be fully consistent in weight.

Before installing the roof, depending on your choice, you need to prepare the base for the material, make the crate taking into account the design features. Here, it is also necessary to provide for a slope, which will allow water from the roof to freely leave. Also, it is worth reading an article about gutters in order to protect the blind area and the perimeter of the building from falling water from the roof.

In the form of a roof, composite tiles, metal tiles (there are similarities, but also differences), bitumen tiles, polycarbonate, slate, corrugated board, folded roofs and others can act as a roof. But since we decided to use light materials, we offer you bituminous tiles. It must be laid very correctly, because the technology of working with bituminous tiles involves not only a high-quality base for the material, but also a special slope so that the same city can not penetrate it, falling at a high speed into the plane.

But you can use corrugated board or polycarbonate, then, however, you have to build a frame for the roof a little differently.

Summer kitchen for summer house in the form of a gazebo (video)

Interior decoration and fittings

What do we need inside? Cozy atmosphere and beauty, comfort and harmony, which will help make the time spent more enjoyable. We already have a lot for this - a practically finished building, where it remains only to place furniture and some accessories. What of the finishes?

Here is already to your taste. Ready floor, several brick walls, wood frame, roof. All this should be put in order, namely:

  • Rub the seams between the paving slabs;
  • Check how high-quality the brickwork was;
  • Hem the roof, so to speak, make the ceiling;
  • Open the wooden parts of the kitchen with varnish or paint to extend their service life with such protection.

Now it remains only to do the internal arrangement.

We need a good oven to cook a variety of dishes. Therefore, we build it or just install it in a convenient place. We also have an interesting article on this topic.

Here, a barbecue oven can be installed, about which we are talking, a barbecue, and even a cast-iron stove.

Now the furniture. You can always buy it, or build it yourself, as we did before. We recommend complementing amenities with upholstered furniture, for example, a couple of armchairs, where you can even take a nap on a quiet summer evening.

Shelves, shelves, rolling tables are all accessories that will also be needed in the summer kitchen, but pay attention to the dishes, other kitchen utensils, as well as the ability to store food, which will require a refrigerator. Other kitchen appliances may come in handy here, and therefore convenient places should immediately be provided for it.

We did not say that communications are necessary in the room, but we hope that you yourself remember this. If not, we will help you with several articles that will tell you in detail about water supply, sewage, the possibility of heating water, as well as high-quality decorative lighting, which, by the way, can be done independently!

Summer kitchen in the country, as well as its arrangement - a work that is associated only with its own future convenience. Do not be lazy, and the result will surely meet all expectations. If something remains incomprehensible, be sure to ask questions to the site in the section Answers to questions!

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