How to quickly and profitably sell a summer house

How to quickly and profitably sell a summer house

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There can be many reasons for selling a summer cottage. This is a move, and the acquisition of a new, more suitable summer cottage, and even an urgent need for money. But for the transaction to take place, you should correctly prepare the cottage for sale.

It is clear that if the cottage is in very good and tidy condition, it will be much easier to sell it. But if there are some problems with the site or buildings, they need to be solved as quickly as possible so that the buyer does not even know about them and does not begin to “knock down” the price. There are many opinions on this subject, and for almost all of us it is not ethical to hide the problems of the site in front of the buyer. And therefore, they need to be solved, but so that we do not lose a lot of time and do not invest serious funds in the process.

Today will tell readers of the site how to quickly sell a summer cottage with or without a house. In view of the fact that we are read not only in Russia, but also in many other countries and regions, we will not talk about the documentary part, because the re-registration process is not the same everywhere. But here we will tell in detail about preparing the site and buildings for sale!

Sale of a summer residence: drawing up a plan

It’s even more likely not a plan of specific actions, but the initial description of the problems, which, we are sure, will be quite a lot in the country. Even if everything is in a more or less normal state, you must know the smallest defects in the house, sewer system, and garden in order to adequately respond to the fact that the buyer discovered them.

You must be prepared for the fact that they will try to seriously reduce the price, and therefore all problems found should be eliminated if possible!

Inspection of the summer cottage

You can start right from the entrance. Gates and gates, a fence around the cottage, fences between you and your neighbors, in the yard, in the garden. All this will be surely inspected by future buyers, and therefore everything should be here without surprises.

Next, go to the lawn and irrigation systems, a young garden and the recreation area that is created here. At the end of the inspection of this territory, proceed to the buildings and be sure to write down everything that you do not like and what can be fixed.

It is clear that a full-fledged repair of the summer cottage, which we spoke about in this article, will not have to be done, because it is very expensive, but the minimum program must be drawn up and implemented.

Try to pay attention to the smallest details and, if they can affect the decisions of the buyer and the cost of giving, work with them. You can read the material on the loan to the country.

Repair of a fence and protections

Put in order the fence, for the repair of which we advise you to read this article, the gate, the gate so that everything works without creaks and jerks, and under the fences or inside them there are no gaps or crevices. Take the paint and update the appearance of the fence, adjust the stability of the sections, define new hinges on the gate so that it tightly covers the entrance opening. All this will give the first positive impression, because the entrance and the fence of the cottage are her face.

Comprehensive inspection of the lawn

Working with a lawn is a pleasure for the person who loves nature and greenery in his own area. Therefore, we are sure that everything is in order here. But if you know for sure that there are some problems, fix them right away.

You need to inspect the lawn, mow the grass, rolling, perhaps sow young grass in some places, if necessary.

Be sure to check the irrigation system, clean the nozzles, and check how well the equipment works.

If you have a Moorish lawn in the country, the details of which can be found in this material, take care of the timely planting of annuals, they will give a good impression of the green carpet. If the gas roll, you may have to buy a few meters of carpet and lay it in the places where it is worn. But it may be enough that part of the lawn will be cut, and the land in these areas is cultivated and mulched. We recommend reading about how to decorate these areas here. It can be pebbles, expanded clay and even crushed stone.

We put things in order in the flower beds

To begin with, we recommend that you study what the Alpine hills are, so that you understand the structure of such landscape elements. We are sure that in almost every cottage there is one, but it is not necessary that the owner himself was involved in the arrangement, and it is up to you to put the hill in order. It is important to correct the details and establish equilibrium, but do not disturb anything, especially plant growth.

Also, it’s worth working with the flower beds, and especially with their fencing. Often these are just curbs made of concrete, stone or brick, but it happens that these are low decorative fences. It is very important to ensure that they are not hidden by plants, and are in good condition, clean and restored. This is possible without financial investments, for example, it will only be necessary to adjust the fences, rub them with burlap or a broom to remove dried soil that has adhered during irrigation.

It is also necessary to remove weeds from flower beds, take them out and burn them. It is important to work with plants - pruning, cleaning dead wood, weeding the flower beds inside so that the weeds do not block the beauty of the flowers.

Take care of more remarkable places, if you built retaining walls in your time (if not, you can read about the construction of such walls in this article). They are quite noticeable on the site, like gabion structures, and therefore must be in very good condition.

We recommend that you pay attention to hanging flower pots, and the tall flower beds and beds we described earlier, where many of us grow flowers or greens. Their supports should be strong, suspensions - strong, and the general appearance leave only positive impressions.

Presale preparation of the garden

In this section we want to talk not only about the orchard itself, but also about shrubs and ornamental plants in this area. Here you will need some experience, because working with a pruner and a hacksaw is not suitable for everyone.

It is advisable to choose the right equipment for the garden, you can even according to our recommendations, and learn the technique of working with it.

You need to clear the area so that it is pleasant to walk around the garden, well, or spend time here on a bench with a cup of tea. Therefore, harvesting weeds, their mandatory removal, pruning of dry branches in crowns and those that especially interfere with movement along garden paths. The trunks of the trees should be whitened exactly as we advised here, as well as mulch the trunk circles of each tree. This will give a neat and well-groomed look, which works very well for the buyer!

Let's talk about shrubs. There is practically nothing to do here, except for harvesting dry branches and leaves. It’s not worth it to just take and cut the bushes for their good appearance, unless it is a hedge. But you can mulch the soil and clean around them, because we all understand that under the base of any bush drafts a lot of cobwebs, feathers, leaves, pieces of paper and other garbage under the drafts.

When cleanliness is brought near each plant, on the lawn, flower beds and in the garden, we have to examine and correct everything that we once built in the country, because the condition of each building should not cause any negative emotions for the future buyer!

Country paths

To begin with, we recommend reading the article on the construction of country paths, as well as on the restoration of paths, because such information in this case will be very useful. You can not really dwell on the selection of materials and full repair, because it is important to simply put everything in order.

Using building materials or even construction waste mixed with mortar, it is possible to qualitatively correct all defects. As a result, it is important to obtain paths from which parts of pebbles, sand, or large pieces will not fall out. Sometimes, for this it is enough to simply wipe the loose joints between the tiles or stone with bulk materials.

Make sure that all borders are put in order, for this they are enough to sweep and slightly trim.

We put in order summer houses

We will start with the country house, because this is the main building on the site. Buyers often pay attention to a house or even a small house, depending on the status of the cottage.

But, whatever its size and how many years ago it was built, the house must be in a residential condition.

It is important to perform external and internal cleaning, slightly repair chips and cracks, wash and paint the windows, and if necessary, even repair them as we advised in this article. It makes no sense to describe the entire cleaning process, because every housewife herself perfectly understands what cleanliness is. But the repair of a country house is a completely different matter, and we recommend to think about it.

Naturally, no one will make major repairs of the house before the sale, because these are serious investments, but you still have to spend a little money. You will need to repair the roof, the stairs to the attic, which buyers will want to inspect, cover the cracks in the walls, and inside the house and in general, make cosmetics.

When you have mastered the cottage, we move on to other buildings. Everything is the same here - external and internal cleaning. But besides this, everything that we built earlier should be working:

  • The barn should be well closed, it should be clean and dry inside, all the shelves are in order, the garden tools are clean and stacked on shelves;
  • The garage is dry and warm, with a minimum of drafts, with a clean repair pit or cellar that may be inside. It is important to tidy up the floor as much as possible, remove the oily rags, arrange all the parts in boxes and cabinets;
  • The toilet and outdoor shower (the construction of which we recommend reading here) should be fully operational. Naturally, a minimum of smells and humidity, good ventilation, a mandatory supply of water to the shower, well, or a working tank and a new watering can. We will not say anything about hygiene, everything is clear here;
  • Pergolas, awnings, stoves and barbecues, outbuildings and landscaping ... look at them and just ask yourself, how would you like to see them? Naturally, well-groomed, clean and ready to continue to carry out their tasks, right? Then everything is in your hands !!!

A similar approach can be applied to any area of ​​your site or an object built here. It is very important to show the buyer that everything is in order, and most importantly, that when checking everything is exactly so !!!

The cost of preparing the cottages for sale

Many will say that such a clean, well-groomed and renovated summer cottage is needed by ourselves, and so it is. After all, when the site is tidied up and “works” like a real summer house, and not just an overgrown field, I don’t want to part with it. But our task is to quickly and profitably sell a summer cottage, so no regrets!

The fact remains that preparing a summer cottage for sale can cost money, and sometimes quite a lot. High-quality training with cosmetic repairs and restoration can be estimated even at 20-30% of the exposed value, but no one forces you to spend so much money. Of course, it is very necessary to bring everything to mind, but there are other methods, for example, high-quality preparation of the cottage and just a nice conversation with the buyer, in which you describe all the advantages of your site !!!

How to sell correctly (video)

How to offer a cottage to a buyer

Everyone understands that the more good it is to tell about your site and home, the more positive impressions should remain with the buyer. They can convince him of a positive decision. This is partly true, but one must understand what can be said to the buyer and what is not.

Here everyone already has the right to act in good conscience, paint advantages and hush up disadvantages, make discounts or talk about something that has never been and never will be. But we will not give you “black tips” on such methods, but simply mention what will be good.

What to say to the buyer of a summer residence

  • First of all, point out the advantages of plot sizes. If it is small, talk about compactness, the proximity of each object to each other, the exclusion of fatigue from walking around the site and the transfer of heavy loads. If on the contrary, it’s very large, tell us about your ideas, which, unfortunately, did not come true - a small football field, an alpine meadow with flowers, a picnic area, a huge playground, the possibility of doing business on a site with the construction of greenhouses and flower gardens, etc. ;
  • Next, you need to independently introduce the buyer to every corner of your summer residence. It is better to lead him to shortcomings than to hide them, because many, as luck would have it, find the problems of the cottage themselves, but the opinion of the secretive owner is already spoiled. Show the unfinished barbecue, but point out all the necessary materials in the barn. Lead the buyer to the old arbor, but immediately tell us that they did not begin to repair it just because of the choice of a new place for a more modern arbor. Be sure to point out all the benefits of the garden, describe the amount of the crop, show jars of jam or barrels of soaked apples. It is very important that you mention a lot about garden plants, if you notice that the buyer is interested in vegetables, herbs and other similar crops;
  • Try to acquaint the buyer with future neighbors and, naturally, lead them not to the grumpy granny on the contrary, who does not like you because of noisy gatherings, but to the neighbor on the side who was repeatedly given the opportunity to use the tool or treated with homemade wine.

According to so many people, without even going into psychology, it is important to convince a person of the maximum positive. It is even necessary to turn all the negative in a positive direction, and then the desired result will become closer!

What is better to keep silent

We will say right away that we do not recommend to keep silent about serious summer cottage problems, because sometime they may appear. It promises trouble or just a bad opinion about you. But, to tell the truth, if you disclose all the facts about the problems with the site, it can forever remain yours, since so many of its indicators can cause the buyer to leave.

Therefore, it is worth “calling an audience” your conscience and try to understand how much you want to sell your summer house. Of course, you can take the most varied steps, but talking about problems or seriously oversaturating the benefits of paints is up to you.

Pay attention again!

  • To sell a cottage, you need to prepare all the documents. A couple of signatures on the collected papers, this is not a week of notary circulation. In addition, not every buyer will wait while you pull with papers, because there are many options for good summer cottages today;
  • Be sure to pay attention to the season in which the auction is scheduled. The best jackpot can be obtained in the spring, closer to winter, the cost of plots and cottages as a whole seriously falls;
  • Do not forget about friendliness and friendliness. Nobody likes people without mood or too hurrying somewhere. Allow the buyer the right time and give a few smiles, this will increase the chance of a sale;
  • Trade only as long as you are profitable. If you can interest the buyer in the qualities and advantages of the cottage, he will give a decent payment for it;
  • Knowingly predicting bargaining and possible discounts, throw a couple of percent of the cost, that is, put a discount in the preliminary cost of the cottage.

There can be a lot of similar tips, but for real help in selling a summer house you need to know almost everything about it. Therefore, we hope that both the previously mentioned requirements and our tips will help you to sell the cottage profitably.

You can sell the cottage, and even at a high price, but you need to try hard for this. Remember that the best assistant in this matter is loud information support. Announce the sale in your cooperative or cottage village, and believe me, the neighbors will really help find a buyer. But do not forget also that the ads in thematic publications, as well as on the Internet, also work fine. Information on business ideas for giving in the winter will also be useful.

Please join this discussion for all readers of the article. We are sure that you have something to advise about the sale of a summer residence!

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