When to dig out Valerian root and how to store it

When to dig out Valerian root and how to store it

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Question of Julia: "When to dig out the root of valerian and how should it be stored?"


Valerian officinalis is a prefabricated species, which includes about 30 similar species, which are all subject to harvesting. For medicinal purposes, rhizomes and roots of the plant are used and used.

The collection of valerian in nature and in the area

If you collect valerian in nature, then you must strictly follow all the rules.

First of all, you need to make sure that the plant you choose is just valerian, and collecting it will not negatively affect your health and will not lead to poisoning. It should also be understood that particles of other plants, insects or other living creatures should not be allowed to enter the collection. The plant should be collected only in places of intensive growth.

For medicinal purposes, plants that were harvested in the spring or, more often, in the fall after the growing season are used. It was at this time that they contained the largest number of substances useful to our body.

  • The plant should be carefully dug together with the rhizome, washed quickly.
  • Large valerian roots are cut and tied, and then laid out in the fresh air under a canopy. In this case, the layer should not exceed 15 cm.
  • After drying, the layer thickness should be reduced to 7 cm and the process should already be completed to the end in ovens or ovens.

If Valerian officinalis was grown on a personal plot, then you do not need to destroy it completely to collect the roots. To do this, it is enough to cut off about 2/3 of the array, and then plant the plant back in the soil. So the bushes will be able to take root again and delight you with a good harvest for several years, without needing a new seed cultivation. However, it should be noted that such a procedure can only be carried out with those plants that are older than one year. Young bushes without consequences can be cut off only 1/3.

Rules for the storage of valerian

  • You can store raw materials for 3 years.
  • For proper storage, it is necessary to use glass, well-closing containers, since otherwise the essential oil can quickly evaporate.
  • Before using valerian, you need to once again make sure that it is stored correctly. When the box is opened, no odors should be present at the place of storage, rodents or insects, or evidence of their vital activity should not be present. If these signs were noticed by you, then you can not use such valerian.
  • Also, if you have cats, then you need to take care that they do not get to the roots of the plant: do not gnaw and do not take the raw materials apart.

Medicinal herbs collection and storage

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