Is it possible to plant gladioli in the winter

Is it possible to plant gladioli in the winter

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A question from Milan came to us: "Is it possible to plant gladioli in the winter? If yes, then how to do it the most correctly?"


Gladiolus frost resistance

So, you can plant gladioli for the winter, but only if your site is located in the southern regions of Russia. Here the soil will not freeze in the winter. In these flowers, the root system develops at a temperature of 10-15 degrees, and shoot growth occurs at 20-25 degrees. To ensure the best development of gladiolus bulbs, you need to store them at a temperature of 3-9 degrees. In this case, the root system will not inhibit the development of the plant. Corms tolerate cold, but die at a temperature of -2 degrees.

Features of planting plants for the winter

Before planting gladioli for the winter, you should think about how to provide them with all the conditions for survival and further growth. To do this, ensure the same temperature as during storage.

If the children have a dense shell, then it can withstand even - 4 degrees.

How to plant gladioli

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