Country litter: a new application!

Country litter: a new application!

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At the moment, on the site. There are already several materials on similar topics. But we decided to raise again the issue of country garbage, which should not always be thrown away, because it can be used with benefit!

To begin with, we recommend that you read the already existing materials about the second life of old things, as well as about useful country garbage. The articles describe how to use certain items whose use for their intended purpose is no longer possible. Perhaps some points of this material will slightly overlap with those already written earlier, but we will not do repetitions, but rather, put forward new ideas!

Their meaning is to stimulate summer residents not to throw out their obsolete thing at once, but to think about its further use for other purposes.

Therefore, we will bring a lot of ideas, and you fantasize and write down your own, perhaps in the near future, they will become very useful to you!

How to use old buckets in the country

Yes, we already made flower pots from buckets, and even larger containers in which you can grow ornamental plants. Painted, installed in the right order, and you're done.

But today we have even more interesting thoughts:

  • Old buckets, broken and even full of holes, will always be able to protect seedlings from the wind and other adversities. In the spring, quite often the weather changes, and we are very worried about seedlings, which we have only identified on the garden. Now, old buckets will help us protect it;
  • You can always take two old buckets with holes, and make one of them, a bin or a container for transferring soil, bulk mixtures, fertilizers. To do this, you only need to place one bucket in another and turn the inner one so that the holes of both buckets do not coincide;
  • Two buckets of different sizes can become something like a form or formwork to create flower pots. To do this, you need to put one bucket, put in it a reinforcing mesh for cement mortar, then put a couple of pebbles on the bottom, which will create the basis for installing the second bucket. Now you can put a smaller bucket inside, and pour concrete mortar into the opening between them. After 3-4 days, you will only need to pull the finished flower pot out of the buckets, sand it a little and paint it.

This is what about the old buckets, but there are still a lot of ideas ahead!

The use of old wheels in the country

We have a great material that we recommend reading - a wheel fence.

This is an original and almost free fence, which any summer resident can do with his own hands.

But we want to advise several more areas of application:

  • The first thing that comes to mind is a bird's nest. A few decades ago, nests for storks and other birds were often made from old wheels, placing them on poles, fixing and throwing hay on top. This is a very useful event;
  • Also, motorcycle wheels, which are smaller in diameter, but made of slightly more durable materials, can be used to create lamps for cottages. We already have a lot of ideas about this, and you can study them in this article, but you can use the wheels. You need to get all the knitting needles from it, except for 4-6, which will serve as the suspension of the lamp. On the rest, fixing them in the up or down direction, install the lamp;
  • It is worth noting that the production of trolleys for summer cottages from motorcycles is also a classic. Earlier we said what they should be and what kind of work they are most suitable for (we read about carts here), but now you can do something similar on your own.

Old doors come in handy too

  • The old doors of the country house can always be put in order and installed on the entrance of the summer kitchen, temporary shelter or barn;
  • If such doors can no longer be restored, they can always go for firewood, but you should not hurry, because the canvas can be taken to the household yard and used there. A few doors - this is an excellent platform, temporary, but will serve for several years. Also, from three or four doors you can create a small pen for living creatures, for example, for poultry, nutria, rabbits;
  • Another use case may be decorating a summer cottage. Many crafts look interesting in landscape design, and therefore we put the doors in order by simple painting and install original arches, false doors to the house from them, simply fixing them to a wall, folding or just an ordinary garden table, etc.

Old bath: some more ideas

Earlier, we talked about how you can make a small pond or a fairly large container for plants from the old bathroom, which you can place in the garden or even near the garden, and grow, say, greenery in it. But the muse visited us again, and today we are ready to tell you a few more directions for using the old bath in the country:

  • The items of furniture for the recreation area that we studied in this article are quite original and practical, but you can also make a small sofa out of the bathtub, which, at the end of the work, will be very interesting. To produce such furniture, we only need to cut off the side wall with a grinder, having previously selected the shape of the furniture, and check the stability of the bathtub legs. Next, after drilling through holes, install the crate on the inside, lay it with foam rubber and sheathe it with a cloth. It turns out a small, but nice and cozy sofa;
  • In addition to this application, an old bathtub can become a mold for the production of large-sized artificial stone. How to produce such a decor, we have already said in this article, but now we will help you with a stone for creating garden paths. It will not even be a stone, but whole plates, the parameters of which you determine yourself by cutting out the form. The top of the bath is cut off, and the lower part becomes a form for pouring blocks, from which it will be possible to lay out a serious path or even a platform.

Debris Chandelier

Broken building material in the country

Building debris is used not only in the dumping of plots, on the topic of which we gave an answer to our readers at this link, and in falling asleep to large pits and ravines, but also in other areas:

  • From construction debris you can build again! Many of us do not disdain to use country garbage for our own purposes, so why buy a new and expensive brick or other building blocks if we are going to build a small barn after dismantling a certain building in the country. It can be built from brick, which is cleaned from dried mortar. Also, from this material it is possible to build borders for garden paths or flower beds, lay the base under the country table, or to smash it smaller, and fill it in a trench as a drainage pillow;
  • Broken brick, concrete and pieces of cement - a beautiful decor. It is worth killing all the materials and sorting them well in order to remove sharp fragments and small debris from the general mixture, as well as to select material of about one fraction for further use. That's it, now you are ready to backfill for tree trunk circles in the garden, which will serve as mulch, the top layer for backfilling flower beds, or just material that can be tamped in certain forms along garden paths;
  • Such a diverse mixture is also suitable in specialized applications, for example, for forming the banks of a river, another reservoir, which is poured in the spring. To do this, construction waste will only need to be compacted in bags, or to use gabion structures for this. By the way, we recommend that you also read about gabions and their use in the country.

As you can see, the ideas for using old rubbish and country garbage do not end there, and we could talk for a long time about the use of old car tires (some crafts can be studied at this link), bottles, items of clothing, outdated dishes, and even decoration materials removed from the wall country house. But for now, we give you time to digest all of the above. If you have questions or suggestions, do not hesitate to comment on the article, we will definitely respond to every opinion!

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