Features of the design of the site in the country style

Features of the design of the site in the country style

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A country-style garden will decorate any summer cottage, bringing comfort and romance to the old-fashioned western village. This style first appeared in provincial American towns of the 19th century, incorporating the spirit of the Wild West and adventure. Distinctive features of this style are the love of small spaces, clay and wickerwork, natural uncouth wood, unbaked brick, lush flower beds and small fruit trees.

Style History

The garden, unpretentious in leaving, executed in the country style does not tolerate strict cubic forms. It is important to observe the roughness of the lines, imitating natural randomness in the organization of the garden plot.

Country style began to be applied in the design of manor plots and vegetable gardens thanks to the landscape English designer Gertrude Jekyll. Details such as low wooden poles from poles, old cart wheels, decorative baskets and hitchhacks were borrowed from the life of the Wild West towns. You can read the material about the monochrome garden in landscape design.

The main attribute that makes such kindergartens unique is pots with lush, leafy flower arrangements.

Each country implements landscape design in its own way. The British prefer strict endurance and orderliness of decor elements, the French love airiness in combination with lavender and rare Provencal herbs, the pragmatic Germans add the nuances of the Biedermeier style to the design of the canonical country style.

Characteristic features of the village surroundings

Gardens made in the country style, primarily serve as a place for a pleasant pastime and relaxation, and not for the pragmatic cultivation of vegetable crops. Therefore, in their design can be used not only traditional bushes of currant, gooseberry or lingonberry, but also wild plants: yarrow, plantain, dappled motley, clover. You can read material about the Chinese-style garden.

Wild herbs and unpretentious flowers in the care (chamomile, buttercups, bells) are in harmony with the country style and facilitate the task of caring for the estate.

Country Style Features:

  • The estate does not require a lot of time and effort to maintain it.
  • Gives a lot of imagination in choosing its design.
  • Garden tools and rare items can serve as decoration details: wooden items, benches, watering cans, wheelbarrows, buckets.
  • In decorating the garden, not only a large number of different varieties of flowers are used, but also cultivated wild herbs.

How to design a country style garden

In order to properly draw up a site, it is necessary to consider the following stages of its formation:

  • Draw a rough plan of the homestead.
  • Make a garden.
  • To arrange a flower garden.
  • Lay out the tracks.
  • Pay attention to small architectural forms.
  • Optionally add water features.


First you need to come up with and outline areas of design solutions for the future garden: functional and aesthetic areas.

The recreation area can be equipped with floral decorations, a bench, a fountain. The plot where vegetables and other crops are grown can be fenced off from the main recreation area with a characteristic wicker fence, and fancy decorative ornaments and skates are suitable for decorating the greenhouse.

Garden design

  • When designing a garden, one must be guided by the following requirements: minimalism and diversity.
  • It is better to make several small, neat beds with different crops of vegetables than one large with the cultivation of one type of vegetable or fruit.
  • When decorating the garden, it is better to give vent to imagination: hang decorative plaques with the name of the crops above each garden bed, divide the garden beds with wicker fences decorated with inverted colored jugs, and put a homemade straw scarecrow.

Flower beds

Cozy flower pots and fenced areas for flower cultivation are an integral part of country style garden decor. The best choice would be poppy seeds, sunflowers, mallow, buttercups. Colorful composition pleases the eye and uplifting.

Track design

The paths are designed not only to connect different parts of the garden, but also to decoratively meander between vast colored bushes, tubers and plantings. The paths can be laid out with tiles made under natural stone, gravel, sand, wooden planks. The main thing is that they remain sinuous, and not deliberately straight.

If concrete was used to construct the track, then inlays of glass, metal, screws, gears, nuts and other trifles will become a beautiful addition.

3D garden design in country style

Additional surroundings

In order to make the garden look saturated and original, small architectural elements are used, made mainly from uncouth wood. For example, pergolas from poles, wicker baskets from vines, carriage wheels, trolleys, carts. It is recommended to treat wood structures with a hydrophobic compound, which increases their service life.

Bronze, wooden figurines, papier-mâché figures will decorate any corner of the country-style garden. This article will tell about the decorative types of cereals and herbs.

Creating compositions with stones

Water elements

Wooden troughs filled with water, fountains or artificial lakes will bring saving coolness on a hot sultry day, and decorative ducks will make the process of contemplating a reed pond especially pleasant. We recommend reading the article on the spicy garden.

The secret of a cozy garden

To choose a harmonious design solution when designing a section in a country style, you need to follow simple rules:

  • Do not mix the details of different eras in the design of the garden.
  • Do not add decorative elements of other styles when decorating the garden in the country style.
  • Focus on small architectural forms: poles, low handmade fences, partitions, jugs, cars, carts.
  • Observe minimalism, harmony, poise, color and variety in the design process.

We recommend reading the article on the prairie garden.

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