Are there varieties of fast-growing conifers

Are there varieties of fast-growing conifers

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We got a question from Lyudmila: "I live in a private house, was fond of landscape design. I want to plant conifers at the end of the plot. Are there varieties of fast-growing conifers?"


Conifers generally grow slowly or unevenly. Pine, for example, in the first 5 years grows to 1 m, then grows faster. But the metasequoia at the same time grows up to 2 m, larch - up to 1.5 m. But these trees drop leaves for the winter. Therefore, it is better to plant them near the house, where in winter, during a short day, they do not obscure the windows.

Evergreens, such as yew trees, are better suited along the fence or as a hedge. It has many decorative varieties and is not afraid of either drought or frost.

Thuja Brabant gives a growth of about 30 cm per year and does not drop leaves, it is a variety of western thuja, the most popular variety. A slightly smaller increase in the thuja Smaragd. It has an interesting elongated shape and the Columna thuja also grows well. Tui are well established in the middle lane.

Pseudo-services are very beautiful. It is unpretentious and durable. It grows fast, easily tolerates pruning.

Spruce is also considered quite fast-growing, especially Serbian spruce. Her needles are two-tone and purple-brown cones.

Conifers for the garden

It is important that planting material be zoned and provided with the appropriate grade of care.

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