Choose a live fence for a summer residence

Choose a live fence for a summer residence

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A live fence is a decorative hedge, the device of which should be treated with some imagination and even emotions. After all, this project will be a great addition to the cottage only if you put your soul into it.

In fact, working with such designs is quite difficult. This is not an ordinary fence of sections, which can be installed with the help of a standard cottage tool on the dug up poles. This is not a concrete, not a brick or even a decorative fence. The main difference between a living fence is that it is really alive, and often even more than half consists of plants.

If you manage to bring such a project to life, you just have to applaud, at least for the fact that you think outside the box and try your best to make your summer cottage extraordinary.

Best hedge designs

Landscaping is simple only in pictures. Yes, this is a very interesting activity, but just becoming a professional in this field is not so easy. You should go a long way, study all the mistakes of beginners, do something with your own hands, repeat someone’s difficult project, decorate your summer cottage so that every person walking along the street will look at her. Therefore, even if you have already built tall flower beds or alpine hills, started to grow roses or tried to understand the styles of landscape design, you still have to work hard to make your summer cottage truly exclusive.

Where to start? presents a whole series of articles in which you can study interesting country ideas, apply them in the garden, outside the territory of the site, in illuminating the territory and its additional decoration. But today we would like to set aside all the previously written material, because we have a very interesting topic, which we recommend starting to study right now. These are living fences - structures that can be built, or can be grown, you need to think about it for a long time, and it’s not worth tightening too much. Already now, when you see some examples of living country fences in the pictures, you will understand why we started our article so enthusiastically!

Willow fence in the country

We present you an exclusive fence of willow branches, which is really growing, and not just folded into a single pretty pattern. What is most interesting, this fence opens, showing us young green leaves.

To grow a hedge, you only need to cut willow twigs, after specifying for yourself what size and configuration the wicker willow fence will be. Next, dig a trench 25-30 cm deep and fill it with fertile soil. Willow twigs can be held for several days in a growth stimulator and simply installed in a trench. After a couple of weeks, the cuttings will take up and begin to grow on their own. It is clear that work should be done in the spring!

We recommend installing for fastening willow rods pillars of pipe or reinforcement, between which you should stretch the wire. So you initially tie up the loose twigs, but soon they will show real, strong growth and surprise everyone with what they will turn a new living fence of the cottage!

Climbing living fence

Now we are presenting an original fence of climbing plants, which does not require a large cost from a summer resident or the owner of a private house.

In terms of the main plant, you can choose any that suits the characteristics and appearance. For the frame, we need only high-quality wood and a mesh netting, well, or steel wire, which almost every one of us has in the barn.

For the construction of the fence, it is necessary to install poles along the line of placement, you can even use a good wooden beam, and pull a wire or net between the posts.

Hydrangea Live Fence

For the construction of such a live fence, you will not need any difficult decisions, because the main thing in the process is the proper planting of hydrangea and its cultivation along the fence line of the dacha, or simply along its perimeter.

You can create such landscape forms not only around the site, but also on its territory, arranging labyrinths in the garden, fencing recreation areas, or constructing a living wall between your and the neighboring site.

In planting hedges from hydrangea, only one thing is recommended - to study the agricultural technology of the culture and try to adhere to all cultivation conditions as much as possible.

Live fence made of stone and arborvitae

This is a stone base that resembles a retaining wall. But to make the foundation easier, you can always use gabion designs.

We have the same stone laying on an ordinary mortar and creating a foundation with soil inside, for planting evergreens. In masonry, it is desirable to make drainage passages so that excess moisture can leave the building painlessly. Further, the fertile soil that is most suitable for planting your chosen plants, well, the planting itself.

Other plants can be used for such projects, for example, the same boxwood or cypress, but oriental thuja and thuja brabant look great in the composition.

Hedgerow and ... roses

Roses always looked beautiful in the garden, no matter what kind and variety, if only roses. At the entrance to the territory of the cottage, behind the main flowerbeds, individual shrubs in the area, and now on the fence, creating a pretty noticeable living fence from an ordinary fence.

Please note that the fence has the simplest design, and this is an ordinary stone fence with old decorative trim. It is only necessary to repair such fences thoroughly, or to change them altogether with new ones. But not always there is time and money for this, but we should not borrow good fantasies. What does it take us to allocate a whole day to decorate the fence with roses, well, or even other, constantly flowering plants? The result will surprise you - very original and stylish!

Vegetable fence

The strange name does not imply anything superfluous, but only the cultivation of vegetables on the fence. Yes, this is a vertical garden bed, which is very practical for a summer residence, and is often also convenient and just pretty.

What is needed for this? Only dark polyethylene, preferably denser, your chosen plants and soil, a little wire to form a vertical garden. In the same way, you can grow flowers, herbs, spices, and the vegetable fence itself, you can optionally equip, say, drip irrigation.

Nice decorative fence

It is difficult to call this fence a living fence, and it will even be incorrect to enter it in this article ... but we decided that such a usual and even very simple beauty should be seen by everyone.

We have long changed the concepts and views on building materials, decorating a summer house, and arranging a territory. And so often we have brick fences, wrought iron gates, and more and more massive and complex. But look how beautiful the white picket fence looks, with many flowers around it. It is really very beautiful.

Combined design

For many of us, a fence made of welded mesh is simply a temporary fence of a summer cottage area, behind which construction often takes place. But this is also a budget option for fencing a private site, because not all of us can afford polycarbonate fences and forged fences. But the budget option is not always beautiful, and therefore, ideological summer residents today come up with a variety of decorative elements for such fences.

Here is a combined live fence made of welded wire mesh and pretty flowers. They are installed in pots and special containers suspended on a fence. Everything is simple, neat and beautiful.

The choice of plants for a live fence (video)

Live wicker fence

This is an interesting design, which is made from twigs and branches, and often from willow vines, which we mentioned earlier. But this option is slightly different from woven tyn and a decorative willow fence, because living plants are planted inside the fence.

It can be a wide variety of flowers and decorative ampelous plants, but field or even garden plants are most organically suitable. This is a serious stylization for the old Russian or rural style, where even sunflowers can participate fully.

Intermediate fences in the country

Few people know this name, but there is nothing complicated, just a separate section of the standard fence, which plays a decorative role. For example, near the entrance to the front garden, closer to the exit to the economic territory, in the garden or in the garden, where the fence is not intended for protection, but simply complements the landscape design style. Today, we play this role of a wooden picket fence, on which metal buckets with flowers are hung. It is very difficult to call this fence alive, as well as several of the above, but this is a design with living plants, which means it can fall into this category.

Hedge and old shoes

And again, we are a little off topic, because the presented fence is only decorative and original. But if you do not have the opportunity to plant curly plants near the fence, create a hedge, or seriously work with shrubs to cut, we offer you a similar option, which was considered in the article on country ideas.

Everything is very simple, because here you will need several pairs of old boots, a power tool for installation, soil and plants from any flowerbed of a summer residence that can be transplanted. A couple of hours of work, and the old country fence is pleasing to the eye!

Gabion Option

Gabions are well-designed metal and stone structures that can fulfill the most incredible roles in the landscape and just on the territory of your site. These are decorative elements, and supporting structures, and even elements of strengthening the shore of water bodies.

But today, in view of our consideration of a very interesting topic, we decided to tell you how to make a magnificent living fence from gabions.

Installation of structures takes place in an understandable way - fixing the form, filling with stone with the desired grade and fraction, as well as supplementing with other structures and dressing them into a single whole. You can not depart from this algorithm and at the end of the whole work, plant plants in the walls of gabions - drive them with soil and plant seeds or seedlings there. But it’s more correct to spill soil with stone installed in gabions than to compact its embankment and masonry. At the same time, the seeds of those plants that you want to see on the “green wall” should be added to the soil. Very soon they will give the desired result.

A fence of stone and flowers

This country fence is not much different from the gabions described earlier. After all, stone, compaction of the substrate and planting of plants are also used here. Only there is no metal structure that supports this whole thing. But the technology of the device is not of poor quality, because the masonry happens very carefully, or even with a solution.

It is very important that the fence becomes alive during the construction process, since at the end it will be very difficult to plant plants in the joints between the stone.

Also, along the finished wall with plants, you can clear a part of the territory, a certain strip, and plant a decorative shrub, or maybe a berry, and mulch gravel or pebbles on the strip where it is planted.

Create a hedge (video)

Pyramid Fence, or Flower Pot Design

There is nothing special and no need to explain, because everything is visible in the picture below. Old concrete flower pots, which used to be quite a lot in every park and square, and which are sold in so many markets today, are simply exhibited in a certain form of a pyramid. Here you can choose how such a living wall in the country will look, as well as determine the plants that will grow inside. But it is worthwhile to understand that such a wall can seriously lose quality in the coming years, if its rear part simply rests on the soil. Constant humidity will quickly destroy the structure, and therefore we suggest you again turn to the article on retaining walls and the creation of high-quality drainage.

Ready-made design for live fencing

The fence, the fence of the cottage, the gate and the gates are those serious constructions to which we attribute important roles, for example, protecting the territory from intruders. Therefore, we are well aware that a living fence, no matter how cute it may be, is not suitable for everyone. But you can create anything inside the courtyard, in favor of the style and previously defined design. So why not take advantage of our ideas for delimiting the territory of the summer cottage into certain areas - a recreation and picnic area, a flower department, a walking area like an alley, and so on. To do this, you can use many interesting ways of distinguishing, and one of them is small decorative designs, which can also become living fences.

Live fences and hedges (video)

Decorative design It increases its practicality a little, but it makes the territory pleasant to visit and simply amazingly beautiful. And therefore, remember that work on the technical part is not the most important, because it is very good when you can relax in the country and enjoy its beauties created independently.

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