The best methods of dealing with the bear

The best methods of dealing with the bear

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Medvedka is a dangerous pest on your site that can seriously spoil the crop. Therefore, many summer residents, noticing the fruits of the activity of this insect, are trying to find the best methods to combat the bear as quickly as possible.

What does the bear look like?

The common bear, or simply put, garden cabbage, as we used to call it, is a small insect whose growth is kept within 2-5 cm.The appearance of the pest is quite frightening, and many are even frightened of it when they see it for the first time.

The insect prefers soil that is well fertilized with humus, and therefore lives precisely in or near manure heaps. It gets to the site very simply, even with fertilizer newly introduced in the fall.

The bear is a very adapted insect that perfectly feels temperature and danger. It prepares in time for winter and goes far underground, where it is not so cold, but also rises up very timely, with the first signs that it is time to eat.

The pest easily destroys a huge number of plants, eating the underground part of our dear crops. The main food for him is potatoes, which, at times, are difficult to grow, onions, tomatoes, peppers, cabbage, as well as many flowers. Every day, one insect is ready to spoil or completely destroy 10-15 plants. Just imagine what a serious loss is possible if the cabbage women have bred in your country.

As soon as you notice this pest in the garden, immediately proceed to the destruction. Naturally, it is much more correct to think about the prevention of the bear in the country, so that the pests do not have time to do troubles.

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How to deal with a bear in the country

There are many classic and modern methods of control, but since pests can adapt to certain conditions and drugs, many of them are considered not very effective. It is simply impossible to say exactly which method is the most or least effective, because for each individual climate, soil and individual genus of the bear, the conditions for destruction will also differ.

Experts recommend starting the fight against cabbage with the simplest methods so as not to ruin the soil or contaminate it with chemicals, and especially not to waste your personal budget. But the radical summer residents, who felt on their own crops what the bear is and its activity, are ready at the first sign of this insect to proceed with the most active actions. We are not ready to say which method to choose for you, but we are always happy to offer many ways from which you yourself can choose the most suitable one for the conditions, drugs, financial and time costs.

Basic protection

Each of us must understand that fighting a bear is much more difficult than preventing its appearance in the garden. Therefore, it is better to always adhere to some rules for soil care and planting crops than to spend a lot of time later on spraying, creating repellers and other activities.

We will start with the advice of summer residents, who already at the end of September dig special traps for the bear. These are small ditches up to half a meter deep and 40-60 cm wide, which are densely packed with manure. At about the same moment, the insect is looking for a place to hibernate, and since it prefers to stay close to manure, it actively moves towards this ditch. Closer to winter, these ditches are being dug up, and manure is simply scattered around the garden. During this period, the street is already a small but stable minus, due to which the pest dies.

The simplest traps are also used, but already in the spring, when plants are planted. You need to take simple half-liter jars and dig them at the level of the soil, and then fill with water. Sometimes even insects fall into such traps even during the night.

One of the ways to deal with cabbage is the standard loosening of the soil at the places of planting of cultivated plants, as well as between the rows between already grown seedlings. Due to this, a certain part of the bear dies from the tool, and eggs and larvae are destroyed by trampling and destruction of nests.

Manure traps for insects are also active in spring, around the beginning of May. To do this, small manure heaps are laid out around the garden. Better smaller, but more often, about a few shovels of manure, but according to the layout of 3x3 meters. In these heaps, the bears crawl for normal habitat, as well as for laying eggs. By checking heaps every few weeks, you will automatically reduce the harmful insect population in your area.

How to scare away a bear

There are ways to more actively deal with the pest, which are considered preventive. They will help to prevent insects from entering the site, and if allowed, then also quickly and conduct.

Country plants against cabbage

There is an interesting opinion that sowing marigolds on a site will help to quickly drive out insects from the beds. You should plant the plants in rows all over the garden and just wait until the insect leaves. But personally it seems to us that this method is far from the best.

Flask of Onion Husk

One of the folk ways says that the infusion of onion husks helps the bear well. Of course, many will think that this is a story from the realm of fiction, but if the garden is attacked by such a serious enemy, you need to try every method.

So, onion peel is infused in clean water for 4-6 days. To prepare a high-quality solution that can really affect the lust of an insect in your garden, you need to take about 1 kg of husk and onion waste to a bucket of water. When the product is ready, it is diluted with water, 1: 5, and plants are watered after rain. They say that several such irrigations with a frequency of a week are enough, and the bear will leave your site completely.

Kerosene scare

The simplest method, which involves the use of sand and kerosene. To prepare a miraculous mixture, you will need 1 kg of sand for each square meter of planting, as well as about 50-70 ml of kerosene. For the garden, this method is too expensive, but it's worth a try to drive the bear out of the greenhouse with its help.

So, sand is spilled with kerosene and mixes well. Further, this sand is mixed with several shovels of dry soil, and again thoroughly mixed. When new plants are planted, say, of the same seedlings, a fresh mixture of sand, earth and kerosene is evenly scattered across the bed and shoveled with the topsoil.

Folk remedies against the bear

The people there are many interesting recipes, methods and tips that are used by many of us against insects, intrusive rodents, plant diseases. The time has come to select some of them for the fight against cabbage.

Rotten fish against cabbage

This method is already used against other pests in the garden and in the garden, and many refuse it because of the not very pleasant aroma at work. But who does not consider himself squeamish and normally treats products in any condition, he can also try it. It is necessary to take rotten fish (you can buy such a thing in any fish department, or even just pick it up for free), and throw a few pieces into the hole when planting the plant. An unpleasant smell very seriously affects the pest, which now bypasses the plant side. There is even an opinion that rotten fish becomes a good fertilizer for the planted in this hole.

It is also interesting that not only seedlings can be saved by rotten fish, but also ordinary crops. It is necessary to spread still fresh fish along the bed, along the perimeter of the crops, and only slightly crush with dry soil. After 7-12 days, seedlings will begin to appear on the surface, and the fish will deteriorate under a layer of earth. Well, the result is the same as when placing the fish in the hole. True, there may be several problems at once - the fish can be carried away by cats, and the remaining fish in the soil at a shallow depth, specifically spoil the air in this section of the garden. Therefore, it is worth thinking carefully about the application of the recommendation.

Needles from the bear

The opinion, fundamental to the test, was heard by us from the summer residents-pros. It turns out that the insect is afraid of needles. The reasons are not indicated, but the fact remains, since, having talked about this method, we heard about its application by very many. What should be done?

Just take the branches of the needles and chop finely, about a basket, and then spread our good between the rows of cultivated plants in the garden. You can also slightly greens and branches, so that they do not dry out so quickly in the sun and wind, and do not lose their aroma. They say that the bears bypass such areas almost immediately after the layout. But here you should be careful, because insects can just go to neighboring beds where there are no needles!

We catch a bear for beer!

We will not even explain who could have come up with such a method, but according to the statistics of the polls, it is quite successful. So what is needed to get the result?

Everything is simple here - we make a beer trap: we drop beer bottles on the bed at an angle of 45 degrees, so that the neck sticks out from the ground by only 1 cm. It’s even better to dig a hole deeper and wider, and set the bottle so that its neck is below the soil level, but it was not clogged by it, that is, the entrance to the neck of the bottle was in a hole. Next, just pour a little beer into the bottle, about 100 ml, and forget about the traps for a while. If the plot is crowded with pests, then a day a couple of bears in each bottle may be. It is only necessary to remember that fresh beer is more suitable for insects, and therefore traps should be changed every few days.

Radical Ways to Fight

What do we mean by such loud statements? Of course, special chemicals against the bear. I don’t want to spoil the soil with poisons, but sometimes I don’t get away from it.

We want to remind you right away that when using strong chemicals, it is imperative to act strictly according to the instructions, observe the norms and frequency of depositing funds, and also use protective equipment !!!

We will not describe the use of toxic chemicals, since even different manufacturers of the same product may have different recommendations. We remind you to rely only on instructions !!!

So, special remedies for the bear are Prestige 290 FS, Medvedtoks-U and Aktar 25 WG.

What do ordinary summer residents use against the bear

We talked a little with summer residents, gathered tips and opinions, and decided to cover their proposals on the website. So, a few elementary tips, the effectiveness of which, unfortunately, we can not confirm ... but we think that it is worth a try.

  • If you know where the insect's hole is located, it must be destroyed to the maximum. Most likely, you won’t be able to kill the bear itself, but significantly reduce its offspring.
  • In the same case, if you find a pest’s hole, cook the wheat porridge and drip it with the Regent. Then throw small balls of porridge into the hole. This should attract, and then kill the insect.
  • Often used and the usual poisoned bait, which is scattered around the site. For example, boiled corn or barley that is dipped in a poisonous product. This is enough for a certain part of the bear population to die, but it is very dangerous for pets and birds.
  • Often, dung traps for the bear are equipped with poisons. The pest is dug in under a dung trap and feeds on what is there, and in the heap there is also pickled grain, porridge. Accordingly, the insect dies right there.

The drug to combat the bear (video)

There are quite a few ways to deal with the bear, but the most important thing is to choose one, the most high-quality and effective, so that all the work is not done for nothing!

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