The use of concrete products in the country

The use of concrete products in the country

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It’s not easy to put the cottage in order and the view that we need, and then professional tools and equipment come to the rescue. But no less important are special building materials, one of which is concrete products for serious construction.

We often use concrete at the cottage in its most diverse forms, but also reinforced concrete products are used, without which capital construction would be simply impossible. offers to study the main concrete products for a summer residence, which will help in the construction and arrangement of the site.

Reinforced concrete products and reinforced concrete products are very popular today, and therefore you will not feel any shortage if you need to build with their participation. But more important is not the possibility of the purchase itself, because each product can be tried to replace with another, but an understanding of the product and its application.

What are concrete and reinforced concrete products

Concrete products in the country are used a little less often than reinforced concrete, and these are the simplest foundations, self-loading slabs, columns and other construction materials that you can do yourself. If we talk about special materials and structures for capital construction, then this is reinforced concrete.

Any product made of reinforced concrete is a reliable, strong and durable material made of concrete and a frame made of steel reinforcement. Thanks to the correct technological process and modern equipment, as well as strict control over the quality of products, manufacturers are launching a very large assortment of products on the market.

Concrete rings for a summer residence

Reinforced concrete products that are very popular. They can be used for capital construction, if you just purchased a new suburban area, as well as for additional arrangement and equipment.

More often you can see reinforced concrete rings in the construction of wells and control points of the main highways. They are delivered individually or complete with additional reinforced concrete products - bottom plates, well overlapping plates, base plates and rings, as well as hatches that close the entrance to the finished structure.

In addition, concrete rings can be used for the construction of cesspools, silos, installation of large compost heaps.

The use of reinforced concrete trays in the country

These products are rarely used in ordinary summer cottages, but if you are just building a house and laying all kinds of communications to it, trays will come in handy. They, together with concrete covers or slabs, are protection and even some kind of sealed medium for water supply pipes, sewers, heating mains and other engineering systems.

Much less often, concrete products of this type are used to equip a summer cottage, although it happens that they are used to equip drainage systems, irrigation canals, and storages for various products.

Floor slabs for cottages

And here is exactly what is used on a summer cottage very often. Reinforced concrete slabs are durable products from concrete and steel reinforcement, which are applicable to almost any construction.

If we talk about standard concrete slabs, then they can even be used to equip access roads and fences, but if we are talking specifically about floor slabs, then we will tell you areas where they are most important to apply:

  • Construction of a country house. Floor slabs will become the main separator of the basement and the first floor of the building, as well as the first and second floors, the main floor and the attic. It so happens that the floors are built from other materials or poured in place, but it is much faster to work with finished products;
  • Garage construction. Here, installed on concrete blocks or special pillows, the slabs lack only one element to complete the construction - floor slabs, which are the roof for the garage, hangar, granary. It is on such a roof that insulation and waterproofing can be made, the technology of which we recently spoke about;
  • The construction of the cellar. Depending on the building and its characteristics, different materials can be used for the ceiling of the cellar, but in order for the underground pantry to be of high quality and reliable, it is better to use reinforced concrete data.

Concrete beams

If you decide to organize a profitable business in the country, then additional premises will be needed to run it. In any case, regardless of the type of activity, it will be necessary to build a tool shed, a change house, a storehouse for products and a hangar for equipment. And, if the first buildings can be made of wood, a simple board and timber, then storage facilities and hangars are capital structures.

Concrete beams are used very often here, for example, to properly install the roof structure, build an extension, create supports for the base for equipment, and so on. Reinforced concrete beams can also be used as a foundation part for some buildings, where they can act as a replacement for the simplest strip foundation, concrete pillars or pillows.

Parapet plates for summer construction

These products are great for arranging balconies in new homes, visors above them, and building a cornice. But they can often be used for other purposes. Say, used concrete slabs often become garden paths, a floor in a garage or cellar, part of the entrance to the yard, garage and other buildings.

Foundation blocks

Concrete blocks are intended for a thorough construction, and in the country are applicable only for the construction of a house, hangar, shed, garage. You can use them in the construction of small structures, for example, arches or arbors, but this is not necessary, since for such construction projects simpler foundations are sufficient.

Fencing plates

This is exactly the concrete fence we talked about repeatedly. It happens that other reinforced concrete products are also used to build a heavy fence, but these are the ones that are most suitable.

It is correct to purchase slabs of fencing complete with foundation blocks of the glass type, because this is how the concrete fence is installed most firmly and reliably. But we are also familiar with cases when the slabs are simply installed in trenches and poured with a mixture of cheap concrete with aggregate from construction waste. Not the most correct construction, but as an option.

The border is road, or concrete columns

In fact, these are different products, which, naturally, have different purposes. But we are used to confusing their names or applying one of the names to another product.

Concrete poles are window lintels, beams for installing ceilings and even concrete poles for mounting heavy fence structures.

The road border is only a border that is great for landscape design. All garden paths can be built with its help, where a concrete border beats the borders of the path.

At the dacha, you can use other reinforced concrete products, but in fact, there are so many of them that summer residents often simply replace them with others, depending on the cost and convenience of work. In addition, there are many other products from reinforced concrete that are not applicable for building in a country house, or they are rarely used here - reinforced concrete steps and flights of stairs, lintels and arched lintels, columns, wall panels and many, many others. We recommend that you find out what winter concrete is.

How are reinforced concrete products used in summer cottage construction (video)

Today we examined the basic materials of concrete constructionor rather, finished products from reinforced concrete. Using them in the construction of various buildings in the country correctly, you can achieve maximum reliability and bearing capacity. But remember that any concrete products are not quite standard material that we are used to working with, not a wooden beam or brick, and therefore we will need a responsible attitude, professional tools and additional, often even heavy equipment and machinery.

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