Basic building materials for a summer residence

Basic building materials for a summer residence

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Building in the country takes a lot of time, but every time we get an excellent result, which increases practicality and convenience. To facilitate the resolution of similar issues in the future, we suggest studying the basic materials for building at the cottage.

Any construction, serious or not, requires a special attitude from us. It is necessary to prepare well, draw up a plan and design, work with programs on landscape design, or simply draw on a leaf. But this is only the beginning, because hereinafter, another serious stage is the choice of building materials for the object. Today there is no shortage in the market, and you can find everything that only the soul desires, and therefore we just need to know what to build on.

Naturally, we will not be able to consider the entire range presented by the manufacturers, but we definitely need to talk about the basic building materials that are involved in almost every new project.

So, what can be useful in the country house to build a new tool shed, a garage for cars or even a small structure for the garden? The most necessary materials and their application!

Brick for country work

Brick can be of various shapes and sizes, and at the same time have a different purpose. There is clinker brick, silicate, chamotte, facing, adobe and others on the market. Therefore, there is always something to choose from. Where is brick used in the country?

This building material has a very wide purpose, and therefore is suitable for different areas of construction:

  • The construction, strengthening, repair, restoration and completion of houses and summer cottages;
  • Facing buildings - residential buildings and household buildings made of concrete, stone, wood;
  • Construction of landscape design objects and water objects - fences of a summer residence, arbors, pools;
  • You can use bricks to build foundations, lay garden paths, work with special-purpose structures - wells, sewer pits, septic tanks, cellars, etc.

At the moment, construction technology allows you to replace the brick in the country with many other materials, but this practically does not affect its popularity!

Concrete for country work

Concrete is a product of mixing various building materials to obtain a hardening building mass. This is an artificial material that can be of different types and purposes. There are light, heavy, decorative and other concretes on the market, thanks to the assortment and production brands of which, the scope of use is growing very seriously.

Concrete can be used as a building material for pouring the foundation. It is also a mortar for laying stone, brick, concrete blocks. But often it is also found in the form of finished products, in the category of products, which is already referred to a little differently - reinforced concrete. These are floor slabs and road construction, blocks and gutters, columns and concrete rings. Thanks to the huge assortment of such products, concrete can be used not only for the construction of buildings and structures, but also for the construction of special objects in the country - wells, utility lines, construction of roads and temporary access roads to the construction site, and filling of platforms and paths.

It is also necessary to pay attention to decorative concrete, which will help with outdoor works, as well as landscaping.

Corner, channel and fittings for construction

Metal products in construction are indispensable, and this is evidenced by their particular popularity. There are many structures that cost a small amount of metal, but there are also structures in which the amount of metal takes up to half, or even more, of the total mass of building materials.

If you consider each product separately, then you can find many areas of application, but we focus on construction, and therefore we give only a few examples.

The fittings are used for the device of foundations, their dressing and reinforcement. An armature or rod is also needed for the production of reinforced concrete products, where materials are needed for reinforcement.

The corner and the same reinforcement are often used in the construction of small summer cottage facilities. These are arches, pergolas, stands for vertical gardening, the construction of greenhouses, fences, frames.

More massive metal products, such as channels, I-beams and others, are assistants in the construction and strengthening of heavy metal structures. They can also be used to strengthen the bearing capacity, the device of door and gate openings, repair and restoration of old buildings.

There are other metal products involved in construction - pipe, profile pipe, wire, mesh.

Tree in a country house

Wood is a classic building material that is used in a wide variety of variations. This can be a log, timber, board, rail, as well as glued, pressed materials.

Where is wood used in construction?

  • Firstly, classic log cabins are built from wood - an incredible quality of residential buildings. Also household and landscape buildings - arbors, baths, change houses, sheds, arches;
  • Secondly, wood acts as a material for the production of load-bearing structures, for example, in the construction of a roof. It is from wood that a high-quality frame for roofing materials is obtained;
  • Thirdly, timber, plank and other derivatives - materials for the construction of floors, partitions, walling, as well as playgrounds, garden furniture and household structures - poultry houses, rabbit houses and more ...

Listing the areas of use of wood in the country is a rather difficult task, since it is used not only in construction, but also in finishing work and the production of accessories.

Natural stone at a country construction site

On the one hand, the most affordable and natural material, but this is earlier, about 20-30 years ago, when our production workers had not yet raised the price for it. Today, this is a rather expensive building material, which occupies a special place in the country. It is clear that concrete or brick is used more often in landscape design and construction of country houses, but if you want to work with classics that can completely transform a site, choose a stone.

We do not propose to move away from modern technologies and build residential houses out of stone, but here as a decor, the material will suit more than others. An example is the construction of stone foundations for gazebos, patios and fences, the use of stone for arranging garden paths and even a pavement in the country, the use of material in the lining of socles. But it’s more interesting to take a good stone for the landscape — gabion structures, rocky gardens and alpine hills, arranging the shores of artificial reservoirs, etc.

Dry mixes

We suggest that you familiarize yourself with dry building mixes for building a summer house and summer cottage structures in a separate article on the site, where you can talk about them in more detail. At the same time, we are ready to declare construction, glue, sealing and waterproofing mixtures on this list, without which not a single construction site can do today. Dry mixes are involved in the production of mortars, facing materials, the formation and sealing of facades, pouring foundations and screeds, as a waterproofing of coatings and adhesives for various finishing materials.

Hardware and fixtures for construction in the country

By and large, these are consumables that are used in construction, decoration and furnishing. But since they draw a significant part of the estimate, both in the number of items on the invoice and in value, they are definitely worth mentioning.

These are nails, bolts and nuts, screws and washers, fasteners for roofing, sheet and block materials, dowels, plates, clamps, screws for wood, metal and so on.

Having examined today the basic building materials for a summer residence, we are also announcing another, even more interesting article, in which we will try to cover as much as possible finishing materials for the summer house, both for exterior and interior work. Stay tuned for the site and subscribe to the newsletter to be the first to receive notifications of new articles!

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Building materials for the cottage you need to know! But it is not enough to know them, so you also need to understand them so that you can not only read the advice of construction professionals or be surprised at their new ideas, but also take something into service and implement your own project.

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