Country gate: buy or do it yourself

Country gate: buy or do it yourself

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The fence of the dacha does not end with just a fence and a wicket, because the entrance to the courtyard is equipped with gates that open access or close it, providing security and a visual barrier. Therefore, you should definitely think about what your country gates will be.

Gates in the country we mentioned only a few times, but in more detail considered and generally one option - retractable. But the time has come to explore others that can not only decorate the yard, but also protect it. The assortment of models is classic and modern, heavy and lightweight, expensive and budget.

Metal constructions

This is a product of the work of welders who assemble a product from several types of metal materials. Often, sheet metal, reinforcement, a rod, a corner, a pipe and a profile pipe are involved in the production of the structure. Due to the characteristics of the material, as well as its selected parameters, the quality of the gate is determined, which can be quite strong and durable with appropriate care.

Assembly takes place by welding or bolted joints; the metal is coated with paint to protect it from external influences. The gates can be light or heavy, and everything depends on the material used and its thickness. Thanks to high-quality work, it is possible to predetermine a metal structure and special qualities that will fully meet your requirements. By and large, the sashes can be made massive or very simple, all-metal or with gaps, with a variety of patterns and in combination with other materials.

Well-proven sheet metal and typesetting metal gates. But the models from the professional sheet are considered the most modern option, which we will talk about a little later.

Wooden models for a summer residence

Today it’s possible to find such people not as often as before, when wooden structures, including gates, were used almost everywhere. But there are still options that do pretty well with their main task.

At the moment, wooden gates are divided into two main positions - budget ones made of timber and planks, as well as expensive wooden ones from elite lumber, carved, with forging elements and so on.

Budget models can be assembled with your own hands, which is quite simple, and you only need a standard set of tools and a good dry tree for this. If we consider more expensive designs, then this is already the lot of cabinet makers who use the latest equipment and accessories.

Any gate made of wood requires high-quality protection from atmospheric phenomena, since almost every grade of wood used is susceptible to the harmful effects of wind, sun and moisture. But if you use high-quality wood preservatives, then the product will last more than one decade.

Combined Options

Combined are called models for the production of which several materials are used at once, and the amount is approximately equivalent.

  • Forged gates with polycarbonate inserts can be included in this list. Light and elegant, they are formed from forged framing details, and polycarbonate takes the place of the canvas, limiting visual contact.
  • Also, these are plastic constructions in which high-quality PVC material is used. They have a metal base and are only decorated with plastic elements, for example, on the facade.
  • Gates from a grid - one of the budgetary decisions, as well as a fence from a welded grid or a chain-link. Most often, this is a temporary option, but often cottages are protected by such fences and gates for quite a long time. The gate can be a frame from a profile pipe or corner, inside the perimeter of which a mesh of the selected type is installed.

At the moment, the market is full of various offers, since there is a demand for products from a budget and expensive niche, and there is also such a thing as a personal customer order. Thanks to the imagination and requirements of customers, the gates can be made in a rather interesting interpretation.

How to make a do-it-yourself gate for a summer house

We decided to consider immediately two options that are today considered popular. This is a medium-cost summer cottage, the production of which does not require anything supernatural. They are quite durable and practical, lightweight and easy to install on site.


These are prefabricated or combined models of names they have several. But the matter is not in the name, but in the qualities of the products. You can do these in just a couple of days, so to speak, in four or six hands and, perhaps, the main work here is the installation of supporting poles under the gate.

Initially, marking occurs, thanks to which the size and direction of the gate is determined. Further, on both sides of the entrance, load-bearing poles are installed, for which a steel pipe, possibly profile, is used.

After, the dimensions from the project are transferred to the material from which the sashes are made. Most often, these are two identical leaves, which are mirror images of each other. Sashes are made in any established form, but horizontally directed rectangles are considered the most practical. A profile pipe and welding are excellent for assembling frames. Further, it is possible to install stiffeners made of the same material, which perform the task of attaching polycarbonate, as well as a decorative addition.

Polycarbonate of selected parameters is screwed onto the finished frames. This process happens very simply - with a screwdriver and self-tapping screws. Also, do not forget to install a special profile on the ends of the polycarbonate, which will hide sections of the material and add aesthetics.

Ready-made flaps are suspended on hinges that are already screwed to the supporting posts, but always with accurate measurements and level adjustment.

From corrugated board

There are practically no differences with the polycarbonate model. The same project, measurements, requirements for poles, only instead of polycarbonate, corrugated board is installed on the gate frame. It is screwed onto self-tapping screws, directly to the profile pipe.

Without going into details, we can say that you can make a summer cottage with your own hands, moreover, quite simply. It is only necessary to choose the right material, and, of course, to have some experience.

What you need to know when choosing a gate for a summer residence

It’s not enough to focus on the cost and overall appearance of the future entrance zone, although today these factors mean a lot. You must also understand the whole list of mandatory requirements that we are not used to paying attention to. But they are powerful enough to simply forget or ignore them!

  • You need to know exactly what the gates will be: standard swinging, in or out, sliding, single or double and so on.
  • It is important to determine the opening radius, for example, so that there is enough space in the yard for the section to move if the car should be driven inside.
  • The weight of the sections also means a lot. It defines a lot, but initially, the usability of the design and installation parameters.
  • Calculate how much the materials combine, because what you came up with doesn’t always look good together. In the project, this is one thing, but in reality it is a completely different matter.
  • The dimensions of the country gates in length, in height, a combination of sizes are a matter of their own requirements, which is reflected only in appearance, overall weight and, naturally, cost.

Also, just set yourself the task of acquiring or making yourself exactly a good gate. And for this you can write out on a piece of paper all the requirements and the possibilities of their implementation.

Do not forget to pay attention to special conditions, which, depending on the parameters of the new country gates, can be many:

  • Wheels for each section if the wings are quite heavy. Wheels will help to correctly direct the gate when opening and closing, and will also become an excellent emphasis, limiting and completely eliminating sagging in the future;
  • You also need to consider in advance how important visual protection is. For example, forged gates forged will make it possible to view the entire courtyard from the street, polycarbonate doors can hide all the secrets of the courtyard, and the construction of corrugated board will generally limit visual contact;
  • Some materials have a sail effect. For example, if the corrugated board is installed on the metal frame of the future gate and is fixed only around the perimeter, under the influence of temperature changes and strong winds, the wings will bend and emit unpleasant sounds. Then it’s better to install several additional stiffeners for material fastening.

You can find out about the budget option for a fence for a summer residence.

Wooden gate for giving (video)

Choose a gate for a summer residence, high-quality and reliableYou can immediately. But recommends that you carefully study all the parameters and possible requirements, because such a product is purchased or manufactured on site for decades, and the gates should not only be beautiful, but together with the fence of the cottage to protect her yard !!!

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