We choose a power tool for giving

We choose a power tool for giving

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Construction and repair at the summer cottage are processes that require certain skills and the availability of a special tool. Therefore, the time has come to choose a high-quality power tool for a summer residence, which will help to quickly and efficiently complete any work.

Using a modern electric tool in summer works, you can achieve excellent results. Today, such a tool replaces the classic, as it is considered the most convenient and practical. Let's examine the list of the most necessary.

We will consider only the standard set and the most needed cottage power tool, but without special details and the technical part, since it will be more correct to compose an individual article for each individual unit.

Electric drill for a summer residence

Any work related to drilling can be carried out using a drill. Wherever we need a bolt hole or other type of fastening, we can use an electric drill to facilitate operation.

The drill is useful to us in the construction of a bathhouse, gazebo and pergola, the assembly of country furniture and garden figures, and even for hanging a variety of accessories and decor elements in a country house. Therefore, we believe that every summer resident should have a similar tool.

Country grinder

Angle grinder for summer cottage is simply indispensable, because it is used in so many processes. Grinding wooden and metal surfaces, cutting concrete, ceramic tiles, pipes and corners, dismantling work in the country, tool grinding - everywhere a grinder will help to cope with work quickly.

There are several types of angle grinders, but for giving it will be enough a small or medium grinder, with a cutting wheel of 125 or 180 mm, respectively. With the help of any of them, you can accelerate the process of repair or construction, no matter what the object is.

A screwdriver will replace a screwdriver!

A set of screwdrivers in the country will never be superfluous, but to significantly increase the speed of work, as well as facilitate your own physical efforts, you can use modern screwdrivers.

This electric tool can work from a network or a rechargeable battery, work like a drill or an electric screwdriver, while twisting and unscrewing. A screwdriver is convenient in repair work, furniture assembly, upholstery, installation of fences, roofing, and in many other works.

Wood Sanders

Not always for construction or finishing work we get expensive and high-quality material. More often, this is just a edged board, timber, rail, which still need to be brought to mind so that they have a proper look. Therefore, in the country, we need a grinder that will help to refine the wood before the construction of arches, benches and even a tree house.

It is advisable to choose a belt grinder, since it is almost universal, but if woodwork is of a constant decorative nature, then you can think about a special set of equipment for working with material!

Power saw for summer work

The use of electric saws in the country today is not as popular as chainsaws, because it is not as practical as we would like. But an electric saw can have serious power and ensure an uninterrupted process at a short distance from the electric network.

An electric saw is a reliable and high-quality tool, but if there is a gas competitor in the country, then it is not so necessary. If you are faced with a choice, then you need to consider not only the pros and cons of these tools, but also your own requirements, while determining the purpose of the saw. Logging, construction, repair, a small private business in a summer cottage ... the choice depends on this.

Assembly hair dryer in country construction

Judging by the need, this tool will often lie on a shelf in the garage than work. But if you need to remove a paint coat from old windows, repair door slopes, restore a gazebo or even a change house painted earlier, you can’t find anything better than a hair dryer for these works.

An installation hair dryer can be kept not only in the country house, it can be a universal tool that runs between the country house and the house. But we believe that it will really come in handy, especially when other methods do not help.

The hair dryer is powered by the network, this tool directs the flow of hot air to the surface, thereby warming up their coating and giving us the opportunity to remove varnish or paint from there with simple movements, using only a special scraper. Sandpaper, paint removers or home-made scrapers are simply out of work here.

Inverter for gardening (welding machine)

There are many types of summer cottages where we need welding. Laying the foundation with reinforcement, building a cellar, erecting a metal arch, working with building a greenhouse, installing a fence - everywhere welding can help by replacing bolted joints with a neat seam.

A welding inverter is a rather expensive and capricious thing, and therefore we recommend that you buy such a power tool only if you have experience with it, and also know for sure that the welding machine will not just stand idle.

Garden vacuum cleaners and blowers

Special equipment for private houses, cottages and country villas, which is not particularly appreciated by our hardworking summer residents. But if there is a large lawn in front of the house, and nearby is a serious orchard, then rowing leaves with a standard tool is not so convenient.

The devices indicated by us are capable of quickly, with a strong stream of air, blowing off all leaves and garbage in the direction you specify from a clearing, a lawn or a platform. And therefore, if there is a desire and budget for the acquisition of so many practical, but expensive toys, you can try it at work and in your own country house. An article about a sawmill from a chainsaw for a summer residence will also be very useful.

Electric pump - the necessary equipment

Electric pumps have always been needed for a summer residence, and of different formats, power and purpose.

There are several types of pumps that help us with watering, pumping water, in the operation of a small decorative fountain or a standard country pool. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the option that will be the most universal. It is clear that it is not possible to pump out groundwater from the cellar with a pump from the pool, but this is a bit different equipment, so be sure to think about purchasing it, carefully assessing the purpose and objectives.

Electric trimmers in the country

Trimmers are considered a very practical tool for mowing grass in the country. If you have a large summer cottage, the main part of which is reserved for the lawn or just does not plant anything, an electric trimmer will help you cope with the task of ennoblement.

With a trimmer, you can quickly trim the grass on the lawn, knock down the weed and grass outside the site, along the fence, also mow the weed and young shoots in the garden to make leaf cleaning easier.

In addition to the power tools we have indicated, there is a huge range of special equipment and tools on the market to facilitate a wide variety of tasks. These are laser levels, milling machines, shock and vibration machines, electric lawn mowers and construction vacuum cleaners, equipment for fast heating and drying of premises, a circular saw, an industrial drill and a concrete mixer for a summer residence. But all these are tools and equipment of narrow specialization, and therefore the need for it should be considered strictly individually.

How to choose a power tool for a summer residence

The acquisition of an expensive tool for working in the country is a serious undertaking, because it is a great responsibility. I really do not want to choose a poor-quality or inconvenient tool that will work poorly and inefficiently, and therefore you should resort to the advice of specialists if you decide to make such a purchase:

  • First determine which tool you need. For repair, construction, garden care. Purpose and versatility make a lot of sense. As an example, we can give the grinder as the most necessary tool for a summer residence. With its help, it is possible to cut a strob for communication in the wall of the house, and grind the rusty metal structure, and cut the fittings for the arch;
  • Next, pay attention to such a parameter as power. Power is very important for the efficiency of a power tool, but here is also the consumption of electricity, where it is important for us to avoid overspending;
  • Professional or unprofessional tool? Here it is worth determining what exactly you need a screwdriver or an electric saw for. If the activity is quite active, such as harvesting firewood for several weeks or working in a sawmill mode, then a professional electric saw is needed. Also, a screwdriver - of low power for infrequent homework, as well as a professional tool, if you have to use it in serious tasks;
  • All purchased goods should be not only powerful and efficient in work, but also very convenient. Take the tool in your hands, feel the grip of the palm of the hand, try the weight and volume ... this is very important, because if the tool is heavy and it is inconvenient to hold it in your hands, you simply won’t be able to work with it for a long time;
  • Security!!! In addition to using personal protective equipment when performing various tasks, you should work with a safe tool. There should not be any backlashes or the absence of protective covers. Business is business, and safety is a basic requirement!
  • Manufacturer and cost. The cost seriously depends on the above factors, but if we look at each manufacturer separately, then in the line of its presented goods there are always more expensive and cheaper units, a professional tool for home use. It is difficult to judge by the names of manufacturers, since each individual brand has several very serious brands, while the rest of the product simply corresponds to the name.

Choose a grinder for work in the country (video)

Choose a country power tool slowly and strictly according to needs, and then in a year or two you will have a complete set of everything you need, which helps to complete any business with a positive result. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with chain saws for summer cottages.

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