Heaters in the country, or how to make the house warm

Heaters in the country, or how to make the house warm

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A warm country house is the dream of each of us, and especially those who have experienced severe cold, coming to the country in the winter. High-quality heating is the main issue that needs to be addressed now!

Comprehensive measures for warming, heating and general energy saving of a country house - A fairly serious topic, because not everyone leaves the cottage for a cold period. Most of the summer residents visit their site in the winter, and some generally winter here. Therefore, it is necessary to create high-quality and comfortable living conditions that will eliminate freezing and disease!

Today he will talk about how to heat his own house so that any autumn or winter trip to the country house is not spoiled by tonsillitis or pneumonia.

Energy saving country house

Effective heating of any interior is impossible without thermal insulation. That is why we previously considered several ways of warming a country house. For example, we used expanded clay, polystyrene, and also talked about the benefits of mineral wool in a particular case. And rightly so, because ordinary walls easily release heat to the outside. This means only one thing - no matter how much swamps, how much energy or how much you spend on heating a house, it will still be quite chilly. No, of course, you can always add a few buckets of coal to the furnace in addition, turn on a rather big heater, and with a whole oil radiator in each room, and then the situation will improve. But in this case, it is worthwhile to understand that in addition to the enormous expenses for heating the house, there will be an additional problem - all rooms will cool extremely quickly as soon as the heaters are turned off. High-quality thermal insulation will help to avoid this, thanks to which you can save heat inside, and also significantly reduce the cost of the type of fuel that you use.

What is necessary for high-quality energy saving? To answer this question is quite simple, since we repeatedly touched on the topic, conducting a conversation not only about the country house, but even about the insulation of the garage and other buildings. We need to insulate the house, but to do it skillfully and efficiently, using only modern materials with high energy-saving characteristics. It can be Ecowool, Penofol, polystyrene foam, polyurethane foam, expanded clay, other materials of insulation and insulation.

You need to start from the walls, inside or outside, but also do not forget about the ceiling insulation (you can also from the attic) and high-quality floor insulation. In addition, attention should be paid to repairing windows and doors (their insulation), through the cracks in which heat very quickly disappears. Perhaps, in a certain period, you will also need insulation or replacement of windows and doors!

How to choose a heater for a summer residence

Classic options

We decided to recall those heating methods that are used most often. Their absolute maximum is considered expensive, and therefore such heating is installed and used only if you live in the house in the cold season. If you visit the cottage on weekends or holidays, just spend a summer cottage and inspect the site, you can immediately not spend huge amounts on autonomous heating of the cottage and other ways of heating and energy saving, but use other, more acceptable methods, which we will talk about later.

So, in the classical methods of heating the cottage, we can safely introduce autonomous and standard, furnace heating. In this article, we have already talked about other sources of heat - geothermal, water and gas heating, and therefore, without special delving into the subject.

It is clear that boilers, solid fuel, gas, pellet and other, almost alternative, I would like to consider in more detail, but this issue was also considered earlier, and therefore we will not waste time repeating, but we will touch upon even more interesting topics on this subject!

We almost forgot to recall the stove heating, which is present in about 30-40% of country houses. A high-quality stove can produce an incredible amount of heat when working on wood, pellets, coal, but in order to work safely and efficiently, the stove must be as prepared for the season as possible. First of all, you should take care of the chimney!

Gas heaters for summer cottages

More modern heat sources for summer cottages

From classics to the present ... after all, every day manufacturers carry out serious work to improve the quality of their proposals, and of course, we pay attention to them.

Today we decided to focus on warm floors - mats, cables and films, thanks to which many people even turn off classic heat sources at home.

Repeated cases are known when a high-quality heated floor completely replaces centralized heating. Yes, large areas can affect electricity bills, but they are not always higher than the cost of standard heating in homes and apartments.

A warm floor today is not only a floor, but also walls, and even a ceiling. Infrared heating directedly affects objects and is directed only inside the room, and therefore installation can be done everywhere. For this purpose, not only the material of the warm floor is used - films and mats, but also special panels that work very effectively. We recommend that you pay attention to them.

There is only one caveat - underfloor heating works perfectly in combination with other, basic types of heating. If they are installed for independent heating of the premises, it can take enough time to warm up any of them, and sometimes it is not even an hour or two, but much more. If we talk about radiant heating panels for summer cottages, which operate on the basis of infrared radiation, then they are able to heat the necessary rooms and even individual zones in minutes, since they do not heat the air, but transfer heat precisely to you and the interior.

What kind of heaters to give

The next section of the article is devoted specifically to heaters. These are not complex systems, but additional ones, or temporary use. You can successfully apply them if you come to the country only on the weekend. You will not need to heat the whole house, but you can easily heat one or two rooms with minimal expenses. Which models are most effective?

Convectors for summer cottages

Modern and quite good equipment, if not compared with the grandees of heat production. Convectors are able to quickly heat the middle room by passing air through the heating element system and letting it out. Providing constant circulation, the convector picks up cold and gives off warm air to the room. Convectors are voluminous and small, are installed separately or in the form of mounted, front devices. The equipment works without noise, and even perfectly fits into the design of any room. An interesting fact is that there are fully automatic systems, as well as integrated heating systems, which can include about a dozen individual appliances.

Among the advantages of convectors for summer cottages are quick and fairly effective heating of internal rooms, the noiselessness and environmental friendliness of devices, the simplest control, and the ability to work in different rooms.

Speaking about the negative aspects, it is worth recalling the high requirements for the quality of electrical wiring, the sensitive cost of electricity, as well as the convection effect itself, due to which air constantly circulates inside the room, raising many microscopic particles of various kinds into the human breathing zone.

Oil radiators for summer cottages

Many modern manufacturers of thermal equipment for indoor use paint oil radiators as devices of not very high quality with a low degree of efficiency. But each person who independently used this device perfectly understands all its advantages, and even appreciates them. An oil radiator is a medium-sized, heavy and bulky heater that works by electrically heating mineral oil inside. Further, thermal energy is given to the outside of the device, and the room is heated. The process is long, but effective.

The advantages of oil radiators can be considered a long service life and high reliability of equipment, simple operation and even the availability of automation, quiet operation, mobility and the ability to heat different rooms, as well as using it, for example, to dry clothes (it is allowed only when turned off from the outlet, while the radiator cools down), rapid heating of small rooms, safe heating at night, during sleep. In addition, no matter what the “experts” say, the oil cooler does not dry the air as much as many convectors do.

But there are also disadvantages - large sizes and considerable weight, in many cheap models there is poor protection, the inability to connect several devices to a single system, prolonged heating when turned on.

Fan heaters

The simplest and most affordable thermal technique, which can be called so - while blowing, while warming. Efficiency from such equipment is minimal, but due to the low cost, fan heaters are very popular. Thanks to the elementary system, the air is heated by a tubular electric heater or spiral, and then blown out. The effect is pretty good if you direct the fan heater, say, to your feet. Thanks to this, you can quickly warm up, and slightly warm the surrounding area.

There are few advantages - low cost, amazing durability, average energy consumption, mobility, low weight, several operating modes.

Among the disadvantages are the stability of an unpleasant odor due to combustion inside microparticles “living” in the air, oxygen burning, as well as the possibility of an increased noise level if the device operates at maximum speed. But the most important thing is the almost instant cooling of the room if the fan heater turns off.

Infrared heaters

Infrared heating is the most popular today, as its positive aspects are painted by almost every company, at least partially related to these systems. Perhaps this is only advertising, but experimental tests give their results. Thus, we get a sufficient number of benefits, the harms of which are efficient and fast enough to heat the premises of almost any quadrature and height. Also, zonal application, when it comes to modern radiant heating. You can choose steam, water and electric radiant heaters for a long time, consider their characteristics and features, but still we will achieve high efficiency, excellent heating of people and objects in the direction of the rays, a minimum of convection, which is good for human health, as well as the possibility of constant change heat flow directions. In addition, the mobility of portable systems and the simplest installation of stationary. Regarding the design and choice of manufacturers, capabilities and connection methods, there are no competitors at all.

But there are many shortcomings. For example, infrared heaters work purely on people and objects, but too long exposure can lead to drying out and irritation of the skin, although minimal exposure is even useful. The next minus is the plus itself - zone heating. Leaving the area where the rays come (if we are talking about volumetric rooms), you can get into a cold atmosphere. It is also worth paying attention to the high cost and the huge amount of counterfeit on the market, which is associated with the increased popularity of equipment.

Lamps, panels, decorative patterns

The advantages of such devices can be considered increased decorativeness, average cost and low energy consumption, in short, efficiency. But it is worth comparing this with the minuses. Often, sellers themselves do not know the type of heater, and only with their own experience and knowledge can we calculate the convection or infrared type of the proposed device. This leads to problems if you are, say, an allergy sufferer who does not need a fan heater that distills dust at all. In addition to ignorance of the system, often such equipment is unreliable and certainly not effective, because it can not cope with large areas. As a decorative device - yes, as a quality heater - not worth it!

But there are exceptions, the same lamps as UFO and other devices that have proven themselves very well. As well as panels of the combined type, capable of operating in convection or infrared heating mode. They do a good job of heating small kitchens, balconies, hallways, verandas, and so on.

Nowadays, in specialized stores and supermarkets you can find a wide variety of designs for heating. These are oil radiators, heat fans, radiant heating devices, as well as the latest innovations - carbon and micothermic devices that compete with gas, quartz and simple electric ones. But in order to choose a high-quality heater for a summer residence, it is not enough to know about its advantages and disadvantages, some features of the work and the technical characteristics indicated in the product passport. You must also understand how to choose the right heater for an individual room and tasks!

IR heaters for home and garden

Heater Selection Principles

There are many things to consider, but the most basic in our next list:

  • The volume of the room for heating or the house in general;
  • Heater power and its ability to work on one or more rooms;
  • Efficiency and functionality of equipment;
  • Reliability and durability, which is checked by the name of the manufacturer, guarantee and quality certificates;
  • Levels of protection against all kinds of risks;
  • Management of one heater or the whole system at once;
  • The presence of automation, remote control;
  • Build quality and appearance;
  • Additional functions of the device or system;
  • Convenience of work, as well as the ability to create a comfortable environment.

Further, only a choice according to additional personal requirements, such as color and shape, as well as the cost of equipment for heating a house. Well, of course, an external examination and a performance check at the place of purchase.

High-quality heater for a country house - salvation in the cold winter. This can be understood if there is a serious minus on the street, and you are in the house and feel comfortable!

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