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Arbor in the winter: warming and increasing comfort

Arbor in the winter: warming and increasing comfort

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Closer to winter, we try to insulate ourselves as much as possible and prepare for dampness, wind, frost. And therefore, you always need to think broader, for example, think not only about the insulation of the house and garage, but also about how to insulate the gazebo and make it comfortable for relaxing in the fall and winter.

On the example of many buildings where we carried out warming, you can choose the most suitable methods of thermal insulation and further heating of our beloved gazebo and, in principle, you could not even start this topic, but this very summer residence is different from others.

Arbor - a building of open or semi-open type, which is not always designed for winter use. More often, it is a place of relaxation, tea parties and conversations, which is used only in the summer. But experts decided to do their best to ensure that the arbor gave coziness and comfort even in severe frost. It is clear that we will not succeed in making this building as warm as a heated house, but we will try very hard and will certainly achieve the maximum result.

Preliminary preparation of the building for winter

Regardless of whether you will insulate the arbor or not, it must be prepared for the fall-winter season. Over the summer, the materials of manufacture and decoration could wear out, and simply dry out, which means that we need minimal repair. Inspect the base of the gazebo, the beams, the roof, the seats, the table inside, everything should be in good condition. If there are defects, I use wood putty, glue, self-tapping screws, varnish, paints and fire protection agents, correct the situation, completely renovate the building. Permanent simple care will help to extend its service life for years.

Arbor insulation

If the room is prepared in advance for insulation or is it a winter type building, where the windows are only removed for the summer, you will be able to very easily prepare it for the winter. It will only be necessary to install double-glazed windows in place, check for leaks, connect heaters, perhaps even street gas, which we talked about a long time ago. Let's say you can spend the whole day and put the structure in order, preparing it for the cold. But if this is an ordinary summer gazebo, you will have to try hard with insulation!

Again, we recall that some of the techniques and technologies of thermal insulation can be taken from those articles that were written earlier. Warming a country house and warming a garage is an excellent student manual, and therefore the knowledge gained can be applied in this case.

It is very important to insulate the floor, at least minimally, as well as the walls and roof (for example, as in the attic). Be sure to strengthen or just prepare the grounds for installing double-glazed windows, otherwise the rest of the insulation is pointless.

We will immediately agree that we will talk about everything without the smallest details, but only in stages and in fact, because every topic discussed and even a subsection of this material is already familiar to all our readers. If something remains unclear, please use the site search and find a detailed description of a process!

We start with floor insulation. In theory, the gazebo already has a wooden floor, and it is with him that we will need to work. We propose to apply the same method as in the construction of a wooden change house - floor insulation with mineral wool. This material has many advantages, but most importantly - it is non-combustible and environmentally friendly. In addition, according to the characteristics of thermal conductivity of mineral wool, it is practically a market leader, you only need to choose a quality manufacturer.

So, we repair the floor, without painting, but only with antiseptic treatment, cover it with insulating film and fill the beam with 40x40 mm, creating logs for flooring. The step between the timber is not more than 60 cm, but you can also determine it yourself, by the width of the insulation.

Next, we fill in the gaps of mineral wool 50 mm thick, squeezing it firmly inside the openings, and again lay the insulation film. After that, laying a wooden board or OSB plate on top of the finished insulated floor.

We pass to the walls. It is very important to strengthen the bases for the installation of windows. Double-glazed windows can be put inexpensive (even home-made), with ordinary glasses, and therefore their weight will be small. But the openings for windows must be prepared in advance, be smooth and strong, and therefore we work with wood and create the basis for installing windows. So, they managed it, which means that it is possible to insulate the walls.

All using conventional technology - insulation, mineral wool, insulation and cladding. But you can already think about the decorative finish, because there are many options. Although, if the gazebo from the inside is completely wooden, and indeed, built in the classical style, we would recommend a wooden lining.

Here, they forgot about the insulation of the roof. If there is a ceiling in the gazebo, this is already good, because you can fill the profile with it and make simple warming. But if it is not there, and just a dome is above you, you will have to create a crate at the base of the roof, and initially make the ceiling. It will be much cheaper than insulating the entire conical surface of the roof from the inside ... and the look will change for the better.

Installation of windows in the gazebo

The gazebo will be only a temporary habitat, and even more correctly, pastime. Morning tea, relaxing at lunch, dinner or a few gatherings throughout the day, that's all. For relaxation, sleep, household chores, we have a solid summer house with all amenities!

Therefore, in this case, we do not need super-expensive windows from the profile of leading companies, it will be enough to put lightweight systems, say, a three-chamber profile and an ordinary double-glazed window. Such glazing will do an excellent job of temporarily retaining heat, all the more so since the entire arbor will be insulated with us.

Initially, the exact size of the windows is removed with a minimum tolerance, which is necessary to adjust the installation level, wedges, mounting foam for sealing and strengthening. Next is the order and the installation itself. Of course, it is advisable to provide for the possibility of removing and installing windows depending on the season, but such an installation system will cost a little more. Although, you can not overpay, and remove only the sashes for the summer. Well, or take out double-glazed windows from metal-plastic frames and carefully store them until the next cold season.

When the ordered windows are brought from the seller, you can proceed with the installation. It is necessary to check the dimensions, accurately distribute the individual parts of the frames and double-glazed windows on the gazebo, in order to install them in series. Also, you need to pay attention to the window openings in the gazebo and, if everything is okay with them, proceed with the installation of windows, if not, fix it!

Windows in the gazebo are quite simple to install. Initially, metal-plastic frames themselves are mounted on standard mounting brackets, which are regulated and set strictly according to the levels. After, between the window openings and frames, wedges-spacers are installed that will not allow the frames to move during the installation of double-glazed windows.

Having installed double-glazed windows in the frames, we check the level once more, and only then we proceed to foaming. The mounting foam is shaken, the cylinder is screwed onto the mounting gun, and the material is carefully laid in all the seams to seal and strengthen the windows in the installed position! The next day, you will need to work a little with refinement - to cut and putty the foam, to produce internal and external decorative finishes.

At the moment, we have a warmed gazebo, which is ready to delight you daily, as in the warm season. But it is still necessary to increase the level of her comfort!

Heated inside

There are many interesting ways to heat the gazebo, and one of them is the installation of a stove or fireplace inside. But this must be done in advance in order to lay a high-quality chimney and equip everything with technology. Also, we recommend that you entrust such work only to specialists in stoves who not only install a new stove or small fireplace, but also tell you how to properly care for this heating, for example, clean the firebox, soot in the chimney and so on.

There are simpler solutions, for example, home heaters. Oil radiators, fan heaters, convection or infrared heaters. Almost any type of heating and type of heater is suitable for a small area of ​​the gazebo.

Work with furniture

The easiest way to tidy up the furniture that is already in the gazebo. In most cases, this is a table and benches, well, or a set of chairs. We already painted all this during the preparation of the arbor for the winter, but now we recommend making the furniture more convenient just for ourselves.

Sew unpretentious pillows made of foam rubber, sintepon, other fillers, strictly according to the size of the furniture. Add hinges to these accessories, and install the clips on the furniture. Thus, pillows or just warm wraps on furniture can be installed and removed within a few minutes. Agree, a great solution, so as not to sit on a cold bench or chair in the winter.

Gazebo lighting

Be sure to check for the presence of light in the already new, winter gazebo. We need electricity to illuminate the interior, as well as for heating. Without quality wiring from the main power source in winter, there is practically nothing to do here. In terms of the choice of lighting itself, fluorescent lamps or housekeepers, which may need only a few pieces, are best suited here.

Put the gazebo in order, insulate it and make it comfortable for winter use, quite simply, as they say, would be a wish !!!

A great option for glazing arbors (video)

Do-it-yourself winter arbor from an ordinary summer, as well as warming and increasing comfort - these are very necessary processes, because now you can at any time remember summer vacations even in winter, cook meat on the grill, just relax at lunchtime if you come to the country to work in the winter.

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