How to beautifully arrange a summer house (flowerbeds, lawn, rock garden)

How to beautifully arrange a summer house (flowerbeds, lawn, rock garden)

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Question: “Hello. I bought a house, and now I want to beautifully ennoble it. But I don’t know what and how, because I’ve never done it. I want bright colors to be present. I don’t know how to do this and what is better to plant. Here I have a request for you ... advise, please, that it is better to plant along the perimeter, which is in the flower beds, and how best to make an alpine hill. ”

How to beautifully ennoble the house and the plot

You can start with the repair of the country house and exterior decoration, facade decoration and the device of such high-quality protection of the basement and foundation as the blind area and gutters. Further, home insulation and interior design, on the topic of which we also talked.

It would be nice to draw up a project, even selectively based on our materials and photos found on the network, about which our reader speaks. Against their background, you can create a certain picture of the general plan, from which to begin to act. It is clear that we will not talk about the house today, since the question is a little different, but we suggest that you nevertheless immediately elevate it and other buildings in the country. As you know, even the most wonderful landscape will not change the facades of the building. Of course, if repairs and restoration are really required.

We also want to recommend working with landscape design programs, thanks to which you can see your site, with design and plants, before you start basic work.

Vivid colors in the landscape

It makes sense to start from a single style of landscape design, the same Japanese or romantic, but you can always not follow the rules of style, the main thing is not to make chaos on the site, but to create a single, integral picture. Bright colors, and even more so, their abundance, it is difficult to do. It is even more difficult if an opinion wakes up in a person to do everything as one wants, but not as needed. In principle, uniform colors will not spoil the design of the garden and lawn, but accents and dotted arrangement of colors may turn out to be original.

You can start by creating your own requirements, for example, the same slide, systematically decorated. Below you can see an example of design.

The following photo is a beautiful design with bright colors, but also measured, with the original idea of ​​decorating the lawn.

Another example of bright colors is work with accents and forms. You can create similar flower beds on lawns or other open areas. It will be bright and very beautiful!

Bright colors in the country, in landscape design and even in the general design - this is not bad, but it is also advisable to study the psychology of colors, since it is a very important factor. For example, white is the color of calm and neutrality, which does not affect a person negatively. Green, yellow and their shades are the colors of freshness and good mood, which is why we like nature so much, where there is a lot of green grass and foliage, as well as dandelions and sunny colors that give natural harmony. If we talk about, say, red, then here we should already think carefully. The color is very beautiful, and especially its many shades, but a lot of red is not the best choice, because glut is reflected in the psyche, causes aggression and even a headache. Therefore, many roses in the garden are good, but the arbor, which is completely braided by plants with red flowers, is no longer the best place to relax!

Be sure to analyze your own preferences, and carefully choose the colors and shades of the design.

How to choose a landscape design

We agree that the network has many exemplary pictures and photos in which the landscape design of a summer house or a country cottage seems ideal. Thousands of photos are available on the site, and therefore we invite you to familiarize yourself with them. But to choose from everything is really difficult, since you really want a lot of things when you see such a huge number of options.

But you can start from a little different, and do more correctly. Initially, try to determine the design, style, size of the territory, which is important, and select a certain number of photos by selecting, let them be even about a hundred. Next, make a list of what you don’t like, what you don’t want to see in your country house, and gradually remove the photos from the general set. When there are only a dozen left, work with them, because these are really the best and most suitable options that have passed your rigorous personal selection.

What to plant along the perimeter of the cottage

Very often we have a fence or hedge around the perimeter of a summer house. It is clear that a hedge is interesting and original, but it’s difficult to grow it for such a long time. Moreover, this is not the protection of a summer cottage, but just a decoration. Therefore, you should choose on your own what to focus on - protection or the beauty of the cottage.

If you are staying on a hedge, we recommend reading the thematic material on our website, or examining vines and climbing plants that will help create an excellent decor.

If we are talking about a fence, you can also choose it thanks to a special section of our site, and about plants it’s worth considering.

  • Pink bushes look great along the fence. Almost any variety will help create an incredibly spectacular look;
  • If you want to add some rigor to the design, plant evergreens around the perimeter. They can be tied to supports, set the desired shape, work out the design with the splendor of plants and their number, choosing a planting scheme;
  • You can pay attention to larger plants - derain, thaw, honeysuckle, which will make a high green fence;
  • We also recommend high flower beds or gabions, with which you can qualitatively equip the fence and landscaping.

Lawn for a summer residence

Depending on the style and personal requirements, we offer an alpine meadow, a Moorish lawn, a classic lawn or an artificial lawn. It also has many advantages, although it is not alive.

Remember that the lawn is quite an expensive pleasure. Purchased, ready-made, is not cheap, and the seeds will cost a pretty penny. But the next step is the most difficult - lawn care. Here is watering, for which communications should already be summed up, and cleaning, and haircuts, and rolling. In addition, you constantly need to sow grass or additional flowers, for example, in the Moorish lawn, where annual and perennial flowers take a serious part.

In addition to all that has been said, initially the relief must be converted in the country, some kind of geoplasty, due to which you will get smooth or, conversely, hilly areas for planting.

What to plant in the flower beds

It is difficult to give advice without seeing the sites and not knowing the priorities, and therefore we will generalize a little.

Initially, consider options for flower beds, how they will be formed, based on what to create and so on. It can be a standard flowerbed, mixborder, retaining wall and even with a water body mounted inside. Thus, we recommend that you refer to the following materials - the types of garden beds, the selection of plants, the rules for equipping flower beds. You can work with shaving, annual and perennial flowers, choose evergreen ornamental shrubs of small stature. But the most important thing is to determine exactly the height of the plants so that all of them can be seen in the flower garden. To do this, low flowers are planted in the foreground, then higher ones go, and so to speak, “in the gallery”, there may be the same shrubs. It is interesting to make a replacement, for example, to constantly change annuals on the flower beds, leaving the most suitable perennial flowers.

It is very important to ensure that the flower beds are constantly in bloom. To do this, you should study your chosen plants and compare not only their growth and planting pattern, but also the frequency of flowering. For example, some flowers only begin to dry out and drop their petals, as nearby flowers blooming with them.

We recommend choosing the plants themselves here.

Alpine slide in the country

An alpine hill in the country is an excellent choice, as this is exactly the element of landscape design that should be present! To create an alpine hill will require a lot of time (in a comparative framework), but by the end, really high-quality rock gardens can be created. We are talking about all this in this section of the site.

Once again, we want to note that the design of a summer cottage is a serious job, because you can spend several months of time and a sufficient amount of finance, and not get anything at all. And therefore only planning, planning, and planning again !!! Well, and then - the choice of forms, colors, combinations, especially in relation to plants. It is here that one should be the most attentive to the agricultural technology of plants, as well as the characteristics of the soil (for example, to understand what GWP means), pay attention to the composition of the soil, useful substances, etc. But do not forget about the requirements of the plants themselves, because there are heat-loving and shade-tolerant, growing almost in water or succulents, most of which are neutral or negative to moisture.

Beautiful rock garden in the country (video)

Registration of the seasonal dacha, a lawn and a flower bed - it's hard, but fun. You can give a lot of advice on this matter, but everywhere they will be strictly individual. And therefore, a compulsory study of the basic rules, but also the opportunity to neglect some of them, because you design the site so that you like it, and not those who write these rules!

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