Causes of withering of scumpia tannin

Causes of withering of scumpia tannin

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Question: “Hello! In the spring, she planted a young bush of tanning skumpia. The bush quickly took root in a new place. Noticeably grown. By autumn, the leaves began to acquire shades of red. The beauty! But the trouble is, the tops of the two branches drooped ... and since the whole bush is still small, I fear for its "health". Maybe it was rodents that damaged the roots? There are light mounds on the surface of the earth ... What to do? ”

Having carefully studied the issue, we came to some conclusions, which we want to talk about in more detail.

Reasons for withering scumpia

There are a lot of reasons why shoots of scumpia could go down., but it's hard to judge without seeing the problem firsthand. Therefore, we decided to consider the most common causes of withering of scumpia tannins, as well as recommend you read a thematic article about this plant.

Immediately we want to discard frostbite or freezing of the plant, since the bush was planted in the spring and did not try on itself all the fierce winter frosts. But we also want to state the fact that skumpiya is experiencing frosts quite normally. There are known situations when the shrub completely froze and lost the entire above-ground part, but with spring warmth it was restored and developed further.

Wrong place of landing of scumpia

Carefully inspect the part of the site where the planted plant. Although mackerel can survive many negative factors, it is considered a rather capricious plant, and therefore can be damaged and wilt for many reasons.

The place of landing of skumpy should be warm and constantly warmed up by sunshine. It is highly desirable that it be well protected from the wind and even temporary drafts.

If scoopia is planted in a shade or cold place, for example, between a house and a garage, where there is often a draft, negative consequences are possible.

Incorrect soil for scoopia

There are many opinions regarding the choice of soil for planting scumpia. Some gardeners argue that it is generally not critical to plant a plant in absolutely any composition, while others are of the opinion that this can cause poor growth and problems in the future.

The right soil for tanning skumps is well-drained substrates, calcareous soils or with minimal salinity, fresh neutral ones are also possible, on which the best result of growing the plant is possible.

Soaking up scumpia and root damage

The high level of groundwater in the area is a serious problem that negatively affects the development of the plant. But there is a way out of the situation, since skumpiya is a plant with a superficial root system. One has only to plant it on the hills, and everything will be in order. For this reason, we recommend that you pay attention to exactly where your bush grows, maybe it is groundwater that causes damage to the plant.

As for the superficial root system, it should be said that soil compaction is undesirable, because then scoopia will hurt, not getting everything necessary for growth.

Damage to the roots of scoopia is possible during cultivation. If this is done incorrectly, the roots located near the surface can be crippled, and since the plant is young, this will give a serious negative result.

Incorrect watering of scumpia

The plant tolerates drought. Of course, you should not leave it completely without water, but pouring it excessively is wrong. In addition to the fact that supersaturation of moisture can lead to decay of the root system, a large amount of moisture in the warm season can also become a favorable environment for the development of diseases. Of course, everyone knows that pests and diseases of scoopia are not scary, but it is better to play it safe, because often, due to changing climatic conditions and constant hybridization of plants, exceptions to the rules are possible.


According to the advice of specialists, you can understand that plant nutrition should not be too intense. The conditions for preparing the soil for planting vegetables or berry bushes of the general plan cannot be used for skumpia. She does not need a saturation of the soil with mineral fertilizers or organic matter. It is quite enough to introduce complex fertilizers once or twice a year, normalized depending on the preliminary fertilizer of the soil and the age of the plant.

Damage to the roots of scoopia by rodents

As we understood, there is a version that the roots are damaged by rodents. This is unlikely, but not impossible. The thing is that in the summer there are not so many rodents in summer cottages and suburban areas as in autumn, and therefore their vital activity on plants is reflected minimally. But in view of the fact that scoopia is disappearing now, and there are also a lot of exceptions, it is very realistic that some vole has eaten the roots of scoopia, although they are not very interesting to it.

It can be assumed that the hillocks on the surface are mole moves, but then the problem is much more serious for you than just saving a bush of skumpy. We doubt that the moles attacked the roots and drained the plant, all the more, in any case, then not two or three branches, but the whole plant would have dropped. And indeed, moles do not particularly need roots, because they dig all the moves to search for the underground small living creatures, which they feed on. But it is worth noting that frequent hiking in holes, and in moles they are really frequent, could damage the roots of the plant.

Regarding the fight against moles and other pests, the same rodents, we strongly recommend reading thematic articles that will help in your fight.

Carefully evaluate the growing conditions, try to find the causes of withering of scoopia, compare the available facts with what you read, and draw conclusions. We really hope that they helped you solve the problem!

What is skumpiya

If the sprigs of scumpia leathery drooped, do not rush to get upset, because at this stage you only need to detect the problem and quickly fix it. In more detail about scumpia, this article will tell.

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