Boxes for a summer residence and their use

Boxes for a summer residence and their use

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Boxes are special containers that can be used to store or transport something. This is exactly what we do not have enough in the country to store vegetables and fruits, cereals, and even tools for work.

Boxes can be wooden and metal, plastic and from combined materials, to serve in the garden or in the courtyard, to help us store old but necessary things in the attic, or the equipment used daily. But for some reason we always forget about how important they are, and return to this topic only when we look for containers and containers in case of emergency.

Today we’ll talk about which containers of this kind are most suitable for summer cottages, from what materials they are made and what they are intended for.

Wooden models

The classic version of the container, which is often made from inexpensive varieties of wood. It is a square or rectangular construction, where the boards are brought down in such a way as to set a certain strength. Wooden boxes can be on nails or self-tapping screws, of simple or more complex construction, with increased strength, ordinary or with special handles, impregnated with bioprotection or simply folded from dry wood (plywood, OSB), but they are all very necessary for work in the country!

Purpose of wooden boxes

Products of this kind from wood have a very wide purpose, and today we will name the most popular areas of their use:

  • Boxes for storing vegetables and fruits - a standard container that is used by every summer resident, horticultural enterprise or even an economy;
  • Wooden containers for transporting products - a more capacious and durable container that allows reusable use with a large volume of products inside;
  • For tools - very different in design, but equally strong and durable, always made with special protection;
  • Compost boxes are large structures that are assembled at the place of compost storage, and most often, from inexpensive and even defective wood;
  • Mailboxes. Less and less often we meet them in the country, but you can still notice these accessories from people who write newspapers and magazines, receive correspondence.

These are far from all options, but the most important ones, which every our reader knows about.

Metal boxes in the country

Tanks of this type made of metal are very diverse, and often, these are not even boxes, but bunkers of different sizes. They can be made of sheet steel for welding or steel strips on a bolted connection. Also often used are iron containers made of wire or thick steel wire, welded or knitted.

Such products are characterized by high strength and durability, but require serious care, since the inexpensive metal used for production is subject to corrosion.

Appointment of metal products in the country

Iron containers have a wide purpose:

  • Large chests for storing grain - roomy bins in which you can store wheat, barley and other grains for planting next year, as well as feed for summer living creatures;
  • More accurate and original tool boxes, which are used in garages and workshops;
  • Wire boxes for storage and transportation of glass containers;
  • Large-sized iron tanks used as switchboard, small storage rooms for tools or even small-sized sheds;
  • Metal mailboxes, welded and soldered, forged and with other original finishes.

Plastic boxes for cottages

Plastic is used more often in dachas, since this inexpensive material has a large number of advantages among similar products. Plastic containers are quite strong and durable, not subject to damage by moisture or temperature extremes in the atmosphere. Such boxes are very light and convenient in any field of application.

Where are plastic boxes used in the country?

  • Firstly, it is the best container for storing fruits and vegetables. They are lightweight, but can withstand a large load, ventilated due to perforation or structural features, can be mounted on top of each other;
  • Secondly, it is possible to use similar containers for storing water, of course, if they are made in the form of tanks or other similar containers. Often they even mix liquid fertilizers to be applied to the soil, because plastic freely withstands many chemical influences;
  • And, thirdly, you can find plastic containers that are directly designed to store tools. Many power tools, like grinders or screwdrivers, are even sold in boxes where there are many more pockets and compartments.

The use of wooden, metal and plastic boxes in the country is very practical, and therefore recommends paying more attention to such products.

DIY box - it's just

Boxes in the country - a really convenient and practical container, which just can not do!

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