How to use bulk materials in the country

How to use bulk materials in the country

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Suburban works make us think about suitable building materials, and it is better to do this in advance than during an urgent construction or site design to puzzle over a difficult issue. Today, to facilitate all processes, we are studying the use of bulk materials in the country.

We use them almost every day.. In the garden, during the construction of the gazebo or the restoration of the old walkway, during the construction of the water body or even with the decor of the wall of the summer kitchen. Such materials are available everywhere, but not everyone knows their purpose and can work with them. Let's talk about the most popular and sought-after species that we use most often. invites you to actively participate in the discussion of the article and leave your comments in a special column.

Where is sand used?

Sand is a fine-grained bulk material that is used quite often. Sand acts as a filler in the preparation of concrete for construction, as a creation of a “pillow” for laying tracks, for diluting materials when building a blind area, sites, dumps.

This purpose can be called classic, but everything changes at the summer cottage, and we use many substances and objects more practical than for the main purpose. So, in addition to preparing concrete for the foundation for gazebos and other buildings, in addition to using sand in decorative work to create a landscape, as well as adding it to the soil for the most high-quality and proper cultivation of some plants, we even store carrots in the sand, drain low parts of the site, create sandboxes in the playgrounds.

Such a wide distribution makes sand at the dacha very popular, it is only necessary to choose it correctly for various works - river, quartz, quarry, artificial and other types.

What is gravel useful for?

We use gravel very often. Of course, not all summer residents are familiar with this sedimentary rock, which can be processed before application, as many of us buy a land for recreation, and often it is already fully prepared for this. Beautiful design, a small garden and a flat lawn, a house for housing and a recreation area ... naturally, there is no more work and only relaxation. But after all, most summer residents are used to working on the site, which means that bulk material must not only be known, but also able to be used in work.

There are many areas of application for gravel, but most often we need it for construction and serious work. Building a house or filling a site, landscaping with landscaping and forming paths, creating stone gardens and rock deposits, arranging access roads or sites for temporary parking of cars, drainage layers or even full sewage pits ... everywhere you need gravel or similar materials, among which we we choose according to cost, reliability, usability and other characteristics.

The use of screening at the cottage

Screening is a fine fraction building material obtained by crushing rocks and sifting to obtain materials of different sizes and purposes. Screenings can be lime, gravel or granite, and is used in the country, depending on the type.

Screening can be used as aggregate in the preparation of various concretes, but in the country it is a material of filling, inexpensive and reliable, which we choose to repair sites in and around the yard, to fill up areas that need to be leveled, and so on. If you think more globally, for example, developing your summer cottage not only for vegetables and fruits, but also for business, then screenings can be added to special mixtures for the production of decorative stone, paving slabs, the creation of vertical fencing structures, in general, run in construction and local production.

The use of expanded clay in the country

Expanded clay, expanded clay gravel and expanded clay gravel are fairly lightweight materials that can be used for very different purposes. Having really impressive characteristics, expanded clay is suitable for a huge number of summer cottages.

This is a great option for warming a wide variety of designs. With it we already insulated the floor of a new bathhouse, which we built in the country, offered to use it as a heater for the floor of the change house, which we also recently talked about, but most importantly, we used expanded clay to warm the house.

At the moment, this is really a popular material to ensure maximum energy efficiency. It is suitable for walls, floors and ceilings, but in the latter case it is used from the attic.

In addition, expanded clay is very good for external works, namely in landscape design. Medium-sized light granules serve to decorate the surface of the soil, its insulation and even the filler of drainage structures. Often they are used for the production of other materials for construction - expanded clay concrete blocks, from which you can build not only arbors, patio and temporary buildings, but also full-fledged residential buildings.

Pebbles: use in the country

Pebbles are not crazy popular in construction or decoration, but are actively used in some specific works.

Pebbles are rounded fragments of rocks, smooth pieces of different sizes, which can be oval, round, irregular, but smooth in shape. This is due to the effects of the flow of water and waves in coastal areas.

Pebbles in the country can be used in interior decoration, but we will not go into the internal stylization of houses and cottages, because the plot itself is more interesting to us. And here pebbles also occupy a serious place, unless, of course, it is taken into account in landscape design. Bulk material stylizes the surface of many soil objects, is a decoration of paths or direct filling material, and can also serve as a decorative and protective layer on the soil. A special decorative pebble looks very nice, but you have to pay a tidy sum for it.

Why is crushed stone needed

The granular material obtained by mechanized crushing of rocks is necessary for us for construction, laying of “pillows” of the base and drainage layers, for the production of building mixtures, filling of plots, work with geoplastics, complex leveling of plots or preparation of sites.

Due to the many positive characteristics of gravel, as well as the possibility of acquiring crushed stone of various fractions for summer work, the material can be used not only for its main purpose, but even for decorative purposes.

How to apply peat in the country

Peat is a mineral known to almost every person, which is both agro-ore, and fuel, and insulation material, and fertilizer. Therefore, summer residents certainly understand what is at stake.

This material, which is used very often in dachas, does not go into decorative work, but in the garden it is simply irreplaceable, as well as in home floriculture.

Of course, there are a lot of benefits from peat, but exactly the same amount of harm can be, since the allocated components can be not only useful, but sometimes even harmful. It all depends on the scope and composition of peat, its nature and other indicators, which you should definitely think about before choosing this substance for use on your own summer cottage.

Wood chips, sawdust and crusher

We know for sure that more than 30% of summer residents have not yet used wood residues on the site, and indeed, they simply don’t know what they are for or how they can help with the household. Therefore, we decided to tell you why chopped wood is needed in the country.

By and large, almost all wood particles that have undergone mechanical processing show the same results, only for different times, and therefore they are used in many ways.

First of all, it should be stated that wood chips are suitable for mulching the soil, heating, fertilizing, and even for decorating the site. But depending on the type of wood, fraction and type (we are also talking about shavings and crushing), it can have different specifics. For example, sawdust of fruit trees is good for smoking, crushed - for making compost, etc. Therefore, it is important to understand the material, as well as have a garden shredder in the garage!

How to use granite chips in the country

Granite crumb is a small- and medium-fractional material that is produced by crushing and machining rocks. We rarely talk about this material, since cheaper or even better ones are taken into the work, but this does not mean that there is no place for granite crumbs in the country.

The material is one of the components for the production of plates and blocks for roads and paths, and is used as a decorative filling of flower beds and other flower beds. It has many advantages, but differs in certain disadvantages, and therefore if you decide to pour garden paths with granite crumbs or decorate a new flower garden at the cottage with material, contact us and we will talk about it in more detail. To do this, you can go to the section that is specifically designed for consultation, - Answers to questions!

Asphalt crumb

Asphalt crumb for a summer residence is not considered indispensable, as there are other materials that are better suited for more work. But this one has its own application, since in many cases there is a great opportunity to get it almost for free.

Asphalt chips are laid on paths and entire roads more densely than gravel or sand. Since the material is made from old, recycled asphalt, it has a certain amount of bitumen residues that compact the finished embankment and make it almost uniform.

Due to the inclusion in the composition of additional components, asphalt crumb can become a material in the landscape decoration of garden areas and individual objects.

Do I need perlite in the country

Everyone uses those building or auxiliary materials that he knows and understands, well, and to which he has access. Therefore, we can say for sure - if it is possible to get perlite for a summer cottage, it will not hurt.

The mineral, which is a rock of volcanic origin, can be of different colors and have increased porosity. Due to these qualities, as well as many other positive characteristics, perlite acts as a sound and heat insulator, as a backfill of walls and floor in replacement of crushed stone and sand.

In addition, expanded perlite is used to clean water structures, and is suitable for treating lakes and ponds in case of serious pollution. But the most popular mineral in the country is as mulch, a moisture regulator, the basis for growing seeds and cuttings, as well as storing rhizomes and bulbs. In this case, a special expanded perlite (agroperlite) is needed, which is convenient even for preparing planting mixtures, evenly distributing seeds in the soil, adjusting the amount of fertilizers, complex mulching of the soil, and decorative processing.

Construction waste on a seasonal dacha

Construction waste is a mixture of everything, at first glance, unnecessary in the country. After construction and repair work, or the dismantling of buildings and structures, roads and other objects, such a mixture can be formed from pieces of concrete, gravel, broken brick and stone, other materials that previously participated in the construction and were part of the structures. After the demolition of the object or when mixing garbage in the trailer of the car, a certain substance is formed, which in quality can bypass some expensive building materials.

Of course, you cannot drive out and decorate a full-fledged project on such material, but construction waste will come in handy in half of the rough works. Dumping a site for drainage or leveling, backfilling pits and ravines, building foundations for paths and platforms, a layer for the foundation of small country houses - all this is real with cheap, and often even completely free bulk material. Therefore, do not rush to throw away construction waste and pay for its removal, because it is still useful in the country.

At this stage, we examined some materials that may be useful for summer cottages. Of course, there are still a lot of similar ones, such as slag, clay, prepared glass, cement, chernozem and others, which can also be used for construction, dumping or landscape design, but we will transfer them to other articles where they will feel more comfortable subject.

Bulk materials in landscape design (video)

Bulk materials in the country are indispensablebut you yourself understand this very well. Therefore, always make the right choice and focus on high quality, so that all work with sand, crushed stone or expanded clay takes place correctly, and the resulting objects turn out to be durable, reliable and original. We recommend reading the article on country garbage and its new application.

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