We choose a drainage system for a country house

We choose a drainage system for a country house

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The arrangement of a country house includes a lot of work to improve the external aesthetics of the building, as well as equipping it with the necessary systems. One of them is a drain, allowing you to properly organize the removal of water from the roof and the borders of the country house.

Gutter systems provide organized removal of water from the roof of the house, and also from the blind area, where she usually escapes along the roof. This allows you to prevent many problems in the future, as well as improve the aesthetic qualities of a private house or cottage.

Why do you need a drain in the country

A high-quality drainage system allows you to remove fluid from the roof of the building in time purposefully in one place, preventing it from falling onto the walls and basement of the building. Unauthorized streams running along the roof leave not only mud and rust spots on the walls, but also certain damage. They appear over time, when moisture accumulates in certain places and exposes the material to the danger of decay, corrosion, mold and mildew in its layers.

Water from the roof also affects the blind area, on which, over time, traces of streams and drops appear. These are serious potholes that not only spoil the appearance, but also contribute to the destruction of the protective layer.

Through cracks formed over the years, water penetrates to the foundation. Due to excessive and constant wetting, the foundation deteriorates, cracks, changes its structure, which is already fraught with cracks in the outer and inner walls of the house. In the future, more serious problems are quite real, because if you do not eliminate the troubles in advance, the house may come closer to the collapse point - the foundation will settle, cracks in the walls will become larger, the masonry material will begin to undergo irreversible changes, etc. In such cases, already quite expensive repairs will be required.

How it works

The drainage system installed on the house will help to avoid future problems, organized by water and humidity. Thanks to their correct orientation, high-quality installed gutters organize the flow of water from the roof into special gutters, through which water is removed into a storm sewer, a garden, a vegetable garden, sewage pits and ditches. Independently, the drainpipes on the roof and walls of the house will help protect only the vertical surfaces of the building from subsequent problems with destruction, namely the walls themselves, on which now water will not drain down. But they will not save you from problems with the base or foundation. For this we need additionally organize the diversion of water to that part of the site where it will not threaten residential buildings.

Types of drainage systems for a country house

The organization of a drainage system for a country house is a whole science, because it would be wrong to just buy a system that is not afraid of moisture, beautiful in appearance or inexpensive. Here it will be necessary to build on the quality indicators of the material, its technical characteristics, installation issues, connections, drainage of water that has left the roof surface. You will also have to pay attention to the durability of materials, the possibility of an independent device, cleaning or preventing blockages in the future, etc. Therefore, the experts decided to help every summer resident who decided to equip his country house with high quality and help to choose a practical, reliable and durable gutter system.

At the moment, we decided to introduce you to three types of drainage systems, namely plastic, metal and home-made.

Plastic option

Such kits are very popular today and are installed on all kinds of buildings in the summer cottage sector. They are made of high-quality polyvinyl chloride, which includes multiple additional additives to ensure the desired qualities.

At the moment, the technology for the production of plastic drains allows them to serve for many years without any reaction to changes in temperature, humidity, ultraviolet radiation.

The advantages of plastic gutters

  • They have increased resistance to UV radiation, as well as to the effects of aggressive environments;
  • Do not lose color, do not fade or darken, are not subject to corrosion;
  • A truly long service life is possible without the need for ongoing maintenance;
  • This is the most favorable ratio of the cost of the product and its quality;
  • It is possible to maintain technical specifications and external data in a rather high temperature range, from -40 ° C to + 70 ° C;
  • Water removed from the roof leaves the system quietly, without forming any damage or congestion on the surface of the gutters and pipes;
  • Convenience in installation and design of the external part of any building, since pipes, gutters, peaks, couplings and corners are available in a wide variety of geometric and color interpretations.

Disadvantages of plastic water systems

Drains made of plastic are considered durable, but not reliable enough to withstand, say, snow descents from the roof. Low resistance to serious mechanical damage eliminates the use of such options on the roofs of high-rise buildings, on complex roofs, where there is the possibility of icing and snow from large heights.

The device of plastic complexes involves serious calculations, because the production material has linear expansion indicators due to temperature differences. If the system is installed in a region with a climate prone to sharp and constant changes, it is worth considering all possible indicators for the properties of the material. Here, it will be obligatory to use special expansion elements, funnels, joints with corners, expansion joints, limiters during assembly.

Metal drainage systems for cottages

Here you should pay attention to the quality of the kit, as saving can play a very bad joke with you.

Quality systems are considered to be made of hot-dip galvanized steel, coated on each side with a polymer protective layer. The thickness of such a layer is quite sufficient for long-term protection of the production material from moisture and subsequent corrosion.

The advantages of metal gutters

  • The first thing to say is the high strength and reliability of such products. Unlike plastic ones, they are not afraid of weight loads, since the system and its high-quality fastening are able to withstand serious snowfalls from the roof of the building;
  • Also, all components are resistant to mechanical damage, and even scratches and bending;
  • Serious temperature stability, in the range from -50 ° C to + 120 ° C, which allows you to install systems in any climate;
  • The aggressive environment, acid rain, ultraviolet radiation and even burning are not afraid of metal in the polymer coating;
  • Thanks to high-quality polymer protection, galvanized steel will easily last 40-50 years;
  • Seals and expansion elements are not required here, since when the temperature changes, the material does not change dimensions in such serious indicators as PVC drains;
  • Due to the huge number of options for colors and shapes, it will be very simple to choose the appropriate option for your summer cottage or country cottage.

Disadvantages of metal gutters

  • High cost, depending on the manufacturer and the region of sales;
  • Requirements for careful transportation;
  • Requirements for accurate and high-quality installation the first time. Any unnecessary action or incorrect attitude can contribute to damage to the protective polymer layer, which will necessarily affect the quality of the material and the life of the product.

Homemade gutters for a summer residence

Having dealt with the most popular types of drainage systems, we immediately realize that they simply can not be cheap. It is clear that the protection of the walls, the basement, the blind area and the foundation is necessary for us, but more often it happens that there is simply not enough money for a certain purchase. If time is running out, then you can postpone the purchase, but if in the near future the arrival of funds to this system is not expected, you need to look for some way out. We thought for a long time about the cheapening of the water removal system and came to the decision that it is worth paying attention to the home-made options that have been used for decades. Of course, their quality and characteristics are difficult to compare with those of plastic and metal gutters today, but if there is no way out, it’s worth a try!

The benefits of homemade gutters

  • The minimum cost, since most often these are budget systems, and sometimes, even from prefabricated materials. Basically, in the cottages we see galvanized gutters;
  • Quick installation is possible, as the products do not require too careful work;
  • The ability to device the system according to its own scheme, and not according to the scheme provided by the technology or manufacturer's instructions.

Disadvantages of homemade gutters for summer cottages

  • Cheap material is poor quality;
  • Corrosion quickly eats up galvanization, rotten holes appear along the gutters, water seeps into the seams;
  • The need for frequent repairs, which does not always lead to the expected results;
  • Each repair with paints with anticorrosive effects and special impregnations that increase the service life is very expensive;
  • Fairly mediocre appearance;
  • The dubious quality of practicality and functionality.

It’s possible to make home-made gutter systems at home, and everything is not so bad as described in the shortcomings of materials, you just need to understand that having spent the same amount of time and money on installation as in working with a high-quality system, you will have to repeat the installation much earlier, because improvised drainage systems are unlikely to last long. Just pay attention to the pipes and gutters on the old three- and four-story houses that are already many years old ... rotten drains, rusty pipes, torn corners of the system. It will be with a makeshift design, a little later, but it will certainly be.

Original drains for a country house (video)

Choosing a drainage system for a country house is quite difficult, if only for the reason that today there are many manufacturers and their products on the market. But you need to make this choice, since so much is at stake, namely, the country house itself, its walls and foundation.

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