What can be done from old things in the country

What can be done from old things in the country

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What can be done from old things in the country? We talked about this topic repeatedly and provided our readers with a lot of interesting ideas, for which we received encouraging reviews. Today we decided to delve deeper into the topic, as it seems to us rather interesting!

Our previous article, in which we examined the life of old things in the country, was awarded several positive reviews and personal letters, and therefore we decided that we were doing a really useful thing. Today it presents a peculiar continuation of this article, and offers to get acquainted with even more exclusive ideas on the use of old things in the country.

Country coasters for tea

Simple wooden coasters can be cut from any log using a circular saw or chainsaw. That's exactly what they turn out to be, cute and original coasters, on which, by the way, you can put not only hot cups, but also the kettle itself, pots and pans. It is only worth remembering that it is better to choose hardwoods for them.

Old jeans hammock

Quite interesting hammocks were described by us in a thematic article earlier, but today a slightly different option is a hammock from old jeans. You can make it on the basis of a standard, old hammock, because here, as in the classic version, we also need ropes, fasteners, maybe some lifting parts. But the base of the hammock will not be from braided rope, tarpaulin or canvas, but from old pants, which can no longer be worn.

Naturally, for the production of a hammock, we will need not the most shabby things that immediately tear under the weight of a person, but more or less intact, strong and suitable for this. They will need to be sewn with high quality with a thick thread, connected to guides and ropes, in short, to make a reliable hammock.

A simple cottage decor from old dishes

And again we return to the dishes, which are no longer able to serve their intended purpose. An old kettle, a basin and a large metal bucket are the components of our decor. Putting it all together is very simple, it would be a desire, but if you really want to do something similar to our proposal, you’ll have to work hard on connecting some water.

It is necessary to properly bring water to the finished structure, place the pipe in an old kettle, install shutoff valves or even an old mixer nearby somewhere inside or behind the kettle. In terms of sewage, you can think of a lot - drain sewage, a drain pipe into the sewage pit, water outlet to stormwater, a simple drainage recess from broken brick or gravel under the structure itself.

Equipment for a shower in the country

A shower in the country or an inexpensive bathroom, which we also talked about repeatedly, are equipped with standard methods. It costs a lot of money and can seriously pull a country budget. But you can do something with your own hands to significantly reduce the cost of furniture, a sink, a good wash basin and other necessary accessories.

Today we again touch on the topic of old car tires. It seems to us that this is generally a universal option for small-scale construction and cottage decor, and if not, then a couple of dozen products from them can certainly be made. Another example of our position is the equipment for a shower or bathroom in the country. As you can see in the photo, these are really nice accessories from tires that replace both furniture and the washbasin itself. There can be a lot of interpretations of these creations, you just have to connect your imagination and tune in the right way.

Hooks for towels from old kitchen utensils

Old forks and spoons, scoops and other items that previously served us faithfully for cooking and eating food, today are turning into special accessories for storing or hanging a wide variety of things. We won’t talk much here, because everything is already so clearly visible in the photo. Only now we express the general surprise that it is really very interesting to use these objects in the country. Business card holders, compact shelves for clothespins and threads, towel hooks ... you can create a lot of good stuff!

Country decor from old chairs

The decor is decor, but such straightforward designs made of halves of old chairs can become very convenient accessories for storing things in the country. Now you don’t need a cupboard and shelves, because it’s enough to cut the old chairs used earlier on the recreation area and securely fix them on the wall. Agree, these are shelves, and hooks, and even coasters.

The only thing that is very important is to observe the quality of fastening and safe installation. Inverted chairs with protruding legs are not very good, and therefore it is worth doing the decor exactly according to our example. As you can see, there are at least dangerous parts here, and they are all in an unattainable area.

Old musical instruments in the country

Romantic evenings with a guitar in the country are interrupted when it crashes. But they can remain just as warm and sweet if a new instrument appears. The old one should not be thrown away or stored for a very long time on the mezzanine in the pantry, because it can become an exclusive decoration of a country landscape. The same applies to other tools that you can see in a bright and entertaining picture.

All of them fit perfectly into the design of the garden or even a separate flowerbed, decorated with decorative plants on top, inside and next, and for many years they have surprised all your guests. But these longest years of service of old tools are possible only with constant quality service. Immediately you will need to impregnate old musical instruments with protective equipment, paint or varnish. But in the future they will require similar care, at least once every two years.

Another great idea is already in front of you. This exclusive water feature from a classical musical instrument. We believe that it is just perfect for landscaping a summer cottage, but we also understand that it will be very difficult to make such a beautiful waterfall with your own hands. It is worthwhile to work hard not only on the water supply, removal and circulation system, but also on the protection of the material. Inside, along the stream, you will have to equip separate chambers that will limit moisture from the tree. If this is not done, an expensive summer cottage waterfall will turn into unsuitable rubbish in a couple of years.

Country flower bed from the car

We recall something similar on our website, but even if we repeat the information, we believe that this is simply necessary. You simply appreciate this project and immediately understand why we are doing this.

An unrealistically interesting and original train of thought that led the master to a small but glory. The flower bed from the car was just perfect!

As you can see, everything is quite simple, only some unnecessary elements of the car should be removed to make room for planting plants - hood, wheels, open the trunk. Of course, you can use the salon, but this is already worth thinking about. In general, this project is in your arsenal, we hope that someone will come in handy, like our old article on flower pots with our own hands.

Own bar in the country

Here we already improvise a little and mix the old with the new. As you can see, not everything here is made of old things, but only partially. But pallets, as usual, were very useful.

By means of a simple action plan, several hours of work and the use of a standard summer cottage tool, we have our own mini-bar, where you can now spend a rather entertaining evening.

The base of the bar counter is made of pallets. Boards went to the countertop, planks and boards went to chairs. Everyone who built benches, gazebos and fences with us can easily cope with such crafts for the recreation area!

Children's car from old tires

Whatever we did from old car tires, but we liked this project most of all. This is not even a children's toy, but a real Batmobile, for which your child will fall in love with you a hundred times stronger. The only problem is that not only children will want to play with such a car, but also many adults ...

To produce a unique children's car, we need only five tires, one plastic chair, material for assembling the frame and base. It will be sufficient to have a welded metal frame on which everything will be installed, or pieces of a corner driven into the ground, on which it will be possible to fix all the parts separately. It is not very important to adhere to strict technology, because design is more significant!

Floral design from old pipes

Of course, pipes may be new, we just came across a very interesting idea, which is hard to keep silent about. The photo has a unique design that reminds many of the Mario game world, but still it is a vertical flowerbed, whatever one may say.

What is necessary for the production of such? Nothing special, just plastic sewer pipes, corner and standard joints, a pair of paint cans, wall mounts and a summer cottage tool.

This is a very stylish and abstract design, and maybe someone will not like it, but just imagine how such a suspended structure will look at the moment when all the plants begin to bloom. Yes, now it’s generally similar to the fact that onions and tomatoes grow in the pipes, but something more colorful can be planted there, and the structure itself can be installed not on the wall of the house or garage, but in the middle of the garden, and even equip everything with lighting and a fountain.

What can be done from old things in the country (video)

There are hundreds and thousands of similar ideas, and therefore, if you are interested, we will continue this series of articles. Please subscribe to our website and participate in the discussion of new articles, so that we have the opportunity to understand by comments what our readers need.

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