Personal protective equipment and extra comfort

Personal protective equipment and extra comfort

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We often talk about personal protective equipment that should be used when working in the country. These are gloves, bathrobes, glasses, special jackets, boots, and more. It is about them, as well as other convenient accessories, that will be discussed today!

Any work in the country is directly related to some dangers that we need to minimize. Even weeding the beds is to some extent dangerous, since you can get a chopper on your leg and cause injury. Therefore, it recommends the use of special protective equipment, as well as clothing and shoes, which will not only help prevent unpleasant situations, but also provide additional comfort. Today we will consider some of these items and things, so that every summer resident can study them in more detail and, if necessary, purchase for use!

Gloves for work in the country

Gloves or mittens for work in the country are very necessary. Almost all the work takes place with the participation of the hands, and therefore they should be protected from dust, splinters, splinters, as well as from corns.

In a summer residence, a wide variety of types of gloves can be used, and each has its own specific purpose:

  • Cloth gloves - for the simplest work, for example, with seedlings, young plants, for carrying materials or crops;
  • Cloth gloves with rubberized fingers - are most suitable for work where tight grip of hands and tools is necessary. Digging beds, chopping wood, working with electric tools, etc.
  • Rubber gloves, disposable or more dense - for mixing fertilizers, working with pesticides, paints, varnishes, other liquid products;
  • Leather gloves - for working with serious gardening equipment, such as a brush cutter, chainsaw, mini-tractor, as well as for gardening with prickly plants and so on;
  • Cellophane gloves - disposable, for working with chemicals, mixtures, liquid products. They are very convenient in that they do not completely fit the arm and are simply removable. Cheap supplies.

Rubber boots for the summer resident

With rubber boots, you can not be afraid of rain and slush, as well as boldly work in water pits, for example, when a water pipe has broken through. Also, they can be used as basic shoes in autumn weather, just putting on a woolen sock or putting on a special felt insole in boots. Naturally, it is better to have leather shoes at the dacha for permanent use, since after the skin the joints will not “twist” like rubber, but from time to time without rubber boots it’s simply nowhere.

Rubber boots for a summer resident are shoes 30 cm high. If above, it is not so convenient, since the boots can rest on the knees, which will complicate many work. If you even choose higher boots, then pay attention to the wades, in which serious work with gusts can be done, and go fishing!

Light country shoes

And this is extremely necessary, because the dust in the garden, as well as building mixtures during the repair, very seriously affect the skin of the legs. This is if you are in ordinary slippers or sandals. In these cases, it is much more correct to use light but closed shoes with a thin toe. And not hot, and legs are safe. Think about this offer!

Safety glasses and plastic shields

Eye protection is a priority when working with a grinder, chainsaw, welding, lathe, other tools and equipment. But you must correctly understand what kind of protective accessory is intended for what.

We suggest using open and closed plastic glasses for the simplest garden work, pruning and forming tree crowns. They must be made of quality material, with good visibility and, if closed, then with direct ventilation.

To work with serious equipment, it is recommended to use plastic shields to protect the eyes. They will not let dust, dirt, pieces and chips of concrete, wood and metal shavings, and other small objects get into your eyes. It is possible that a plastic visor for work in the country will be installed on a work helmet, but it can also be used separately, with special straps.

If you decide to do auto repair or weld an arch for grapes, you should use more suitable plastic shields. Accordingly, it will be a heat-resistant and shock-resistant shield, or a special tinted, and even better, mask for welding!

Fabric Sleeves

Yes, we even remembered this remedy and increase the convenience for the summer resident. It is interesting, but such a simple and cheap accessory has long been forgotten. But it’s very in vain, because the sleeves can help with many works.

Here are a few examples:

Arm ruffles are needed to work on the flowerbed. So, let's say, you drove to the cottage for just a couple of minutes, and you just do not have time and desire to change clothes for work or then wash away from dust, but at the same time, we noticed several weeds on the flowerbed that are difficult to get to. In order not to smear the sleeve of a shirt or blouse, just use the sleeves and it will take minutes to do all the work;

Also, sleeves are even more useful for working on the machine. You make the necessary part from wood or grind a piece of pipe in the garage, and the chips fly in all directions. So, if in the cold season you are wearing a sweater, then the chips will not clog into weaving or knitting, the arm ruffles will not allow this.

In general, there are a lot of such examples, but we think that you already understand why fabric cuffs are needed in the country!

Garden Knee Pads

On sale there are different knee pads - fabric-foam, plastic, rubberized. Therefore, you should choose only from personal preferences for convenience and cost.

Quality knee pads will help with work on the beds and flower beds, for example, during sowing seeds, tillage. They allow safe operation on cold and damp ground, with pebbles, debris. In addition, knee pads are much softer than the soil layer, which means that the tension on the knee joints will be much less.

Respirators and “petals”

Disposable face masks and reusable summer respirators are essential. They protect the respiratory tract from dust and other impurities, and are also essential when working with chemicals.

When processing walls, preparing surfaces for finishing work, cutting concrete or metal with a grinder, working on a sawing machine, and also when spraying trees, shrubs and garden plants, such protective equipment is extremely necessary.

You can use both disposable petals, which are often changed, and reusable foam respirators with enhanced protective function that can be washed and dried after work.

Earplugs and ear muffs

Someone with a smile will look at the following lines and think, why spend money on something that is not so necessary. But remembering the work of a grinder all day, and even more so, in an enclosed area where there is a solid echo, I immediately want to at least somehow protect my hearing. After all, having worked with such tools for even 15-20 minutes, you can still hear badly for another hour or two. And temporary losses affect the auditory organs very seriously.

Disposable earplugs will help with short-term work - to cut something, cut, sharpen something. But using standard anti-noise headphones is even better. Just set them on a helmet or put them directly on your head, and you can work with almost any noise. Locksmith, chainsaw, grinder - now all the noise is much easier to carry!

Hat with mesh

A hat with a net is needed not only to the beekeeper, who deals with bees and pumps honey every year, but also to those people who work in the garden and vegetable garden. Recently, due to climate change and the adaptation of many types of insects to pesticides, aphids, midges, flies and various bugs have become much more than before. We are sure that all summer residents noticed this. So, it is very unpleasant when all such “evil spirits” begin to climb into the eyes during watering or tillage. That's exactly for this purpose - to prevent such unpleasant sensations, and you need a hat with a mosquito net.

By the way, you can use it in the evening, if suddenly there are a lot of mosquitoes in the country, and special means have ended, and on the same fishing trip.

Construction helmet for the summer resident

Oddly enough, but we advise you to have this accessory in your own arsenal. A plastic construction helmet protects your head from many dangers. Falling a tool from a height, stones and pieces of concrete, bricks, and even rigging from a crane or elevator during construction at the cottage - all this is very traumatic, and therefore protecting your head is very important.

Get a hard hat that will soften the blow, and be sure to make sure that the helmet has special internal tabs of soft material, and a mount that fixes the helmet on the head!

Painting suit for the summer resident

It will seem to you that we have already moved away from the topic, since we started talking about special costumes and equipment, but this is not so, because a paint suit is useful not only when painting the facade of a house or fence, but also in other cases.

For example, to protect yourself from the same mosquitoes and midges, which is maximally present in the greenery of the garden and flower beds. Put on a suit and hat with a net, and calmly, without brushing off living creatures, water, crop, and loosen the soil. There are also disadvantages - this ammunition is a bit hot, but here you already have to choose between light perspiration and burning bites.

Overalls, quilted jacket, jacket

These cottage accessories are also far from direct cottage accessories, but if they are in the garage - this is just fine. Work in the garden and in the garden, on the farm or in the garage takes place all the time, and an overalls or jacket in the cold season will come in handy.

They will protect from the cold, as well as from microtrauma by the type of scratches. Moreover, in such things there are many pockets, which is a godsend for a summer resident. Small tools, nails, bolts and nuts, pliers - all this can be kept in pockets during certain jobs.

Country robes and aprons

It can be an old dressing gown from home, or a specially purchased work dressing gown, which will come in handy many times a year. Say, when spraying plants, it is necessary to protect all skin areas to the maximum. So it’s the robe that covers you from the neck to the knees. further only glasses, gloves and special shoes. Everything, you are ready to fight against insects and plant diseases.

Also a few words about aprons. They are rarely used in work in the garden, but if you equipped the garage with a workbench and the necessary equipment, grind the details on the machine to assemble the canopy or repair the shower tank, the apron is absolutely necessary. And even if not for protection against shavings and sparks (although the apron does an excellent job here too), but let's say from the same dust and dirt.


Overalls for the summer resident - an excellent option for clothing, facilitating many work. High-quality jumpsuit has belts, pockets, fasteners. All this helps to carry tools and fasteners with you during construction. In overalls, you can build a gazebo for several hours until you again have to go to the garage or the barn for the next tinker of screws. Do not deny yourself the convenience!

Tool unloading belt

This is not a jumpsuit, but a completely independent accessory for a wide variety of work. Here you can put a hammer, pliers, screwdrivers, drills, and much more that should be nearby in construction work.

But unloading during high-altitude work is even more irreplaceable, when you simply can’t go down to the garage each time for the right tool or bother your relatives to submit another nail for slate.

Have special protective equipment and accessories to facilitate work in the country, very important. Of course, we are not able to consider absolutely everything on the market, but we have given you the basis. If you wish, you can study the other assortment, among which are nylon and polyethylene raincoats for protection against moisture, welder suits from high temperatures, disposable clothes and hats, etc.

How to protect yourself while working in the country (video)

Personal protective equipment and additional comfort accessories - the right things. But you can always object to us or add something to the material here in the comments. We will be glad to know your opinion!

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