How to prune an old apple tree in autumn: scheme and recommendations of specialists

How to prune an old apple tree in autumn: scheme and recommendations of specialists

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Pruning adult trees is very important. It helps to shape the crown for better fruiting, as well as for your personal convenience in the yard. The rejuvenating procedure allows adults, and even old plants, to continue to bear fruit and develop, rather than to get sick and die (many problems contribute to this). Adult apple trees are pruned only if they have a healthy trunk and strong skeletal branches.

How to get started

Anti-aging pruning of adult apple trees, which are 20 years old or more, occurs in the autumn. Dry and broken branches are immediately removed, then those that grow inside the crown and prevent the younger ones from leaving it. Bare, diseased branches should also be removed. Here it is important to pursue the following principle - to remove large and old branches, which can no longer be useful, than to clean the crown by removing numerous young branches.

After some skeletal branches are removed. This may be necessary if they do not grow correctly, interfere with the development of younger ones that can give a good harvest in the future. Used for this is a hacksaw and pruner.

Next, open the center of the crown a little, removing the top of the trunk at a height of about 3-3.5 meters. It is only necessary to remove the part that prevents the younger, but already strong, branches from growing and reaching toward the sun. Twigs and branches that are located above the young branches are also cut. Tops are also removed, which, due to improper pruning in the past, can be extremely large. Not all tops should be cut off, about a dozen of them should be left all over the tree, and precisely those that grow outward and upward, at an angle. It is from them that soon new fruiting branches can develop.

Anti-aging pruning occurs every 4-5 years.

Features of the procedure: when and how correctly

Young and adult trees are pruned with certain differences. Also, shaping, restoring or rejuvenating pruning is performed differently.

It is important not to forget about the annual pruning, so that you can form a tree at the time of its maturation, not only as it is convenient for you, but also correctly, to obtain large and numerous fruits.

When a plant yields a good crop, and most often it is between the ages of 10-15 years, it is necessary to constantly produce regulatory pruning in spring and autumn. This will help to organize the maximum growth of young branches and clean the crown of small shoots and old branches that do not allow sunlight to penetrate.

In the harvest year, the number of planted fruit buds should be significantly reduced. This will help prevent depletion of the tree, as well as provide an opportunity to get larger fruits.

If the year is lean, you need to reduce the number of buds laid for the next year.

Speaking of older plants, you need to pay more attention to the crown, and young shoots, forming from them strong and fruiting branches.

How to crop a running apple tree: scheme

It also happens that we buy an old and overgrown plot on which the trees are in the same condition. When cleaning the site and putting it in order, it is necessary to recall the orchard, which can delight you with juicy fruits in the warm season. Watering, fertilizers, timely treatment is important, but pruning is also important, to which this topic of the site is devoted

It should be understood that if you do not take care of the trees, this will not immediately affect the fruiting, but the quality of the fruit is necessary. There may be as many, but the apples will be small. But there may be a decrease in the number of crops. We need to return the productivity of the tree and make it not only beautiful, but also useful!

In such cases, experts suggest using coinage. This is a kind of pruning of skeletal branches of old trees to the level where a really strong increase was observed last year. Most often, a cut is made to three-year branches. At the same time, one strict rule is observed - each subsequent level of branches is cut stronger than the previous one. This will help to quickly restore the apple tree, and if not, the coinage should be repeated.

Do not worry about the fact that you cut a lot of branches from a tree, this will not harm him in any way if the pruning occurs correctly.

Rules for pruning adult trees

As in any summer cottage business, there is a whole list of rules in pruning trees. These are not the basics, but common truths that are known to every professional summer resident:

  • Trimming must be done every year;
  • You should not form crowns at the moment when you want it. When trimming a plant according to its “own format", consider at least the correct periods for the work;
  • With each trimming, try to make the central part of the crown well lit;
  • Use a high-quality tool and special means to cover the cuts, especially on adult and thick branches;
  • Do not take care of the tree for the sake of shadow, at least rejuvenate it a little. A dense crown gives the plant no positive effects;
  • Follow the procedure correctly, otherwise you will get a minimum of fruits and a maximum of useless tops.

Crop an old apple tree

Pruning old apple and other trees in the garden - hard work for which it is worth preparing correctly. After the procedure, it remains only to continue the proper cultivation.

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