Trees on trellis: advantages of the method and tips for its implementation

Trees on trellis: advantages of the method and tips for its implementation

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If the plot is small and it is impossible to build a garden of fruit trees on it, then you can resort to the method of growing trees on a trellis. And a lot of space is not needed, and from the aesthetic side it will be original and spectacular.

Trees growing on a trellis: history and essence of the method

This technology is not new; the trellis method has been applied to fruit trees several centuries ago in Europe, mainly in France and Switzerland, from where it spread to other countries.

The essence of growing on trellises - the tree is located in one plane, it is preliminarily formed in a special way, and then it is attached to the support. Today, not only fruit trees, but also berry bushes, grapes, pumpkin, cucumber, etc. are grown using the trellis method.

Trees and shrubs characterized by slow growth are selected for cultivation on trellises. advises you to specify before stocking in the nursery on the account of which rootstock the manufacturer used. In nurseries, the practice of grafting varietal trees (shrubs) onto the root system of species crops, and sometimes to a completely different culture, is common. Often apricots are planted on plums, grafting pears on quinces is also common. Such grafting is done in order to limit the size of the root system and at the same time improve early maturity. Depending on the stock of an apple tree, one variety can grow one - 1.5 m high, the other - 9 m. Naturally, it is much easier to harvest from a small apple tree. Therefore, the trees with stock from a dwarf or semi-dwarf culture are grown using the trellis method. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the material about the dwarf garden in the country.

Benefits of Trellis Trees Growing

The trellis method has several significant advantages, which, in fact, make it attractive to many gardeners. Let's start with the aesthetic moment - trees on the trellis can be shaped like an oval, cube or even a fan, which undoubtedly gives unusualness to the garden.

Having arranged the trellises in the right places, you can divide your garden into several zones, which will be distinguished by trees on the trellises.

You can use them as a fence, a fence, ensuring the privacy of your site.

For owners of small plots, the trellis method makes it possible to grow trees in the garden for which during normal planting there would not be enough space. And so a minimum of space will be required, and it will not be difficult to calculate it.

Often the plants on the trellis are used as a means of landscaping the walls of the house and utility rooms. Limes on a trellis with an oval or cube-shaped crown perfectly protect the house from gusts of wind and rain.

Such species as swamp oak, liquidambar, maple, and plane tree grow well on the horizontal trellis well adapt to the trellis. These trees have a dense crown, giving a wonderful shadow, so they can be used to design a recreation area. A green canopy in the garden can be made of bean bilberry or mulberry on a trellis.

How to establish supports for fruit trees on trellises

Trees growing using the trellis method involves the use of specially installed supports, existing walls or a fence. To do this, it is recommended to choose a plot of the garden, well lit by the sun and not blown by cold winds. The trellis is based on a massive, robust structure made up of pillars and frames, and a flat screen made of battens or wires is fixed to it. The tree trunk is attached to the pillar, and the branches are distributed along the rails lying in the same plane. Thus, we kind of translate a tree from three-dimensional space into two-dimensional.

Seedlings intended for the trellis method are planted in the usual way, like other fruit trees, the only thing is that the gap between them is much smaller. Make sure that other fruit crops grow nearby, as this is necessary for cross-pollination.

Trellising Trees

Regular pruning is an essential component of proper trellis care. By pruning, the tree is given a compact look and desired shape. A sharp pruner is used for trimming, and all slices are made at an angle. In more detail about tools the material about tools for trimming trees and bushes will tell.

It is recommended to cut young trees once a year, while it is still cold and the vegetation process has not begun, for example, in early spring. Plum and cherry are knocked out of this general rule, which should be cut in late spring, summer, or early fall.

During spring pruning, the tree is given its shape chosen for it, and the length of the trunk and branches is set.

A tree that has reached the fruiting age is cut 2 times a year, additional pruning is carried out in the summer when the fruits ripen. Summer pruning saves the tree from excessive foliage, which allows you to send more nutrients to the process of fruit formation and get a rich harvest. New branches in the summer should be cut so that 1 cm remains after the growth node. We strongly recommend removing branches that cover ripening fruits from sunlight. Of course, sick, damaged and dry branches are subject to cutting. Crops that produce large fruits (apple trees, peaches, plums) should be thinned out, first of all, by removing weak and unhealthy-looking fruits. As a result, the remaining fruits will develop better, and although you get fewer ripened fruits, they will be of higher quality. You can remove the fruits by secateurs or manually, making a rotational movement. We recommend reading the article on how to treat trees in the country.

Trees on Trellises

Of course, in order to grow beautiful trees on trellises you will have to be patient, but then you will have plenty to enjoy their extraordinary grace and unique beauty. And if you already had experience like growing, then we would like to hear about it in the comments, write! We recommend reading the article on bark beetle control.

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