Why elderberry does not bear fruit

Why elderberry does not bear fruit

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This question is addressed to our reader Irina, who wonders why adult elderberry does not bear fruit. We will try to help with pleasure!

Why black elderberry does not bear fruit: reasons

At the moment, we know several reasons why black elderberry may not produce fruit, and all of them are tied to improper agricultural technology of the plant. So be careful!

Elderberry lacks sunlight

Black elderberry does not bear fruit if it is planted in a shaded place. You can safely attribute the plant to shade-tolerant, but certainly not shade-loving. Elderberry loves at least half a day of direct sunlight, and if it is located behind the garage, between the house and the barn, in the orchard under mature trees and so on, similar problems are possible.

Elderberry needs top dressing

The next reason is a lack of nutrition. Carefully study the rules of plant agricultural technology and try to give elderberry all the necessary elements. You can start feeding immediately, for example, add ash and compost, add a few complex fertilizers to the watering. This is very important during the ovary period.

Inappropriate weather conditions

The following situation is also real - a sharp change in weather conditions during flowering and fruit ovary. Since elderberry is still young, it could coincide a couple of times in a row, if elderberry were already 6-7 years old, this factor could be safely discarded.

Proper elderberry care

Elderberry trimming is also important - removing old branches, forming a crown, harvesting thickened and so on. Do not forget about watering, mulching, loosening the soil. All this seems insignificant, but in the complex, several reasons, like each of them individually, can have a negative impact.

Elderberry Pollination

There is an opinion that elderberry needs a second plant for proper development, but this is not entirely correct, elderberry can bear fruit itself. But for this she needs insects. Observe if they are on the elder, perhaps the weather affected. If not, try polluting artificially.

It is very important to clarify the fact that elderberry does not bear fruit at all, or there are very few fruits and they quickly crumble. It happens that after flowering elderberry begins to tie berries, but they quickly fall under the bush, where they dry or rot. This process lasts only a day or two and can be generally invisible.

If elderberry does not bear fruit, the issue can be resolved before next year. Provide the plant with proper care, light and nutrition. You may have to choose a different plant variety.

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