What to do if yoshta grows very much

What to do if yoshta grows very much

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Yoshta grows very much and occupies large areas in the garden - this is the main problem of the plant, which is almost impossible to get rid of. We know the facts when, for this reason, yoshtu was generally removed from the site, since the fruits of the plant were considered not so high quality, and the yields were small. Then the decision came to completely remove yoshta from the site in order to get rid of many problems. But we believe that this is the only way out if you decide not to take care of the plant anymore, or simply do not want to waste time on it. But there is always a solution to the situation!

Yoshta bush formation

One example of getting a small and neat plant is constant pruning. Of course, the weekly formation of the bush can lead to irreversible consequences, and therefore recommends cutting the bush only during the periods allowed.

Remove all unnecessary branches that grow at the bottom of the bush and occupy the main area, cut off old branches from the bush that give their maximum result in previous years. Also, try to make the crown less thickened so that the development occurs correctly, and the plant is less attacked by various diseases.

Yoshta shoots

Yoshta is growing rapidly, and in some cases, for example, as in the existing one, it even interferes, since it takes up a lot of space on a small plot of land. But it is also interesting that yoshta often grows not only by the bush itself, but also by the surrounding growth, which is also not easy to clean.

You need to constantly monitor new processes and cut them with a brush cutter, knock down glanders or even use Fokin's plane cutters to harvest. Thus, you will not let yoshte spread over the site, occupying more and more area.

Yoshta Garter

Yoshta is considered a decayed bush at the time of growing up, and it often happens that the branches, under the weight of greenery and berries, fall very low, thereby occupying a considerable area around them. It can be released very simply by arranging the garter of the yoshta branches.

Take a twine or rope, establish supports in the bush, tie the edge to the supports, then bring it out of the yoshta bush and rope around the branches in the middle, around the entire bush. Gently tighten the rope around the yoshta, but only not tightly pressing the branches to the center of the bush, as you can break the shoots or make artificial thickening.

Interesting video about yoshta

These are just a few of the ways to reduce the size of the yoshta in the gardento free part of the area. Other methods to stop its growth and prevent the spread of country land is almost impossible.

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