The main mistakes when growing tomatoes

The main mistakes when growing tomatoes

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If you planted tomato seedlings in early spring, looked after it for a long time and later transferred the grown plants to the open ground, it remains only to prevent serious mistakes when growing tomatoes in order to get a good crop.

Typical mistakes when growing tomatoes are made by each summer resident, because no one has yet found the ideal circuit. But if you improve your knowledge every day, take good care of tomatoes and try to minimize the conditions that create problems, everything can work out!

Every day we try to improve our own technique of growing plants, but sometimes we forget about the possible consequences and take risky steps. offers not to chase experiments and more accurately comply with the rules of agricultural technology, because only then can we count on a positive result.

What mistakes do we make when growing tomatoes?

The following list can be safely called a gardener's memo, because if you try to eliminate the known mistakes as much as possible, and devote more time to cultivated plants, then you don’t have to get nervous during the harvest season!

Wrong tomato seed selection

We will start from the very beginning, namely, the acquisition of tomato seeds. So, try to choose high-quality hybrids that are tailored to your region. They are more resistant to climatic factors, diseases and pests. Therefore, it is quite possible to get an increase of about 20-30%.

You should not take seeds in bulk, determining their appearance, try to make purchases from trusted sellers, and preferably in special nurseries, where specialists will not only give you a glass of seeds for seedlings, but will describe the best variety of tomatoes for the greenhouse or open ground as much as possible, and select the right one according to your requirements.

Change of varieties between greenhouse and open ground

It must be understood that there are a lot of greenhouse hybrids, as well as varietal tomatoes for open ground. Of course, you can experiment, but this makes no sense, and therefore planting greenhouse tomatoes on the street and, conversely, from the open ground in the greenhouse, makes no sense.

Each variety has its own requirements for temperature, humidity and freshness of air, soil and the possibility of pollination, and therefore changing the location of the dislocation, you immediately change the positive factors to negative ones. The result, we believe, you yourself understand.

The right choice of tomato seedlings

We already told you how to choose seedlings, and therefore we only recall that material on the topic is already on the site! Use the advice of specialists, and a good tomato bed will certainly rise from quality seedlings!

Choosing a film for a greenhouse

If you are building a greenhouse or a greenhouse, and then growing seedlings and adult plants yourself, it is necessary and correctly to choose the material for covering the structure.

Most often, this is a plastic film, and we try not to think about its quality, checking only the strength and light transmission at the place of purchase. These are important factors when growing a wide variety of plants in a greenhouse, but there are others that are worth paying attention to.

You do not need to take the thickest film or expensive, believing that it will last longer. Choose hydrophilic unstabilized, on the inner surface of which only flat-drop condensate is formed. When using it, the drops will not fall down on the bushes and fruits, but simply will run down. In addition to this advantage, it is worthwhile to evaluate the dust-repellent properties of the material and the ability to better maintain the internal temperature.

How to grow tomatoes

Lighting and temperature

Most of us assume that strong light and high temperatures give plants the ability to stretch up, and their fruits - to fill. But this is not always the case, especially if we are talking about tomatoes. Be sure to pay attention to such modes, because experienced specialists have long known that the best temperature for tomato growth is + 8 + 10 ° C, but the illumination should remain within 15 hours.

Seedlings of tomatoes with inflorescences

Buy strong seedlings, but without inflorescences, as the promise of an early harvest does not always turn out to be true. The most important thing when planting seedlings is rooting, and only then color and ovary. Accordingly, when buying high-quality seedlings, flowering will appear very soon.

Watering tomatoes

Tomatoes do not like water, like cucumbers, and therefore such frequent watering can only contribute to decay of the root system or the development of diseases. Try to irrigate about once a week, but make it plentiful, watering the soil itself near each bush or in a row, rather than tomato leaves.

How to grow tomatoes in a greenhouse

Herding tomato

Tomato bushes should be planted very on time, at that moment, as the shoot reaches a length of 3-4 cm. Doing this later does not make any sense.

It is not necessary to leave the so-called hemp when pinching - pinched processes. Many summer residents stingy for the plant, and on the bushes after the herding, there are many hemp. But their presence only leads to a more active vital activity of various microorganisms on the surface of the tomato bush, and therefore try to remove the stepsons to the very bottom.

The formation of tomato bushes

Have you decided to regret tomato bushes in the garden or in the greenhouse? Get branchy plants with strong side shoots, on which the fruits began to grow, and because of this they simply lie on the ground. Below - spoiled tomato, and above, due to the increased supply of nutrients to the lower fruits, also no result.

Do not regret the tomatoes, you must do the right thing - in time to remove the side shoots and pinch the top. Remember, it is you who decide how to grow a tomato bush, and believe me, this will only lead to better results.

Ignoring Disease Prevention

It is very wrong to wait until the cultivated plants in the garden start to hurt, it is necessary to constantly take preventive measures to prevent complex diseases.

We are starting to think about how to save tomato bushes at the moment when they are one step away from death. We go to the market, choose drugs, we consult for a long time at the forums, we come to the cottage, and there is nothing to save.

Make sure in advance that you can diagnose diseases (powdery mildew, rot and others) and pests (scoop, aphid, bear) of tomatoes in order to be able to save plantings on time, and it is better to carry out preventive treatments when planting seedlings, after flowering begins, during the time of the formation of the fetus (strictly according to the agricultural technology of the variety).

Tomato Garter

Do not pinch tomatoes, do not remove side stems, and even do not tie up weighty bushes? How then are you going to get a good harvest? In such cases, it is possible to rot the fruits, form uneven ovaries, scrub the bush under weight, late blight of tomatoes, eating fruits by ground pests, and so on.

Be sure to make a garter to the trellis or supports, choosing a soft twine for this and making a coil for each internode without pulling the stalk.

Growing tomatoes in a greenhouse without airing

In this way, it will be almost impossible to get fruits, especially if you come to the cottage only on weekends, and tomatoes wait a week to air in a stale greenhouse.

In this case, pollen grains may stick together, stop pollination, and significantly reduce the number of fruits on the bush. If the ovary will be, then the fetus will be hollow, poor-quality, deformed.

Growing tomatoes and cucumbers in one greenhouse

It is not necessary to plant cucumbers and tomatoes in one greenhouse, this will definitely not lead to a good result. These plants have different agricultural techniques and care requirements, completely different preferences for air temperature and ventilation, preventive measures.

Do not make such mistakes, otherwise you will not get a good harvest from either cucumbers or tomatoes.

Thickened Tomato Planting

The more often the tomatoes are planted and the higher they rise on the trellis or supports, the more leaves need to be removed from the bushes in order to organize the most proper ventilation. This is more true of greenhouse conditions, where, of course, you can get a good result at the end of the season, but for this you will need to work hard.

Remember, preventing diseases of tomatoes is much easier than then dealing with them!

Fertilizing Tomatoes

Here we will say only a couple of things - do not overdo it with nitrogen, which will help to drive out only serious greens, and also be sure to pay attention to a set of special elements for tomatoes. Do not dwell on only one or two of them, since each variety requires its own set of nutrients.

Tomato processing, spraying

Classical methods such as spraying only Bordeaux mixture save in rare cases, but because this is not the best method of prevention. Tomatoes during the period of growth of the bush and ripening of the fetus need much more than one drug. Choosing the same processing methods and means is necessary depending on the region, variety, cultivation in the open ground and greenhouse.

But we can give an example so that you understand how much we can offer tomato beds today for better ripening and a good harvest.

  • At the very beginning, seeds still acquired or grown independently are processed with manganese.
  • The following is a treatment for planting seedlings, to improve the rooting and destruction of the bear.
  • Before the flowering, the preventive treatment of Abiga Peak, after - Fitosporin and Ridomil.
  • During the growth of fruits, you can go to Actellik or Fufanon, and before harvesting tomatoes, use Oksikhom and Lepidotsid.

As you can see, it is necessary to carefully examine the beds, monitor the condition of the bushes and fruits, but, without even noticing problems, still carry out preventive spraying and treatment.

How to grow tomatoes

There are a lot of mistakes when growing tomatoes, and collecting them all in one article is very difficult. Therefore, we will be grateful if you help us to supplement this knowledge base in the comments.

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