DIY wooden arch under the grapes

DIY wooden arch under the grapes

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Many summer residents today grow grapes on trellises or other special supports, but there are always those who are more interested in building a real arbor from the vine. Therefore, it will be timely to tell you how to make an arch under the grapes with your own hands.

Arch for grapes - a classic country product and even landscape decoration. You can build such a structure yourself, because there is nothing complicated in it. Today it offers to allocate time for the construction of a truly lively and natural gazebo, on the surface of which juicy grapes will be poured and ripen.

Popular types of arches for grapes

The most popular are arches made of wood and metal.

The former are less durable, but more decorative. It is convenient for many summer residents to work with wood, since it does not require the use of an expensive professional tool. Arches turn out quite nice, of a wide variety of forms and fit perfectly into the design of the garden.

Metal structures are more reliable and stable. With proper and timely processing of the material of the product, decades can last. They also fit well into the design, especially if forged elements are used for the construction.

Choose a wooden arch for grapes

We decided to talk about a wooden structure, since we have much more opportunities to work with wood.

We will not choose a place for the arch, talk about grape varieties, cultivation and care, but simply install a tall structure, under the shadow of which it will be possible to equip a really chic place for relaxation.

Variants of arches made of wood under grapes

There are many interesting options, from simple to decorative, from cheap to inconceivably expensive. We will present you with some, in our opinion, pretty and beautiful designs, and then we will talk about the production of the simplest option.

Expensive wooden arch with oven

This design is really expensive, and not only because of the size, but also because of the filling. This is a decorative design, which is equipped with everything necessary for relaxation - a shadow is created, inside there is furniture, decor, lighting, as well as an oven for preparing hot dishes. Our opinion is one of the best foundations for grapes or any other climbing plant, which can be safely attributed to arbors and modern places of rest!

Garden arch under the grapes

With this option, growing grapes is more practical than with the previous one, where, having noticed such a structure, you no longer think about plants, but only about relaxation and a pleasant pastime. To create this design can be very simple, and the internal equipment will be required the simplest - only a convenient bench for several people, pillows and rugs, so that in the quiet evening you could sit and chat in comfort and warmth.

Arch for grapes and vertical landscaping

As you can see, here you can grow any plants that are able to weave and climb up a known path. Perhaps this wooden structure can also be more attributed to landscape architecture, but nevertheless it is the arch, and the most natural, just combined with the furniture part - a bench, where you will have a good time both in the afternoon and in the late afternoon. It is very simple to lay down a structure from a bar and rail, without even using nails or self-tapping screws.

Decorative grape arch made of wood

In the photo below, we present to you the usual arch, which runs along the path to the house. It is made of inexpensive wood and installed in order to be able to move it to a new place at any time. Often, such structures are used for canopies or in the form of arbors, and then they are only installed in the garden so that plants can braid them, reach for the sun and give a crop. Perhaps a very interesting solution that will work for any dacha.

Practical arch canopy for grapes

This solution seems to us the most optimal for a summer residence, practical and quite reliable, since the arch is mounted on heavy supports and, as you may have noticed, has a fairly strong frame on top. It is in the likeness of this building that we will build our own, which we will talk about now.

Installation and assembly of a wooden arch

A tree arch under a vine can be assembled in just a few hours if all the individual parts are ready, or in a day if you have to work from the very beginning. But, no matter how you look, this is not enough time for the construction of so many interesting and necessary structures.

Installation of the base of the structure

Along the perimeter of the future arch marking installation of pillars. They will be from a wooden bar or beam, for higher reliability and stability. Poles can be installed on a flat surface, but this is in case sectional assembly occurs, but we will dig and concrete the pillars of the base in one place.

Having made the marking, we make indentations with a garden drill, which should be 100-120 cm deep and exceed the diameter of the pillars by 7-10 cm, and fill them with gravel up to 10-15 cm, which will need to be a little tamped. Now we process the lower part of the posts with solid oil or oil mining, wrap it tightly in 1-2 layers of roofing material and install it in the deepened holes, strictly in the center.

On the sides of the pillars in the recess we make gravel sprinkling, meanwhile turning the posts on the right side and trimming them to a vertical level.

The device of the upper part of the frame

The upper part is necessary for us to equip the so-called roof - beams and battens for the grapes themselves, or maybe for a partial roof. But at this stage, the frame is needed for the stability of the entire structure and more convenient completion of the process with the installation of poles.

If there are buildings nearby, it’s very good, because you can tie the arch to them, if not, we just work carefully, calculating the weight and emphasis only on the structure itself.

To begin with, we make one connection of all the pillars around the perimeter. It is advisable to work together or three together so that one person adjusts the posts according to the level, and someone could install the upper part of the frame.

Having knocked everything together and received a more or less correct figure, we finally fix the pillars of the base.

Concrete base pillars

Well-protected, installed in the recesses and covered with gravel wooden beams must be concreted. To do this, we prepare liquid concrete that can seep well between gravel, and slowly spill it into each pit with a column. At the same time, without losing precious minutes, it is necessary to check the levels of all the pillars, as well as the upper frame. If the poles are not level, straighten, drive in pegs, tighten, if the frame is skewed, insert wedges, make wooden stops and so on.

When everything is ready, it remains only to wait until the solution dries and fixes the arch in place as reliably as possible.

It is possible to make the foundation more reliable and even decorative by raising the concrete pouring to a certain level above the ground and arranging a concrete girth to the wooden posts. To do this, you only need to build the formwork and reinforce it with steel wire, bandaging it with the foundation for the pillars in the recesses.

Arch completion

When the main part is installed, and at the top there is a finished frame, we only need to install additional parts. It can be an ordinary rail that will hold the vine, or decorative wooden elements that will create an additional design. Also, partially, the frame can be sheathed with roofing material, so that in the building it was possible to shelter from the rain. Here you can choose to cover ondulin, polycarbonate, and even slate.

We will skip additional work on interior design, lining and decoration, but we want to remind you that the wooden arch must be properly treated with fire protection, or at least grease with varnish, open with varnish and so on.

Decorative wooden arches (video)

As you can see, the arch made of wood under grapes is not such a complicated design. It is similar to a gazebo, and is built in almost the same way as a carport, with only a few minor changes. Therefore, we believe that with a desire, a standard set of tools and a list of basic requirements, you can complete the job pretty quickly! If you have additional questions about the article, please do not hesitate to ask them right here in the comments, or in a special section of the site.

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