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Choosing a floor for a summer residence: advantages and disadvantages of popular materials

Choosing a floor for a summer residence: advantages and disadvantages of popular materials

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Most often, the floors in a country house are an ordinary concrete screed or wooden flooring. But, as each of us knows, today there is enough material to change the coverage and design of the room. therefore , especially at the request of readers, chooses the best floor for giving.

Repair of a country house, its renovation or light makeup often affect the flooring. This is the leveling process, and the repair of some parts of the floor, and the laying of insulation. But what we are most interested in today is precisely the decorative coating, since we have already considered many processes earlier, and we have not yet chosen the floor material.

What floor for a country house to choose

There is a sufficient assortment on the market to satisfy any requirements, both in cost and quality. With its help, you can also predetermine the future design or complement it. And therefore, without hesitation, we proceed to consider some of the characteristics of each presented option, and also try to choose the most suitable for all country houses for a country house.

What gender is needed in the country

As in any residential building, in the country house there are different rooms where operating conditions, temperature and humidity, as well as cross-country ability, differ. Therefore, for each individual room, it is advisable to choose your own coverage, although it can be the same everywhere.

An inexpensive and durable floor that is durable, reliable, easy to care for is best suited for a summer residence. But often you have to pay attention to its appearance, because the floor of the country house is of a decent size and has a clearly visible surface.

The design of the floor is no less important than its technical characteristics, because no one in the house needs a decorative finish that is strong and durable, but does not look very good.

Concrete floor in the country

This option has little decorativeness, because it's just a screed that is covered with paint. If you do everything qualitatively, a nice appearance is possible, but today, nevertheless, concrete is used mainly as a basis for another decorative coating.

The concrete floor has many advantages - it is an almost indestructible surface, especially if you constantly look after it, high-quality and even, attention to which is not particularly required. The concrete floor can be tinted every few years and it will constantly have the effect of an almost new coating.

But there are also disadvantages, the main of which is the cold of this sex. It is really cold, even if covered with a carpet or a simple walkway. Of course, such a characteristic is very appreciated in the summer, when the air temperature around is simply prohibitive, but in the autumn and winter periods it is a real problem, because it is almost impossible to warm up such a floor, and it can cause not only unpleasant sensations, but also diseases. Therefore, we will leave concrete on the floor for temporary buildings, summer kitchens, garages and sheds, and we will try to find a more acceptable and original option.

Wooden floor in the country

One of the classic options, and every second summer resident knows about it. Rural houses and country houses have long been equipped with such floors, and therefore this is not a novelty at all. It harmoniously looks in any stylization, and therefore we will not worry about design either. Naturally, a wooden floor is better with insulation or an air gap, but this is not our topic today, and therefore we simply turn to the advantages and disadvantages of such a decorative coating in the house.

There are enough advantages, and the main one is naturalness and warmth. The wooden floor is suitable for any design, harmoniously fits into the atmosphere, bears notes of a purely homely atmosphere in any room. But this is only about the appearance of the tree, but there are also technical characteristics that make the tree feel very comfortable in any room except the bathroom. Durable material is resistant to temperature extremes, a certain level of humidity, but for all this it requires constant care - impregnation with fire-protective agents, varnishes and paints, as well as grinding, scraping and other special measures to extend the service life.

Wooden floor is not suitable for wet rooms. Also, if you choose cheap wood, it will quickly become unusable, it will be inconvenient to grind it, which means that soon the coating will simply have to be replaced, again spending a lot of money. When choosing a wooden floor for a summer residence, it will be necessary to take care of the high quality of the material, as well as humidity, which should be minimal.

Laminate flooring in the country

A decorative coating is from an average price category, and maybe from an expensive one, depending on the manufacturer and the quality of the material. Laminate is quite good in design, it looks like many other, and even more expensive materials, as it is presented on the market in different colors and shades, as well as texture. But you should definitely take the positive and negative sides of this flooring seriously so that after laying the laminate, you will be happy with the result.

Speaking about the advantages of the laminate, it is worth noting its resistance to pressure, abrasion and surface loads. With careful use, no traces remain on the surface, even from the legs and wheels of furniture. In addition, the material does not require expensive and complicated care, it is enough to use wet cleaning and special care products. It is an environmentally friendly material that does not accumulate pathogenic bacteria on the surface; it does not contain toxic chemicals and allergy-causing components. The panels are easy to install on the floor and can last 7-10 years.

Among the shortcomings, the high cost of a really high-quality product and high requirements for the primary floor surface, because the floor screed should be made perfectly even for laying the floor. In addition, the specified service life is clearly not indicative, especially if you associate it with the cost of the laminate. It is necessary and to choose the right class of laminate boards, otherwise you can quickly spoil the surface. The negative side is the fear of moisture, because of which the material can quickly become unusable. Pay attention to the swelling of the laminate, its bubbling and creaking with improper installation. You can only avoid problems if you choose a really expensive material that is close to parquet at a price.

Parquet board on the floor in the country

Incredibly beautiful finishing material for the floor. We won’t even talk about design, since parquet looks perfect even in rooms of modern styles. And again we turn to positive and negative indicators, since this is the most important when choosing an expensive floor. It is also worthwhile to understand the difference between parquet and floorboard. And the difference here is only in the sizes of individual elements and the possibility of aesthetic filling, a parquet board can be cheaper than parquet, it is more massive.

The first and most basic advantage is the needlessness of additional processing, only to lay it on a flat and prepared floor using technology, and decorative finish will last a very, very long time with constant care and rare preventive measures. Further, it is necessary to mention the resistance to extreme humidity and temperatures, due to modern production technologies, as well as the ability to assemble and disassemble, that is, even transporting the coating from one room to a completely different one. Parquet board is cheaper than parquet, and is located in the middle zone of purchasing power.

There are few negative indicators, but they are significant. There is no problem with the parquet, but with the parquet board it will be very difficult to arrange curly styling and dress the texture properly. It is also worth knowing that this is a non-moisture resistant material, and therefore, if you are very attentive to the care, you can still lay it in the kitchen, but in the bathroom it is very undesirable.

Linoleum in the country

Inexpensive, but quite practical, because linoleum can be smooth and embossed, thin and with a seal, simple and cheap, or with a serious protective layer for rooms with increased traffic. As for the design, everything is fine. Installation is also not very complex, which is very important.

Among the advantages of the material are a huge number of different solutions in color and shade and the ability to simulate really expensive materials. This is already very good for a country house, for the arrangement and decoration of which it is not always possible to spend a large amount. In addition, linoleum is not afraid of moisture, and therefore it can be used to finish the floor in the kitchen and even in the country bathroom.

A disadvantage of linoleum is its crushability, that is, heels or furniture can seriously damage the material. You need to know that linoleum is afraid of temperature changes. It can crack at low temperature and deform at high.

Ceramic tiles on the floor in the country

Ceramic tile is an almost universal material that is environmentally friendly, durable and reliable. It can last for decades, and this is no exaggeration. The tile is suitable for the corridor, bathroom and kitchen, often becomes part of the decor of the living room or bedroom, and all this due to the huge variety of sizes, shapes, colors, textures and other indicators.

Ceramic tile as a floor covering does not require additional leveling of the base, since such actions can be performed using an adhesive solution. It provides a long, but rather simple installation, and does not require expensive compositions or a professional tool. Eco-friendly material is not afraid of humidity and temperatures, fats and simple household chemicals, and therefore care for the tiles is very simple. Another bright advantage is the possibility of choosing a glossy or matte surface of the tile, regardless of color and pattern. Glaze in this case can become a regulator of the complexity of care and even the durability of the tile on the floor. We note a large margin of safety of the tile, especially if its size is small, and also, which is very important, a large number of price segments in which it is realistic to choose the material for every taste and cost.

The disadvantages of ceramic tiles are very few, for example, increased hardness. But this is a drawback if you drop something on the floor surface. Also, this is the low temperature of the material, which constantly remains cold. Therefore, add-ons, for example, a rug or a walkway, will be needed, but such additions are already used in almost every house and in every room.

In our arsenal there are still a lot of floor coverings in the country house, but their list mainly consists of goods that are not used in the country house, or they are used purely specialized - for offices, kitchens, bathrooms, storage rooms and so on.

We will not talk about them in detail, because we don’t see the point, but we mention for sure - cork flooring, carpet and other pile coverings, rubber floor, self-leveling floor and 3D self-leveling floor, liquid or living tiles, decorative bulk floor, decorative stone, granite, marble floor and others.

Choosing the most practical and popular materials, we made some emphasis on them, since it is linoleum, parquet board and ceramic tile, as well as other materials considered, these are the most acceptable materials for a country house. We recommend reading an article on how to quickly and profitably sell a summer house.

Requirements for a good floor in the country

The choice of material for decorative flooring is an important process, but without special scrupulousness and detailed explanations, we want to remind you that this is far from the most important thing, because you should understand the stages of laying the coating and take each of them seriously. Requirements can be very diverse, and they depend on the materials. But there are generally accepted ones that should not be forgotten - preparation and repair of the base, leveling and insulation, and possibly even waterproofing, soundproofing or laying a warm floor!

How to make preliminary laying of the floor in the country (video)

Choose the best floor to give, guided by our list and our own preferences, as well as ask questions in the comments or in a special section of the site to get additional explanations on these materials, characteristics, styling, design choice. Feel free to ask and share your opinion in other sections of the site, where there is enough interesting! We recommend reading the article about the winter garden with your own hands.

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