Tricky country tool: do your own garden tools

Tricky country tool: do your own garden tools

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Country territory - this is a separate world that often pushes us to inventions. And it’s understandable, because there is a huge amount of work that needs to be done quickly, efficiently, and without any special investments. Therefore, today we are studying a cunning cottage tool created by our own hands.

Our sheds are full of special summer cottage equipment - shovels and secateurs, scissors and brush cutters, choppers and axes, hacksaws and forks, and what is the Fokin cutter ... but there is also a more abstruse and modern tool - a grinder, a drill, a chainsaw. But all this is definitely not enough to do all the necessary work. No, everything is real, but only who wants to spend a lot of time to clear the garden from young shoots, to remove weed from the spring garden or to do another, more ordinary work, if there is an opportunity to quickly cope with the task? Today we will give you some ground for thought, because a reasonable and modernized garden tools with your own hands is not difficult, but very useful. So, let's go in order and consider all the new products and more respectable by age inventions, which, by the way, half of us have not heard of!

Convenient DIY garden tools

This list is partially presented to us by familiar summer residents, partly by you, the readers of the site, and a small part is ours personal. And therefore, recommends taking a few minutes to a useful article, because it will help to really save time and energy in the future.

We remove basal shoots

You can do this with the upgraded shovel, which you see in the picture below. You can make a tool from scratch, if there is a workbench, a vice, a grinder and sheet metal, but it is better to remake a ready-made shovel. Having received such a product - narrow and well sharpened at an angle, you only need to choose a durable stalk, and you can safely go to the garden. The device easily cuts young growth, even at a depth of a few centimeters.

Garden cleaning and digging

Most often, such an inventory is necessary if you are clearing an old garden and planning to make a garden in its place. The same thing can happen at the place of the forest belt at the edge of the garden, which was removed to expand the fertile territory.

But in the garden or forest belt, the trees are not completely cleaned, and many roots remain in the ground. Searching for them is very long and difficult, especially when it comes to cultivating the land. At this time, you can use a serrated shovel, which can also be made independently. Below you see what it is - an ordinary shovel, which is cut so that its working part is with several sharp teeth, the roots of which are cut very easily.

Work in the garden with a new chopper

Want to get a new chopper, which is now very easy not only to remove the weed and make furrows in the soil for planting seeds, but also to loosen the soil? Then pay attention to how easy it is to do this with just a piece of sheet metal, a piece of pipe, grinder, hammer and welding. Of course, this is the lot of real men who are able to create this, but women have every right to look, because in the future they will definitely try to work with such an instrument.

A slightly curved inward blade, spherical and also slightly curved in radius, can overcome many difficulties in the garden and garden, and believe me, this is a much better helper than a standard chopper.

Homemade hoe for loosening the soil

When planting seeds in a flower bed or in a garden, when working in a garden with young crops, or just when loosening the soil around adult plants, we need a high-quality and convenient tool. It must meet many requirements, but immediately be convenient to use and miniature enough not to cripple the roots or the aerial part of the crops grown. Therefore, experienced summer residents and the thing was invented, which today is available to many.

This is a compact hack from improvised tools, which is created from a small piece of a board and several nails. You only need to cut a handle that is convenient in shape from a tree, and drive 5-7 nails 6-10 cm long through it. Not perfect, but still an interesting inventory that will be convenient on small flower beds.

Update Broken Secateurs

Intensive work in the garden, sometimes leads to breakdowns of your favorite tool. And we are trying to do everything, just to not throw out the usual and long-loved equipment for us. Today, our secateurs have broken down, right during the pruning of trees, and therefore we are urgently repairing it, since there is neither time nor desire to go to the store for a new one.

We grind the secateurs on a stone or a machine, if any, and in place of a broken or simply torn spring, which represents the most frequent breakdown of secateurs, we install a piece of thick rubber. You can take the rubber thinner, but fold it so many times to create a spring effect. We wind the rubber to the handles with wire, but be sure to knots inward so as not to get hurt and not to rub calluses. You can also use electrical tape to prevent injuries.

Tool for cutting branches at high altitude

This lesson is not considered a problem for people with high step-ladders or special professional secateurs. But if there are none, we take up the mind and again invent a cunning garden tool that contributes to convenience and speed up work!

Before you is an ordinary hacksaw, which work with your hands. But today we attach a long handle to it so that you can move the hacksaw away from you as much as possible. It is not worth taking a very long stalk, as it will be too hard to work, keeping the weight at a great distance, but a stalk of 1-1.5 m is just right. Believe me, this is quite enough to get those branches that you can’t reach for a cut.

As shown in the picture, bind or wind the hacksaw to the handle, but more precisely, and begin to work. Do not rush, otherwise you can break the tool.

Garden knife for removing mustaches and stems

How long do we have to suffer with mustaches and young stems, which are very difficult to cope with. The secateurs chew them, and it is generally unrealistic to work with a large knife in conditions of dense growth. In general, you need a special tool that will help on beds and flower beds. And such a homemade knife for removing mustaches and stems can become such.

Again we suggest you pay attention to the graphic below, where we show you a similar knife. This is an ordinary piece of steel, which is installed in a wooden handle. The shape of the blade is oval and slightly pointed, and a hook-shaped cavity is cut out on one side. Exactly here, inside, all surfaces are ground. You just need to take the antennae, root or young stem of the plant with your left hand, and use your right hand to draw a knife over it. And even if there is no effect right away, once in a sharp cavity, any unnecessary material will be cut off.

Garden Cutter Ring

It is difficult to name the following device and tool, because it is just a ring with a small blade for working in the garden. But, although the ring is very small, it brings enough benefit. As you can see, this is a metal ring on which there is a small sharp solder, bent inward. It is the inner part that is pointed for trimming thin wire or rope.

When tying up plants in the garden, doing seedlings or vertical gardening, it is often necessary to cut small pieces of rope or wire, but picking up a knife each time is not particularly convenient, and in conditions of numerous branches nearby and leaves, it is also dangerous. Then you can simply take the rope in your left hand, make a loop and put it on the bent tip of the ring, and make a move to the side with your right hand. Everything is quick and simple, and in the hands of the required length is a piece of rope.

Each of the tools we presented or simply modernized items is an excellent adaptation for working on a summer cottage. You can use such equipment in almost any environment, and you can make it yourself.

Convenient tool for giving (video)

Tricky and convenient country equipment for the garden - not only our inventions, but also the inventions of professional summer residents. Therefore, if you have something like that, you can safely share your thoughts in the comments to this article, for which we will be grateful to you. We promise not to dwell on this kit, and in the near future we will surely present you additional material, where we will describe a whole set of interesting tools for working in the garden, in the garden and in flower beds.

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