The nuances of sowing seeds and growing seedlings of strawberries and strawberries at home

The nuances of sowing seeds and growing seedlings of strawberries and strawberries at home

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Growing strawberries is interesting for many summer residents, because there are many ways to ensure a good harvest and significant ease of care. But it often happens that, for various reasons, strawberries grow weakly, bring small yields, and even breed poorly. Naturally, this leaves a negative imprint on us, and the desire to grow strawberries from seeds or an ordinary transplant disappears little by little. But you should not despair, because you only need to improve your knowledge and put into practice the recommendations of specialists how the situation can be improved.

Today we want to answer the question and tell how to grow seedlings of garden strawberries from seeds with our own hands. In fact, this is not so difficult, but there are factors that affect germination.

We grow strawberry seedlings with our own hands

Immediately we want to prepare you for the process, since the right algorithm will require some attention and patience. If you are ready, you can proceed!

When to plant strawberry seeds?

Sowing seeds should be at the end of February, it is possible at the beginning of March to transfer seedlings to the open ground even before the heat.

Later sowing is also possible, but in this case the seedlings may not have time to get stronger and then it will be inappropriate to transplant it into the ground, it will have to be kept in boxes until next spring.

A great way to grow - at home, in the same peat tablets!

What kind of strawberry seeds to sow?

For sowing, you need to choose high-quality material that can be bought in specialized stores, on the market or online.

Often, hybrid varieties of large-fruited strawberries are chosen, from which there is an excellent opportunity to get strong and healthy plants, whose indicators are even much higher than those that are propagated vegetatively. But often we use our own seeds, which is also good. Here you only need to select them from the best varieties, from healthy plants and large, uniform fruits.

The soil for sowing seeds of garden strawberries

For crops, you can prepare two options for the soil, and here you already have to choose which one is more convenient for you.

The first option is vermicompost, coarse sand and non-acid peat, 1: 1: 3.

The second option is turf land, sand and peat, 2: 1: 1. It does not hurt to add a little rotted manure and wood ash to the soil, which will positively affect the quality of the mixture.

Due to the presence in the earth, and in manure, of numerous microorganisms, as well as insect eggs, and some infections, it will be necessary to steam it for about half an hour on hot steam, for example, even over boiling water in a pan. After steaming, the earth will need to recover, and it will take several weeks for this. Therefore, we recommend that you begin the preparation process in advance in order to meet the deadlines.

Strawberry Seed Preparation

To increase the chances of germination, special preparation of seeds of garden strawberries is necessary. To do this, the seeds are soaked in natural - rain or snow water for three days. After soaking, the seeds with the destroyed germination inhibitors are laid out on a layer of filtered paper, slightly moistened, laid on a plate and placed in a plastic bag, which must be placed in a bright and warm place, but not in the sun. Soon the seeds will hatch, and then they will need to be transferred to a box with soil, very carefully, using a toothpick or a match.

Stratification of strawberry seeds is also recommended to ensure the highest quality and simultaneous seedlings.

Planting strawberries in the soil and care

The prepared soil is poured into a small wooden box and leveled; small grooves are made in it for placing seeds. Seeds are laid out in grooves with a step of 2 cm, for which a match or small tweezers are used. If you are planting different seeds, place a beacon with the name of the variety in front of each groove to know in the future where and what you are growing.

Now the seeds should be moistened with a spray bottle and covered with a film.

Sowing strawberries in the snow

Another interesting method that is close to natural. It significantly reduces the risk of deepening of seeds, which is not recommended, and also has a positive effect on germination.

Snow is laid on the finished substrate, with a layer of only 1-1.5 cm, and already on top of it are the seeds themselves. The snow melts, and the seeds fall evenly onto the soil, after which it is not necessary to correct them. It is only necessary to cover the seeds with plastic wrap or glass, open daily for ventilation and moisturizing, if necessary.

How to care for strawberry seedlings at home?

Strawberry seedlings need light and even, moderate watering so that the topsoil does not dry out.

Also, soon you will need a pick, with the appearance of two leaves, and pinching of the long roots of young plants.

Planting takes place in pots or boxes, according to the 8x8 cm scheme. Next, again, accurate watering, which will not destroy the topsoil.


After emergence, it is necessary to wait 6-7 weeks and transfer the plants to the open ground. But before that, young plants should be hardened, taking them out for a couple of hours every day and setting boxes in the shade. Thus, the seedlings will get used to the sun, light gusts of wind, a change in the general climate.

Seedlings, the distillation of which took place in early spring, may already yield some crop after planting in open ground. If seedlings were grown in the summer, they should be planted in the ground before the end of August, and the crop will yield next year. Such seedlings will need to be insulated for the winter.

Why do not sprout seeds of garden strawberries

It also happens that when planting seeds, only partial shoots appear, or they do not exist at all. There are many reasons for this, but the most basic ones are improper care.

  • For good germination, stratification, soil prevention, and the selection of high-quality seeds are required. But what happens next is also important.
  • Crates with crops must be kept under glass, slightly moistening the topsoil. Before the emergence of seedlings, you need to keep the boxes in the dark, and only after seedlings put on a lighter and warmer place.
  • The optimum temperature for seed germination is about + 18 ° C, if it is warmer, germination will slow down, and some seeds will not produce results at all.
  • Do not panic if not all shoots make their way at once. This is a common thing when a part emerges after 2 weeks, and the remaining seeds germinate to the surface after a month. At this moment, you need to remove the film from the boxes and install them in a well-lit but cool place, with a temperature of about + 15 ° C.
  • It should be remembered that thickened plantings interfere with normal development, and therefore you need to dive young plants in time and plant them strictly according to the scheme.

Growing garden strawberry seeds

Proper agricultural technology of strawberries is the main factor in a positive result, but experts are sure that the quality of planting material and soil, as well as the regional affiliation of the site where the finished seedlings will be grown, play a significant role.

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