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What to do with peonies

What to do with peonies

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In fact, most of the known peonies are represented precisely by grassy peonies. According to experts, this is a fairly strong and unpretentious plant that can quietly develop in partial shade, and sometimes in the shade. That is, it is a shade-tolerant plant that is not afraid of close proximity to higher bushes and trees, and therefore does not suffer from the peony bush that grows nearby.

Peonies do not cross-pollinate

Peonies do not really pollinate, and therefore do not change color even when growing red, white, burgundy peonies nearby. A real miracle must happen so that nearby peonies begin to take on the colors and shades of their neighbors. Rather, this will happen due to the aging of the bush or because of a certain disease, when the flowers begin to change color.

How to plant peonies

In your case, peonies can be planted, but then the root system can be damaged. Therefore, you should deal with the issue during the period of reproduction or transplantation of plants. Since peonies multiply well by dividing the rhizome, it will not be scary during this period, even if you damage the root when digging out one of the species. You can simply select parts of the rhizome from the soil and transplant them to a new place. But here it should be understood that agricultural technology is very important, and if you take the plants lightly, considering them too unpretentious, you can lose both bushes. Act carefully and soon in your garden there will be separately growing peonies, delighting with flowers and aroma!

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