Simple ideas and interesting life hacks for giving

Simple ideas and interesting life hacks for giving

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The originality of our summer residents can not but rejoice, since only in the last month we have obtained so many new ideas for giving that we can’t describe them. But today we took the time and summed up, thanks to which your attention is presented the most unexpected interesting country ideas.

Interesting decorative fence in the country

We have already discussed many serious fences, practical and less expensive fences, as well as original gates, focused on the choice of materials and the process of installing them. But today they decided to show you another interesting option that lovers will like to craft in the country with their own hands. So, a decorative wooden fence.

At first glance, it may seem that this is a rather complicated and expensive product, because all copyrighted items are expensive. However, you can do such a miracle on your own, just by drawing a little on wooden boards and working with an electric jigsaw.

After you have outlined the dimensions of the sections of the wooden fence and selected the material, lay the boards on a flat surface and create patterns. Next, take the boards one at a time and turn on the tool ... soon the fence will take on new forms.

It is very important to sequentially number the boards at the stage of creating the original drawing, otherwise you can get confused during installation!

Growing flowers in boots

Garden flower pots, special containers and barrels, flowers in containers and even in old furniture we discussed for a long time. But now there is a new fashion trend - growing flowers in shoes.

Each of us has plenty of old shoes, and more often than not, it just goes to trash. But do not rush with such decisions, because you can grow flowers even in old boots.

Punch holes in the soles, make a suspension from the wire, lay the nutrient substrate inside the shoe and plant flowers. After that, just hang the boots on the fence, inner fence or even on the wall of a country house. As you can see, this innovation looks very nice and original.

Life hack: growing seedlings in shell

Do-it-yourself seedling cultivation is a real mess, especially for people who are just trying to make friends with country traditions. But the whole process can be transferred to a very interesting direction, even with a share of entertainment.

When frying an omelet or kneading eggs in pies, try not to completely break the shell, limit the blow above half the egg. Next, pour the egg and use it for its intended purpose, and in the shell, after filling it with a substrate, plant seeds for future seedlings.

Strictly observing the agrotechnics of the plant that you intend to grow, lead the process to the end, placing the shells in the tray and wrapping them with plastic wrap. As soon as several real sheets appear on the surface, temper the seedlings, let her breathe more and be on the street. After a couple of weeks, boldly plant it in the open ground, simply pressing the shell in your hand a little to crack it. You can place seedlings in the soil in the egg itself, because in the future the shell will become a good organic fertilizer.

This method is good at least in that you do not need to specifically buy containers for seedlings, as well as sowing crops with seeds, the seedlings of which can be eaten by pests.

Simple green roof

More than a year ago, we talked about how to make a green roof in the country. This is quite an interesting undertaking, although it requires certain costs and attention to the correctness of the process. But we know for sure that many are simply worried about the roof of summer houses, and therefore they continue to postpone the idea with a green roof. But not all, because many also experiment by creating such roofs, albeit not in country houses, but in sheds and other outbuildings. As you can see, the picture is a very original and bold project, which clearly complements the overall picture of landscape design.

In principle, if the green roof is of this format, then it can be arranged on any old building, or maybe even on top of the rabbitry or poultry house, which will be generally exclusive for the cottage!

Green roof

Shower-trample in the country

In this section we will not build and invent anything, since everything has already been done for us. We present you the shower-trambler, who received his fame for a long time. There are a number of reasons why such a shower did not become very popular, but we believe that it could be purchased for a summer residence if, of course, you have not yet built an outdoor shower or shower in the bathroom of a summer house.

Shower-trample - a unique installation, which, due to the simplest movements, pumps water from a bucket into a pressure hose, and delivers it to a watering can. Now you do not need to wash your face from the basin, you can always put a container of clean water next to it and take a practically full shower. We don’t know about you, but to us such an idea seems very worthy.

Lifehack: BBQ

This is a fashionable name today, and we have an interesting thing! Before you is not a barbecue or capital barbecue made of brick or stone, but a whip up invention on which you can fry meat, fish and vegetables, even if there are no bricks and a grill.

It's simple, you just need to take four beer cans and break them with skewers, which will then be folded in the shape of a quadrangle. As you can see in the image of this invention, it can be built in a minute, and it will bring many benefits. We don’t know how to use the novelty in the country, but it’s very practical at a picnic or in nature!

Life hack: a trap for wasps, bees and flies

You will not see anything new here, we just decided to remind you that with the advent of heat, too many insects appear in the country. And okay, they would be circling over flowers, a lawn or a young garden, and so there are only a lot of wasps, bees and flies near the dining area, in the gazebo. You can slightly change their number in a smaller direction using the simplest trap that we present to you.

All you need is one plastic bottle, as well as sweet water, a spoonful of honey, a slice of watermelon and so on. In addition, special chemicals can be used as bait.

Just take the bottle, cut off the top of it, pour or pour the bait into the remaining part of the bottle, and turn the cut neck and tightly install it into the part of the bottle with the bait. That's all, put only a bottle a few meters from the table, and now most of the insects that disturbed you will fly there.

Simple tire swing

What we just did not do from old car tires ... flower beds, garden decorations and so on. But today car tires will serve us a different, even more useful service - with their help we will provide kids with entertainment, build garden swings.

We already have swing options, but if a child needs to be taken urgently or just give him the opportunity to have fun at a distance from adults, and there is no playground in the country, you can always make a swing from an old tire.

We will not describe the process in detail, but simply show you a photograph of the product on which everything is clear. The only advice - try to make the swing strong and reliable.

DIY tire swing

Lifehack: Cottage tent for children's games

Do you need to hide children from the hot sun and take something for the whole day? This is not even a question, because you can make a small but cozy lodge!

Now you don’t need to urgently consider the schemes and build a treehouse, buy a bunch of equipment for the playground and generally take something like that, because there is the opportunity to install at the cottage from improvised means. Moreover, it will be a portable and easily disassembled design, which can be taken with you on nature or on any other trip.

Only two bases on each side, their reliable fastening, a crossbeam and material for covering. The last can even be a sheet or a bedspread, the main thing is to make a semblance of a roof and protection from the sun. We recommend that you learn how to use pallets in a summer cottage.

Before letting children in, be sure to check the stability and strength of the structure, everything must be reliable!

Idea: a walking place for a cat

We envisioned the possibility of bringing pets to the country when we talked about building an enclosure for a dog, but, unfortunately, nothing came up for cats.

Today we are correcting the situation and showing you an even more interesting option than a simple cage or box for a cat. This is a whole suspension structure, which is a volumetric tunnel of mesh. It is necessary for walking the cat in the fresh air, but also limits the movement of the pet. In fact, this is a big plus, since the cat, dear to the purse and heart, will not run away anywhere after chasing a butterfly or bird across the territory of the site. Also, he does not get wet, does not cripple about thorns on a rose, and so on. This material will be interesting to owners of irregularly shaped plots.

How to grow seedlings in shell

Unexpected ideas for giving come to mind every daywhen we see a problem and try to quickly fix it, using only imagination and our own skills. Today we told you about what was invented and produced literally in the last month, but in the future, we will definitely support a peculiar direction and tell you about everything interesting. By the way, you can do this by sharing ideas in the comments. We recommend that you familiarize yourself with the material on hanging gardens for a summer residence.

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