The main tricks of installing fences

The main tricks of installing fences

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The site provides many useful materials about installing fences in the country. But today we had the idea to give you a list of tips, or rather, to reveal some of the tricks of the process that will help to avoid problems in the future and increase the life of the fence.

Each individual fence is set according to its own rules. Heavy concrete or brick fences require preliminary foundation laying; wooden and sectional fences feel quite normal on pipes or even piles. But these are only general ideas about the installation of country fences, today we want to talk about the topic that almost never arises in articles - installation tricks. Of course, some of you are already known to you, but many of them are kept secret by the installation masters, or they are thought up during the installation in order to provide the future fence with long-lasting service, practical use and economical care, and sometimes their own well-being.

Cheap fence in the country

Very often, a summer cottage is not a country villa or a multi-hectare rich plot, but just a few hundred, where we grow fruits and vegetables for our own consumption. Therefore, it seems to many that the fencing of a summer residence is useless. We will argue with this statement and offer the best options, albeit inexpensive, but still fences that will meet modern requirements.

First of all, we recall the fence of the wheels - a really bold decision, and most importantly, not everyone will think of such a thing. Fencing? Yes! Original and pretty? Undoubtedly! Perhaps a little does not meet the requirements of impregnability and safety, this is true.

What else format of a fence for a summer residence to invent, so as not to spend a lot of money? We suggest considering options from used materials, and this is the first trick of installers, on which many profit. If we take up the work with our own hands, then we will not let someone profit, but we will save it ourselves!

Just think that for the foundation, instead of purchased gravel, you can use a pillow made of old broken brick, as well as for clogging pillars. In addition, if you build a combined fence, you can also use second-hand bricks, and economic areas and generally cover with concrete slabs from disassembly. Here you have the number one idea!

How to save on replacing the fence

All the tricks of the masters come down to their own benefit - to reduce the life of the work, put cheaper material, make money by transferring materials or by rolling back. Therefore, such a tendency as earnings on replacing fences is often noticed. And again, we return to our own benefits, because in this case we can earn, and not the hardcore installers. So, we change the fence ourselves, we hand over the old for scrap, or we sell sections to neighbors, through ads or “gypsy radio”.

What other savings on replacing the fence can be? The most common is the preservation of funds that were supposed to go to pay workers!

How to reduce the cost of a combined fence

Combined fencing is one of the main ways of making money for craftsmen, since the more materials, the more positions in the estimate, the more kickbacks and residues of materials.

We give the simplest example. The fence consists of a concrete foundation, brickwork and a wooden or forged decorative part. It is clear that forging will be ordered piece by piece, the brick can also somehow be counted, but what about mortar, reinforcement in the foundation, and materials for additional external decoration? There is nothing to do, just follow each stage or again do everything yourself.

In this case, another serious minus is poked, saving the craftsmen on quality and gaining benefits in your pocket. Say, you can’t trace in any way that the foundation is not tied up with brickwork, and the reinforcement has already been calculated and paid, in addition, it’s very difficult to prove the internal masonry of new material under the finishing brick or the exact consumption of concrete, especially when the construction takes place “under key ”and you just get billed.

As you can see, everyone is cunning as he can, but you have the right to do so. What is stopping you from buying a backing board or mortar residues at a nearby construction site, taking reinforcement at half the price from scrap metal workers and not at a metal warehouse or building materials supermarket, independently conducting some stages of construction or tracking them to the maximum?

But it’s not forever to talk about the negative, because the masters do not always work for the rollback and lose the last grams of conscience. Many of them really try to do the job efficiently, for the benefit of the customer, and we will talk about these moments and already good tricks when installing fences in the country!

Robust fence installation

The strength of the fence installation depends on the correct installation of the fence posts. It is dug into the ground, concreted, installed on the foundation, tied up with sections in metal fences or stone masonry, thus obtaining strength properties.

But there are ways that do not allow the columns to bend over time, fall under the weight of the sections. This is the most common method for installers - high-quality backing or installing special stops on the inner edge of the posts. Simply put, weld a 15-20 cm corner to the edge of the installation pipe to make a T-shaped stop, and concrete it. It will take 15-20 years, and such a pillar for installation can be taken out of the ground only with a tractor, or completely excavated it!

Section facilitation

This applies not only to the sections of the fences, but also, for example, to the same sliding gates that we talked about not so long ago. To reduce costs, as well as reduce the impact on supporting structures, it is often necessary to use a lighter material. An alternative to heavy metal and forging can also be the addition of polycarbonate, corrugated board, wooden elements to the sections, which several times facilitate the design.

All similar fencing options are considered on our site, and therefore, through a standard search, you can see not only the characteristics of these fences and how to install them in the country, but also evaluate the appearance of the finished products!

Increased fence clearance and limited viewing

It often happens that these two concepts need to be combined. But how, if a stone fence casts a shadow on the plot and does not allow the full development of flowers and berry bushes, and through the metal fence from the rod you can see everything that happens in the yard?

It's simple, you need to return to the material that we use to facilitate sections, cover greenhouses and produce canopies - polycarbonate. Really high-quality and painfully practical material is suitable for us in this situation. With its help, we will leave the site illuminated to the necessary extent, but from the road or the neighboring cottage, what is happening in the yard will not be visible, except for shadows and silhouettes.

How to quickly install a picket fence

Buying a fence with ready-made sections is quite expensive, and attaching 300-400 planks to the transverse bases is difficult, and it can turn out very unevenly. What to do in this case? Use the next trick to install a wooden fence - to make a separate plank with the width that is necessary between the wooden elements, apply it to the end of the installed plank and, without removing it, nail the next one, firmly resting and holding it. This method is already described in the article on wooden pallets with your own hands.

The best foundation for a hedge

Oddly enough, we use expensive metal fences to grow hedges, which are then simply covered by climbing plants and die from rust. The question arises: why? The answer, apparently, will not follow!

But there is an alternative that will help not to splurge under the base for a living green fence - this is an elementary stretch of steel wire on any metal pipes, or an inexpensive, even used second-hand mesh.

All that is needed is a solid installation so that the ever-growing weight of plants does not break the stretch in the initial stages. Then, after a couple of years, the hedge will be so settled that the wire can be pulled out of it for other needs, but the chain-link can be left inside so as not to maim the plants that braided it tightly.

How to pull a fence from a chain-link

We just talked about the grid, but we’ll have to continue, because there’s one more tip about it. For many of us, it’s not possible to properly tighten the mesh between the pipes, and therefore it turns out not a fence, but an absurd fence. It makes no difference, we are building a fence around the garden, the house or even the dovecote, the net should be stretched well. And it is not necessary to use pliers and strength in your hands, you can do everything with special tensioners, which are now abundant on sale.

Tie the grid to the first column, making a circle along the pipe, pull it to the next column, grab the wire by the cell 3-5 cm further, pass the steel wire into it and use the tensioner. By the way, durable clamps with which you can stretch the mesh just by working with a screwdriver will also help here!

Limit the effects of humidity on fences

The moisture of the land on which the fence or more serious fence is installed is a serious enemy of the material from which this fence is built. It is not particularly important whether it is concrete, metal or brick, moisture does its job and destroys the material over time. To prevent this from happening, the bottom of the fence does not rust and is not covered with mold and moss, you can leave a gap of 10-20 cm. This is the exit ... but this is also the entrance for cats and dogs to the site, which means that the fence no longer performs its functions on one hundred%. And okay, the entrance is for neighbors' pets, and if your own chickens or small rabbits from the new rabbitry run away through the lumen ... then it's already a pity.

In general, clearance is not an option, but the situation is solvable - you can install fences on horizontally laid concrete poles! In addition, you can always build fences on a raised foundation, which can be done very simply by driving the formwork to the desired height and pouring it with concrete. Then only waterproofing, and everything, the life of the fence is automatically extended ... and no gaps!

How to increase the service life of wooden poles for fences

Many types of fences and fences require the installation of wooden poles. If you choose a high-quality beam, then it can serve for quite a long time, you only need to protect its main part, which enters the soil, as much as possible from moisture.

There is a method of installing a wooden pillar in a pipe. This practice helps ensure strength and stability, as well as column replacement at any time. But a metal pipe installed in the soil is not a protection, but only an installation and fixing element.

Also, wood poles are often installed in concrete, but mortar, even completely dried out, also cannot guarantee the safety of wood.

In this regard, we again have to turn to some secrets that will help to keep the lower part of the fence for the same period as the upper, painted or varnished. To ensure long service life, it is recommended to dip the lower part of the column into oil working out, for example, into drained tractor or machine oil, so that the fuel and lubricants creates a certain protective layer on the wood surface. Solid oil or other viscous lubricants can also be used for protection. Well, if this method does not work, just wrap the pillar with roofing material, and then install it in soil or concrete.

How to increase the safety of the fence

Improving the security of a fence or other type of fence from external influences, as well as from the penetration of intruders through your territory into it, is an important issue that experts have long since decided. To ensure the requirements we need, we only need to purchase special items. It is easier to do this with forged fences, where even before installing the sections, it is possible to install peaks or other sharp elements on each of them. This can be done with stone, concrete, brick fences, where similar elements are installed in the masonry itself or mortar in the production process. The wooden fence can be equipped with two-sided safety elements that are screwed or driven into the upper part of the fence. We recommend that you find out what you can do in the country from corrugated board.

We do not want to hurt anyone at all, but simply to state that if an attempt is made to overcome such a fence, it can be not only painful, but also life threatening. Believe me, few attackers will risk their health, having noticed such a danger, rather, the idea of ​​getting into your cottage will simply go away by itself. You can find out about the budget option for a fence for a summer residence.

Installing the fence from the grid (video)

Tricks and secrets of specialists about this or that work is a pretty good topic. It seems to us that it will be very useful for every reader. But if you know something similar, we will be very happy for new ideas, which are the place in the comments to the article. We recommend reading the article on the most unusual fences for the garden.

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