We build a bath in the country with our own hands

We build a bath in the country with our own hands

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A bathhouse in the country is a real outlet after a hard working day. It can also be an alternative to ordinary rest in the country with barbecue and soft drinks. But, in addition, this is the best option to put yourself in order and relax properly.

Many of us use the bathhouse on various occasions. For some, this is a Saturday tradition, for others it is an occasion to gather a company of friends and brightly end a difficult week. But, despite the position, the bathhouse in the country is a real miracle, and that is why almost every summer resident simply dreams of such a structure.

There are several ways to build a bathhouse at the cottage - by contacting specialists who offer a wide variety of projects, or by yourself, trying to save money and get your hand on a new business. By and large, for experienced summer residents who build verandas and terraces with their own hands, build gazebos and awnings, this is not so difficult, but if you take up construction for the first time, serious problems can arise. They should be solved in advance by studying not only bath options, projects and construction methods, but also by studying the main stages of the construction process.

Choose the type of structure under the bath

Depending on the region, the cost of materials, as well as personal requirements, it is necessary to choose the main construction material. It can be brick or wood, as the most popular of building materials.

It is necessary to correctly calculate the size and approximate weight of the building, so as not to miscalculate with the location and soil, as well as choose the material for the landscape design, because the appearance of each country building means a lot.

The characteristics of baths made of wood or brick are also important, because the materials differ in qualities and properties, reliability and durability, ease of use.

It often happens that a bathhouse is built on the basis of an already finished building, in which a room for a steam room and a washing room is simply allocated. Then things are much simpler. But it also happens that the construction takes place from scratch, and then we are faced with the task of studying absolutely all the stages of construction - site selection, construction plan, general design and estimate, foundation and wall extrusion, exterior and interior decoration, and other construction and decoration works .

We are well aware that after reading our article it will be quite difficult to immediately pick up a hammer in your hands and drive out the bathhouse in the cottage area in three days. But we will try to bring you as close as possible to the process and explain all its subtleties, so that such work becomes much easier for you!

Choose the best place for a bath

Thanks to communication with people who have built more than one bathhouse in their life, and who continue to do this business, and now, we have learned many interesting facts that we share with you. So, initially we will talk about where it is best to build a bathhouse in a summer cottage:

  • It is not necessary to build a bath next to a pond, in close proximity to the water, since the building can be flooded;
  • An excellent option is an extension to a residential building or any other building - saving materials and energy saving;
  • The most correct way to build a bathhouse in the backyard, where there are no drafts, in the silence of the trees;
  • Be sure to think about waterproofing, vapor barrier and ventilation even at the initial stages of construction, because the bath is prone to create unpleasant odors if built incorrectly or not provided with proper care;
  • Do not start construction nearby roads or fields - dust in indoor wet rooms is useless;
  • The south side is the most suitable for construction;
  • Think about fire safety, since the risk of unpleasant situations here is quite large;
  • If there is such an opportunity, start construction at a distance from the neighboring territory. So you will not observe envious or judgmental glances on yourself, and provoke scandals due to noisy relaxation or bath aromas;
  • Conduct construction in a place remote from the well or well, at least 15-20 m.

How to avoid construction mistakes

No matter how colorful you plan the construction, or paint the future result, upon completion you will not like something. This is a 100% guarantee, because there is no ideal in our world. But there is always the opportunity to minimize all the mistakes of construction and decoration, which lead to disappointments. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully consider the following:

  • Do not forget about the proper planning of internal areas. It is believed that a bath for 2-3 people should be about 10 m2;
  • The optimal height of the internal premises is 2-2.2 m. If lower, then it is rather inconvenient, if higher, the irrational costs of coolants and a long heating time;
  • Try to arrange the doors in the bathhouse on the south side, and the windows on the west or southwest;
  • It is advisable to make the windows small, as, in principle, the doors. If options are possible with windows, then it is advisable to make the doors no more than 70 cm wide and no more than 180 in height. You will also need a high threshold. Of course, this creates some inconvenience, but seriously reduces heat loss;
  • Choose materials for construction not only according to aesthetic data, give preference to light materials with high energy-saving ability;
  • Regardless of the materials of construction, pay maximum attention to safety and quality equipment;
  • Take a serious approach to the choice of wood for internal arrangement, do not use resinous wood species.

What to build a bath from

At the moment, there are many options, among which it is worth choosing. But if you pay attention to the latest technology of fast construction, then you will not be able to save money. Of course, a frame sauna is being built in just a few days, but it will cost a pretty penny. Therefore, it is worth looking for a more acceptable option, for many of us and in general, from used materials, such as brick or cinder block. And why not, because such a building will easily last several decades ...

In fact, now you can build from anything, just to comply with the requirements and budget, as well as the characteristics of the future construction combined with your opinion about the new bath.

DIY bath in the country

Unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to build a bathhouse, and therefore many of our readers who decide on this process will start it from the intermediate stages, for example, from finishing the finished building and the interior. Therefore, we will not talk today about how to build a sauna from a bar or build a frame sauna, but simply consider the most acceptable option for everyone from brick or cinder block.

We have already discussed the stages of construction in a short list, but now it is necessary to consider each of them in detail!

How to build a bath


Having correctly chosen a place for the site, clearing it of debris and any overgrowth, we dig trenches for pouring the strip foundation. Of course, a column foundation can be used for a beam or log, but it is better to fill it with a brick.

As in any standard summer cottage construction, when we talked about gazebos, barns and other structures, you need to correctly calculate the foundation parameters. In addition, you need to create all the necessary layers of the pillow, made of gravel and sand, choose a material for reinforcement, possibly even fiberglass reinforcement.

When the trench for the foundation is ready, and reinforcement is installed inside, pour concrete and let it settle for several days. Naturally, it is better to pour it higher, arranging the formwork 20-30 cm above the ground, so that you do not have to start laying in direct contact with the ground.

It is worth taking care of waterproofing, which can be coated or made of roofing material, in the old fashioned way. Sometimes a film is used, but it all depends strictly on the type of construction.

Do not forget about utilities for the bath, which can be brought in before the foundation is poured or already in the process of laying walls.


Depending on the material and type of masonry, you should choose a solution, as well as the speed of the work. The thing is that the masonry can not be done too quickly, since the brick can float and work will stop. Therefore, we immediately determine whether we are building in brick or half-brick, or maybe even in general, choosing a cinder block or aerated concrete.

We start laying carefully, in accordance with the plan of work and the project, we move up, constantly using the level and plumb. Do not forget about the placement of windows and doors, we cover the openings with columns, we make the alignment.

At the initial stage of masonry, you can lay and lags under the floor, work with communications.

Roof device

When the external and internal walls are driven out, the quality of work is checked and you are ready to continue, you need to move on to the roof device.

The first thing you need is to bring down the base of the roof in a single structure and install the rafters on it, by the way, you can also in the finished form. When this stage is completed, you can proceed to the device crates.

Depending on what kind of ceiling you installed in the bathhouse, you should immediately think about a chimney for the stove. Perhaps the conclusion will be through the wall, but do not forget about the possibility of output through the ceiling and roof, which means that you will need holes for the chimney.

After, we move on to the roofing device, about which we somehow spoke in some detail. Roofing materials can be very different, starting with the same slate, and ending with expensive shingles. But here we focus on weight, reliability, fire safety and many other factors that are fashionable and necessary today.

Upon completion of the roofing, we go down, because now you need to finish everything with the floor.


There are no problems with the floor, but there is much debate about its insulation. As we found out, it is also necessary to insulate the basement from the inside in order to get the best energy-saving characteristics and a really warm and dry floor.

To do this, on the basement, on the brick or on the raised foundation, we make mineral wool insulation and waterproofing. Next, fill the floor under the washing room, not forgetting the water supply and sewage pipes, and make a dry backfill under the floor in the remaining rooms. Expanded clay can be used for this.

Now it remains to lay a layer of insulation and vapor barrier, make a small gap, literally 1-2 cm, and cover the board.

Further, the sequence of stages is not so important, the main thing is not to delay the deadlines and complete the construction qualitatively.

Interior and exterior decoration

We will start with thermal insulation, since this stage is very important for a bath. Many are insulated from the outside, but why do we need to warm a cold brick if the same layer of insulation can be put inside. Therefore, on the outside there is a decorative finish or additional insulation with polystyrene foam, and inside the obligatory insulation with mineral wool.

It is produced as follows - the walls are waterproofed, a wooden crate is applied, then a layer of mineral wool and vapor barrier are fixed on the surface. Most often, this is aluminum foil, on top of which the finish occurs.

Now the ceilings. There should also not be any difficulties, since the process is identical to the insulation of bath walls. But the ceiling is also insulated in the attic, where fiberglass is laid between the beams. Expanded clay is poured on top or mineral wool is laid, a vapor barrier and a rough finish. Cement screed is also possible, depending on the technology of production of flooring.

The interior decoration of the bath rooms is done by lining, the exterior - by any material, the design of which is most interesting to you. This can be siding, plastering and painting, composite materials, facing bricks and so on.

During the decoration, it is necessary to install the furnace, make a safe outlet of the chimney, seal all openings at the terminals as much as possible. We’ll talk more about stoves for the bath in the future!

Installation of windows and doors

This stage will not be a difficult test for you, since we have already told you how to install windows in the country, and we have mentioned the doors more than once. Try only to choose high-quality materials and make the installation correctly, because the energy saving of the interior depends on this.

You can choose wooden or metal-plastic doors and windows, order glass doors to the sauna, but you yourself understand that in a tree everything will be the most natural and warm!

Arrangement of a country bath

We do not undertake to decide for you, since harmony and correspondence to your taste in this business is above all, and you can create such an effect only on your own. Therefore, try to approach the design correctly, furnish the lounge, provide the bathhouse with everything you need - decor and accessories. We recommend that you find out about the budget version of the bathhouse for a summer residence.

Do not forget that the bath needs light. Here we recommend that you contact a qualified electrician who will carry out the wiring and installation in accordance with all the requirements of wet rooms. Plumbing can also be called on to check your own work, because the supply of water to the bathhouse and sewage system is no less important!

DIY bath: all stages

Each stage of building a bathhouse in the country is complex in its own way. Naturally, you can re-read many interesting articles, see the lessons, or contact the specialists directly for minimal help. But here you must understand that only a personal desire will allow you to start and complete the project. If this is just an idea that seems simple and feasible to you in a couple of days, it’s better not to take on the process. Save energy, time and money, make an accurate and correct project, and only then get to work.

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