How to make fertilizers with your own hands

How to make fertilizers with your own hands

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According to statistics, about 15-20% of all summer residents tried to make fertilizers with their own hands. This makes it possible not only to make the necessary stocks of fertilizing and introduce them systematically to improve the soil, but also save money on the purchase of fertilizers.

Organic and mineral fertilizers are necessary for plants to grow and develop, and each of us understands this. No culture will give the proper harvest if left alone with nature and depleted soil. Therefore, we often talk about how to make compost with your own hands, how to replace some mineral additives with siderates and what else you can think of to enrich the soil in a summer cottage. Today we decided to continue this topic, as we talked with some experts and gained new knowledge. Do-it-yourself fertilizers for summer cottages are now no problem!

At the stage of writing the material, we have not yet had time to test fertilizers from improvised means in our own areas, and therefore we ask you to perceive the information as experimental. Naturally, the organic additives that we prepare can not do any harm to plants, except if we start thoughtlessly and not rationally to introduce them into the soil!

Benefits of Homemade Fertilizers

The number of advantages in the preparation of such top dressings is simply huge, but we will only point out the main ones, which direct us at a distance from garden supermarkets to our own site, where there is everything necessary for cooking top dressings.

  • So, first of all, this is a net cost savings, since we have everything in the country to bookmark and prepare a certain composition. These are weeds that we just dry and burn, and more useful plants that can be used in the recipe, and the same chicken droppings, which is one of the best suppliers of nitrogen, magnesium, potassium, boron, zinc and other elements.
  • Next, we say that such fertilizers are always fresh, and you monitor their quality yourself. It is not necessary to prepare fertilizers for the future, they can always be insisted for a week and a half for fertilizing, so that the composition does not deteriorate and bring the greatest benefit.
  • And finally, these are environmentally friendly top dressings, in which there is no chemistry that can have a negative effect on country plants. Agree, because you take all the materials for cooking dressings from your own site, where you do not use harmful chemicals to grow plants or animals.

Perhaps this is enough to motivate to try your hand at preparing miraculous tools for growing garden and garden crops on the site!

Nettle dressing

The first recipe we offer is based on nettles. You can use fresh nettle in spring or summer harvest, the main thing is to make sure that there are no seeds on the plant. If the moment is missed, prepare the nettle, dry it, remove the seeds, and then follow the same recipe.

To prepare nettle fertilizer, place it in a plastic container to the very bottom. It should be a good kilogram of greens or a jar or two dry grass. After, pour 6-8 liters of rain or settled water into the nettle and leave this mixture in the sun. Every day, stirring the future fertilizer several times, insist nettle for 6-10 days. Be prepared for the fact that the infusion will foam, wander, increase in volume, and therefore it is immediately better to choose a slightly larger capacity. Also, a specific smell will appear, which is not very pleasant, it will have to be survived for the fertilizer of plants. In this regard, the preparation and sedimentation move away from the buildings, closer to the backyard.

Use the ready-made infusion at the end of the fermentation process. For watering with infusion, the following recipe for top dressing is used - 1 part infusion to 9 parts of water, watering under the root. If you decide to spray with fresh organics, then the recipe slightly reduces the concentration - 1 part infusion to 19 parts of water.

Wood Ash Fertilizer

We often use wood ash for processing beds in the country, but from it you can make an even more effective tool, if you follow the right recipe.

Wood ash contains many vitamins and minerals, so let's try to deliver them directly to needy plants. To do this, we recommend preparing high-quality liquid fertilizer from ash. Only 150 g of ash and 10 l of water will be required, quick mixing and infusion for 15 minutes. If the question arises of where to get the very ash, then the material is perfect for the process after frying the meat on a fire, after burning the scraps of trees.

After preparation, this product can be used to water a wide variety of plants. So, for example, under adult trees it is enough to pour 1 bucket of ash solution, under cabbage, cucumbers and tomatoes, the norm will be 500 ml of solution per bush.

Do-it-yourself fertilizer from pretty grass

It would seem that there is nothing more useless than mowed grass. However, it can be a wonderful top dressing for berry bushes. It is most effective for gooseberries and currants.

An interesting fact is that you don’t have to cook anything, just scatter the grass in the area with the plants, lay it under the bushes, and wait for the positive effect. Bacteria that live in grass, cope with the suppression of many garden diseases!

Experts recommend a similar procedure in the autumn, when, in addition to influencing plant diseases, the grass will also become their insulation for the winter.

Naturally, there are other recipes for preparing fertilizers in the country, but listing all of them is simply unrealistic. In this case, we decided only to remind you of one of the previous materials in which we talked about fertilizers for flowers from eggshells, coffee grounds and other products. It is quite possible that reading the article will help you choose a high-quality fertilizing for plants in pots and pots.

How to make liquid fertilizer with your own hands

We cannot argue that home-made fertilizers from grass and ash are much more effective than organic and mineral fertilizers or can fully replace them, but just give you some ground for thought and samples. It may well be that the infusion of nettles or the lush grass will appeal to your beds more than classic remedies, and if not, you can always return to them. If you wish, you can always supplement the article with your comments, for which we will only be grateful to you! For those who throw out plant debris, this material will be useful.

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