Fokine cutter - a convenient tool for giving

Fokine cutter - a convenient tool for giving

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Modern and high-quality summer cottage equipment allows us to optimize the work as much as possible, reduce the time spent on processing plots, and increase the convenience of our own work. So today we decided to study A practical and popular tool for a summer resident is the Fokine plane cutter.

Saving on a summer residence tool and special equipment leads to a decrease in the quality of work, and therefore we believe that if there is the slightest opportunity to buy a really practical tool, then this must be done. We have used the Fokin plane cutter many times in our own cottages, and therefore today we decided to talk a little about the advantages of this equipment. Let's hope that information from will be useful to you!

What is a Fokine plane cutter

This is an unusual and really practical gardening tool that helps summer residents to qualitatively produce more than two dozen different actions on the site. The main work of the plane cutter is loosening and weeding the soil, cutting or pulling out weeds.

The working plan of the plane cutter is very simple, but at the same time, correct and practical - the blade of the tool runs parallel to the upper soil layer, at a depth of several centimeters. Thus, this effect does not destroy the soil structure and minimally bothers the useful inhabitants of the living world. In addition, such movements save the strength of the summer resident at work.

We want to say that the Fokin plane cutter is not a panacea for difficult work, but just an auxiliary equipment that can only facilitate some tasks in the country. In other cases, as usual, it is much more advisable to use a shovel, a chopper and other equipment.

Fokin's manual plane cutter is a curved metal plate with several cutting surfaces, each of which is sharpened and located at a different angle. Thus, a plane cutter is a practical tool for the garden, which can be used to work in several directions.

It is worth noting that each side of the plane cutter, involving sharpening, must be sharpened on time, otherwise the tool will not be so effective.

If you forget about sharpening the edge elements of the inventory, this can lead to difficulties in work, as well as “retraining” of the plane cutter, which will now not be cut, but pulled out or just weed.

Types of plane cutters

At the moment, there are several types of tools that can be purchased by summer residents to optimize horticultural and gardening activities.

These are the large and small Fokin flat-cutters, the flat-cutter Polotik big and small, as well as equipment with the name Mogushchnik and Krepysh. It is most correct to acquire at once two types of plane cutters, large and small, with the help of which it will be possible to gently weed the beds, thin out thick shoots, loosen the soil, form and hill the beds, mow the grass and weed a large weed.

If we consider in more detail the types of plane cutters, then it is worth noting the following specifics of working with their help. So, the ploskorez Krepysh is better used on heavy clay soils, since it has a shorter and more powerful blade. Cloths are used for fast weeding, and Mogushnik, due to the wide blade, is used for high-quality hilling of plants.

Proper assembly of a new plane cutter

Initially, only an acquired plane cutter is a metal element that should be fixed to the correct handle for convenient operation. How to do it, read it now.

So, the blade is mounted on a standard wooden handle of a flat, rectangular shape. Naturally, the corners of the handle should be rounded for ease of operation.

Thanks to the correct assembly, you can work on either side of the plane cutter, conveniently holding the tool by the handle.

A large ploskorez is fixed on the handle with bolts that make it possible to change the angle of inclination of the blade if necessary.

How to work with the Fokin plane cutter

The correct use of country equipment is the key to optimization and amenities. If you do not learn the rules of handling the tool, then even the highest quality will not change the work for the better.

The correct operation of a plane cutter is movements parallel to the surface of the site. If the angle of the blade is not set correctly, the parallels will not work, and therefore you will have to slightly change the mount.

While working with the tool, try to relax your back and keep it in an even position, you can only slightly tilt the body forward. In addition, the correct holding of the plane cutter in your hands is recommended - hold the handle in such a way that your thumbs are pointing up. So you can minimize physical activity.

Functions of the plane cutter in the country

As we said earlier, with such a convenient inventory you can perform a huge number of useful actions. Here are the main ones:

  • Weeding the beds in the garden and in the garden, on flowerbeds and special flower systems. For the best quality impact on the soil, it is necessary to weed the wide side of the blade of the plane cutter, leading it a few centimeters into the soil and sharply pulling it toward you;
  • Forming beds and hilling plants. Turning the plane cutter with the wide side, set it into the soil at an angle and move to the bush or stem of the plant. This is much more convenient than forming beds with a shovel or a hoe, since the risk of injury to the plant is seriously reduced;
  • Alignment of the soil and backfilling of holes, rows with seeds. An inverted plane cutter, without much effort, it is possible to level the soil with movements towards or away from you;
  • Deep loosening of the soil. Holding the tool almost vertically downward, at an acute angle to the soil, make a deepening and move towards you, approximately as with work with a chopper or plow;
  • Slicing and thinning with a Fokine ploskorez. This is a fairly simple process that becomes possible when a narrow part of the tool is exposed to a bed or a row of plants. It is necessary to deepen the blade by 5-7 cm and gently pull it toward you;
  • Breakdown of large clods of compacted soil. The breakdown occurs by intensive blows to the heel of the plane cutter, or by its initial breakdown by the sharp part of the tool, by moving vertically downwards;
  • Mowing of an adult weed or its uprooting. With some effort, drive along the weeds with the bend of a plane cutter toward you. Depending on the growth of weeds and the complexity of their harvesting, you can work alternately with the two sides of the tool, occasionally grinding them.

In addition, this gardening equipment can help with harvesting mustaches from strawberries, when compost or mulch is turned over, with shallow digging of the soil, and even scraping old and dead bark from the trunks of mature trees.

Of course, the Fokin plane cutter can cope with many tasks, but this is a specialized tool that focuses on certain processes. For each individual work in the country house there should be another garden and garden tools, for example, a pruner for trimming thick stems, a pitchfork for turning hay, a shovel for digging the soil, and so on. By the way, we suggest you pay attention to an article on our site where experts explain how to dig in the garden in order to get the greatest effect and not overwork physically.

We also want to say that there is no strict manual on the use of a plane cutter in the country, and each summer resident has the right to decide how to hold the handle or lead the blade through the soil in order to get the best results. This is understandable, because plane cutters are modernized, sharpened in different ways and fixed on the handle, and summer residents are of different sizes, right-handed and left-handed, etc.

When working in the country, sharpening any garden and garden tools before work is extremely important, because thanks to the sharp blade you can save time and effort. This also applies to the tool presented today, which is so effective only because of its shape and constant sharpness.

Convenient work with the Fokine plane cutter in the country (video)

It’s very convenient to work with the Fokin plane cutter, and therefore we advise each reader of our site to have this tool in their arsenal.

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