Rodent control in the country: mice and rats

Rodent control in the country: mice and rats

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Fighting rodents in the country leads us to new and better solutions, since the standard methods of disposal are almost no longer valid. Today, experts will tell everyone who wants to how to get rid of mice and rats on the site.

The irreplaceable methods many years ago turned for rodents into unpretentious scarecrows. Cats don’t want to catch mice, many pests bypass traps, don’t eat poison ... but this is not a reason to reject such methods, since, even if they do not completely remove uninvited guests, they will help significantly reduce the population. It’s worth remembering once and for all that only a set of active measures will help you get rid of rodents in the country!

Why fight rodents?

Many summer residents who became the owners of the site and the house only recently do not think about such problems. The main thing for them is raspberries in the garden, a ripe apple without caterpillars, tomatoes and cucumbers during the season. Nevertheless, our problems, which we have been talking about for years, come a little later, when newcomers gain experience and feel all the negative factors on themselves and their own crops. In order not to overload you with information, we decided to talk today only about mice and rats, but moles, rabbits, hares and other uninvited guests we will leave next time.

Mice and rats are serious pests that eat crops, feed your country animals, infect cereals in hangars and sheds, breed in any place convenient for this. Ignoring rodents, you give them the opportunity to breed at an incredible speed, and this is fraught with the fact that the fear of small pests quickly passes, and soon you will see gray thieves on tables with food, walking around the yard or gazebo and so on. We are not going to scare anyone, but simply say the facts, because this is the situation that is real if you don’t take up the fight against mice and rats in the country in time.

At first, some summer residents feel sorry for the mice, others are afraid of them, others simply ignore them, but after the first season in the country, when you see real harm from rodents, it will be much more difficult to fight. And therefore, if you just sensed, noticed or understood from some products that mice and rats are somewhere in the country, whether it be a house, a barn or a granary, start taking active measures!

Timely fight and prevention with rodents is the best way to prevent “intruders” and the territory of the cottage. Having done everything correctly and in a timely manner, you will no longer be afraid of night visitors and their slight noise in the closet, you will not hear unpleasant odors, and you will not lose your harvest.

How to deal with rodents

Practice shows that there are many ways to control pests, from setting traps to launching specially trained rodents to kill their own species on the site. But each method is obsolete, and it is also proven. Animals adapt to the poison, special strong poisons can simply be bypassed, electric repellers are far from always as good as the instructions say, but still, any such method must be tried until the most effective one is found.

How to get rid of mice and rats

Mechanical struggle

Traps and traps are a well-known method, but it is worth noting that a large number of rodents cannot be destroyed by it. Traps, or rather, bait, must be constantly changed, correctly placed on the territory, clean dead animals in time and disposed of properly. In addition, you must be able to use traps and traps, because, as practice shows, the injuries of summer residents themselves are quite high.

Chemical Methods: Poison Control

The use of poisons is quite justified, but you must understand who you are fighting against and what type of fight will be most effective. Just throwing poisoned food will not be enough, and it's dangerous, because pets can also eat such a bait. It is necessary to choose correctly not only the type of struggle, but also the strategy, the toxic substance.

Strategy is a true study of the rodent pathways and the layout of poisons, the formation of points of poisoned food, which in any case will come to mice and rats. Choosing a toxic substance is an even more important task. A potent drug can kill a pest right away, but it can also kill a pet that inadvertently eats a bait or a dead animal. Less poisonous drugs must accumulate in the body for a long time in order to kill a rodent, and for this, mice and rats should eat bait with poison more than once. If you do not systematically update the bait, adaptation to chemistry may occur, due to which the struggle will become ineffective and simply entail a waste of funds.

Fighting repellers

Someone considers this method to be very effective, but there are also disappointed people who swear at the manufacturers of such devices and beautiful advertising. There is an opinion that repellers do not work properly, but positive reviews about them are also noted. According to experts, you need to take not what you like or fit for the money, but the correct number of devices per site, with the correct wave of sound for a certain type of rodent. In addition, you do not need to turn off the device for weeks, and only then will the result be achieved.

On this occasion, we would ask our readers to comment in the comments, since the reviews about the repellers are very contradictory. If there is an experience of use, positive or negative, please tell us about it below.

We also want to note that the sound of danger for rodents, the source of which is a special repeller, has not been fully studied, and its effect on humans or pets cannot be considered absolutely safe.

Biological Pest Control

Everyone understands what they are talking about ... about the destruction of rats and mice with the help of cats and even dogs. Gambling hunters easily catch rodents and can stockpile a dozen or two of them in just a day. Cats are more dexterous hunters, but even they do not always have luck or a desire to do such a thing, and therefore, one cat in the yard is far from the key to a successful stripping operation!

You can use biological protection in another form, planting special plants. Mice, for example, do not tolerate aromas of black elderberry and medicinal black root.

Best Methods for Killing Mice and Rats

You can try absolutely all methods to choose the most effective, of course, but you need to spend a lot of time, effort, as well as nerves and money. Therefore, we carried out some work and identified the most unique methods that will help to remove rodents in the country.

So, we will describe just a few ways, starting with the safest:

  • The combination of cats and repeller. According to sellers, the wave of ultrasound is such that it repels only rats and mice. So, having installed several such devices on the site, it remains only to wait until the rodents leave, and the domestic cats will finish the rest. Thus, only uninvited guests will suffer;
  • The next way is to work with traps and other mechanical traps that should be installed under the floor, behind cabinets and furniture, that is, where domestic animals and children can not get damaged about these devices. Do not forget to leave tasty lure inside the traps every day, as well as to feed the cats less, which should now react more actively to the rustling in the sheds. To make the method more active, it is also possible to leave poison for rodents in closed structures;
  • The most dangerous way is to kill rats and mice with extreme measures. But it is worth using it only if there is no other way out, and also when there are no people or pets in the country. You can call a special service that poisonous gas or powder treatment will reduce or completely reduce the population. You can use potent chemistry on your own, but only do it carefully, using special protection.

What you should know about the extermination of rodents

There are several expensive, but quite effective and guaranteed methods for the destruction of mice and rats, and, by the way, not only in the country, but even in industrial facilities. This is pollination and aeration. The first method works with the help of special powdery poisons - zinc oxide and coumarin, the second - due to the poisoning of certain zones with poisonous gases that kill all living things.

Poisonous baits, as well as dead pests, are the reason for the frequent death of pets and poisoning of people. Be very careful and prudent when choosing such methods of exposure.

Choosing any of the methods and destroying pests in the country, in buildings and in nearby areas, you should not be especially happy, because in a month or two the problem may return. It is worthwhile to be especially attentive to rodents at this particular time, for example, immediately install repellers on the site so that new individuals do not even enter the territory, well, or choose more suitable methods.

DIY trap for rats and mice

It is difficult to deal with pests of this kind, but it is necessary, since skepticism and laziness of summer residents lead to population growth and serious problems in the future.

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