Popular types of roofing for country houses

Popular types of roofing for country houses

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The roof of country houses is of great importance in protecting buildings from atmospheric phenomena, and therefore we are trying to choose only high-quality material. Slate, tile, roofing material, polycarbonate ... what roof is most suitable for which buildings?

We will choose the best options for cost, quality and characteristics, installation and compliance with one or another building. Naturally, we’ll try not to go too far with the price, because we understand that in the summer season we don’t want to invest a lot of money in repairs, there is also a garden, a vegetable garden, palisades and greenhouses ...

Popular types of roofs

Depending on the type of construction, it is necessary to choose not only the type of roof, but also the roof itself. Thus, forming a surface for laying roofing materials, it is possible to organize for only the best protection, but also a certain design.

Today, builders offer to pay attention to the most diverse roofs of buildings and structures - gable and single-pitch roofs, flat and mansard, hip and half-hip, spherical and domed, tent and green roofs. Naturally, all types are not considered for the cottage and its buildings, and the most popular ones are selected, but if you are building a cottage or an expensive country villa, then it would not hurt to study the advantages and characteristics of each of them.

Today we are talking about the roof, and therefore the topic of roofs is not considered. We will build on the most popular materials, practical and reliable, which are best suited for giving and fully meet the requirements.

Rolled roof for construction on a summer cottage

Roll roofing is used in the case of the construction of small structures or buildings with minimal requirements. It can be sheds, arbors, warehouses, garages and hangars. If the rolled roof is selected for the country house, then it is almost always covered with piece material.

An example of a rolled roof can be a roofing material, known to every summer resident. It is inexpensive, and its installation is quite simple, especially on prepared surfaces. Roofing material serves for quite a long time with qualified installation, but it is worth noting that it is not suitable for all buildings, and can also be replaced with better and more durable materials.

Membrane Roofs

An expensive option for country houses, of course, if this is not a country house. The quality speaks for itself, because the membrane roof is quite strong and durable. But in view of the non-standard installation work, as well as the requirements for the skills of the master, it is clearly not worth laying such an roof on an ordinary garage. Here it will be enough high-quality sealing and laying of the same roofing material.

Sheet Roofing

This list includes well-known slate, artificial slate, bitumen-cardboard sheets and metal tiles. These materials are very popular and have a high level of protection of the roof and the building as a whole. They are most suitable for working with surfaces of a large area, and therefore, are often used to organize the roof of country houses, hangars, garages and other buildings. Wave and flat, monochrome and color, similar materials can provide many of the requirements of the owner of the cottage. But it is worthwhile to understand that some materials require special installation, a certain installation technology, as well as high-quality surface preparation, special equipment.

Piece roof

Perhaps the most famous option for any structures, which has existed in various forms for thousands of years. An example is ceramic and bituminous tiles. These types are durable and durable, they meet many of the requirements of the aesthetics of the buildings on which they fit. Materials perfectly resist wind and snow, do not let moisture in, protect the roof in the best way and have all the operational characteristics that you could wish for. Naturally, they vary greatly in weight.

Sandwich Panel Roofing

Very fashionable material recently, which is especially suitable for fast buildings. A garage, a hangar, a warehouse, a vegetable store or a granary - these structures can be covered with special sandwich panels.

This material is a good insulation, has excellent strength, withstands temperature extremes and high humidity, is not afraid of hail and strong winds. If desired, the panels can be painted than updated after a few years or just change its appearance. Naturally, there are also disadvantages, and one of them is a relatively short service life, about 30 years.

We have considered far from all types of roofing, because further, in the next few sections of the article, we want to talk about them more constructively by providing information on which materials are more suitable for different types of summer cottages.

Roofing for country houses

Pointing out some types, we ignored a lot of materials that we used to use in the country. We will consider them right now, combining slate, polycarbonate, tile and ondulin with summer cottages.

For a country house

Here, as we said earlier, the greatest scope for imagination. Why is that? It's simple, because a country house is a serious building with a large roof that can withstand heavy material. It is from this roof that we repel when we work with other buildings, and therefore here we have the most options for choosing materials. Paying attention to the requirements, bearing capacity, type of roof and other nuances, you can choose an inexpensive slate, an original and easy-to-use ondulin, use bituminous tiles or maintain style by choosing an interesting color metal tile.

By and large, here it is worth starting from only durability and quality, you should not save, because the house is the most important building in the country!

For the gazebo

Depending on the type of arbor (and we considered quite a lot of them at one time), it is worth choosing roofing material. It can be roofing material rolled on a wooden base, ordinary slate on the simplest crate, corrugated board, polycarbonate, or even bituminous tiles. In theory, the material on the roof of the gazebo will not go very much, and therefore you can especially not save, but this is not only a matter of money, but also of many other requirements. The roof should be durable, not to accumulate heat, to be light, to be laid with your own hands. Therefore, you can immediately understand that heavy tiles do not always fit, and nobody considers sandwich panels in general.

For farm buildings

Very often farm buildings do not have an attic, and therefore the roof consists of a reinforced concrete product, for example, a floor slab. There are few options here, because you will not lay tiles on the roof of the garage ... although, often it happens. If the roof is of the simplest type and has a small slope for the descent of water and snow, it is enough to choose a Euro-Ruberoid, which has proved to be quite good, or simply to deposit a bitumen coating from even more modern materials, which will lie on the roof in a single layer and protect the surface for a long time.

If the roof has an attic, for example, a barn or other similar building, most often it is a gable roof. There are a lot of options, but an inexpensive standard slate is more suitable for giving. There are a lot of options for it today, and slate can be chosen almost in the desired color of the entire country design. There are also no problems with the dimensions, as, in principle, with the laying of the roof, which can be done independently, saving on the work of specialists.

Roofing of a canopy, greenhouses, summer shower

Each subsequent construction requires special attention, and if capital buildings can be covered with almost any material, then it’s worth a good thought.

The canopy is a lightweight frame and structure that is not designed for heavy weight. The canopy can be made of wood, a special profile, pipes or a combination of materials, and therefore it is not recommended to lay a heavy roof on it. Tarpaulin or polycarbonate, ondulin or profiled sheet is enough for a canopy, but you can always work with slate or tile, if you meet the requirements of the building.

Everything is clear with the greenhouse, and here we don’t have many options at all. Perhaps, of those that can be most attributed to roofing - only polycarbonate. Excellent light transmission, low weight, ease of installation, a variety of strength and dimensional parameters, colors, shades and so on. Moreover, in the market you can always find polycarbonate cheaper. A film or glass can also be used to cover the greenhouse. But this is clearly not roofing material for other buildings, and therefore we will not discuss them here!

Outdoor shower - a small area structure, which should not be hoisted a lot of weight. A sheet of corrugated board or slate will be enough ... but you should think about a tank with water, which can create a certain pressure on the roofing material. Therefore, the latter must be durable, or have an excellent supporting structure, on which, basically, the tank will rest.

How to choose a roof for a summer house

We will not talk about stores or points on the market, manufacturers and the multiple characteristics of materials, but we will say only one thing - you should choose roofing material only for your personal requirements. Naturally, they will advise you more expensive and more durable, but always focus on quality and wallet. Also, be sure to calculate the price and service life, so you can understand what material is really worth the overpayment. But be sure, in addition to calculating costs and determining quality, try to choose the roofing material specifically for the building that you are going to do in the country.

Roof and roof for a country house (video)

The roof of the building is an important moment in any construction, but, as we have already said, it will be most correct to choose the material in accordance with the construction, and not with the current fashion and market innovations! Please note that only recommends, you will need to make the choice yourself!

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