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Funny tasks for New Year's Eve

Funny tasks for New Year's Eve

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Not only kids, but also adults love Christmas gifts. This game has such easy rules that even the youngest participants in the party will be able to play it. Forfeits are very popular, because they are suitable for any company. With them, the New Year will surely pass unforgettably. And it doesn’t matter who will be nearby on this magical night - colleagues, family or friends.

Different ways

Interestingly, the New Year's merry forfeits gained their popularity several centuries ago. In certain countries, this entertainment was the main event of any gala event. If you translate this word from German, we get a "pledge". There are two main ways you can play:

  1. Participants give the presenter some of their thing, it is better that it is something small. Things are put in a hat or bag. The assistant pulls out the items one at a time, and the leader, not knowing who owns the thing, gives the task to its owner. If the owner managed, they return the item.
  2. The game takes place without a lead. Participants write New Year's assignments for forfeits on pieces of paper, which are then put in a package. It is important that it is opaque, you can take the bag. Fanta get members of an exciting show in turn. Anyone who has taken out a task must complete it. Of course, you should not come up with any dangerous or abusive tests. Better let them be moderately simple and quickly implemented.
  3. Who will be "fanatical" is determined by lot. First, players come up with a test, and then they find out who will have to pass it. As a lot, you can use a burning match, transmitted in a circle. If participants consider this method unsafe, you can use one of the children's counters.

If the facilitator fails to complete the task, he must fulfill a predetermined penalty. What will be the "sanctions", other participants in the game decide together. Suppose you can drink a glass of vodka and make a cash contribution to the general treasury.

Let the most creative player get a win. The time to complete the task should be about 5 minutes. Funny Christmas forfeits should help a person to reveal his hidden creative potential.

Corporate entertainment

As a rule, a host is invited to the corporate party so that no one gets bored at the holiday. However, if, nevertheless, colleagues decided to have fun without him, you can have a great time playing fun New Year's Eve. Here are examples of assignments that You can safely use it on holiday:

  • Kiss the boss (and it doesn’t matter if this is a man or a woman).
  • Repent to the boss of his most serious sins. Before telling the authorities about this, you need to think carefully.
  • Tell employees about their own professional secrets.
  • Massage the back to someone who is older in rank.
  • Hug each of the participants and say something nice. As a rule, when working in an office, people rarely exchange pleasantries.
  • Declare love to one of the colleagues and invite the object of sighing on a date.
  • “Beautifully” eat a banana sandwiched between the knees of another entertainment participant.
  • If the representative of the weaker sex got the task, then she needs to collect as many little things as possible, which are usually carried in the man’s pocket (cigarettes, lighters, keys). If the guy turned out to be “fanatical,” he should persuade the ladies present to kiss themselves.
  • To help the waiters by collecting dirty dishes from the table.
  • To make each employee a small compliment, reflecting in him the character of the person.
  • Guess by touch who is nearby. Before this, the presenter is blindfolded.
  • Imagine a slow dance on a paper napkin, taking a partner in a chair. Gender does not matter. Dancing, you can not go off the napkin.
  • Apologize to anyone who holds a grudge. If there were no conflicts with anyone, you can ask for forgiveness from the boss for something.
  • Praise yourself for something at all, but in an interrogative form, as if specifying with those present, is this so. Participants will agree with or deny the merits.
  • Dress up one of the colleagues in the New Year tree. To craft toys will help improvised materials. Let's say snowflakes can be made from napkins.
  • Singing a verse and a chorus of a song that everyone knows (you can sing the department’s anthem) In this case, you need to replace the words with "oink-oink" or "yum-yum."
  • Close your eyes and draw on paper the boss. In the end, you can give a portrait to the boss.
  • Within 1 minute, collect as many wardrobe items from colleagues as possible and put them on yourself.

For families with children

If you plan to celebrate New Year 2019 with your family, including children, it is worth using the most simple tasks. Let the cool New Year's forfeiters bring maximum positive. It is proposed to use modest tasks, for example, of this nature:

  • Have time to drink a soft drink from a glass in 15 seconds through a tube.
  • For a certain time, get all the fruits out of the water without using your hands.
  • Pop out your tongue with a small platter of milk or some drink.
  • Breathe in helium from a balloon and perform your favorite song (you can from the New Year's repertoire).
  • Kiss one of those present, hug the other, and give the third a slap, arguing for his choice.
  • Remove candy from bowl with flour without using hands.
  • Depict a curious journalist who was invited to a social event.
  • Eat with chopsticks for sushi one of the New Year's salads.
  • Imagine yourself as a creative bartender and create a new cocktail a la Participant. After that, you can try to drink what happened.
  • Inhale from a balloon of helium and for several minutes prove to everyone that Santa Claus really exists.
  • Pretend to be a cat who rubs underfoot and asks for food.
  • Arrange participants in unusual poses for a collective photo.
  • Dance with your partners the dance of little swans, using pre-prepared props. For example, you can take small aprons and funny horns or ears.

The list of tasks can go on and on. Fanta is a game that will cheer up each of the guests and will charge you with positive emotions for a long time. If you hold contests in an unfamiliar team, this will make it possible to rally people or at least relax those present and give the holiday some piquant note.

Street forfeits

When strangers begin to take part in the game, it moves to another level. For street fans, harmless tasks with original jokes are suitable. It is worth taking a note that before choosing a passerby you need to make sure that he is not against such tricks. Here are the appropriate quests for fans on the street:

  • Congratulate every passerby with a holiday, wishing all the best.
  • To make a difficult riddle for some random person.
  • Become the initiator of a round dance around the Christmas tree in the main city square.
  • Stand under a tree and congratulate people on a presidential holiday.
  • Drink champagne with a passerby you like.
  • Give sparklers to strangers, hugging each of them.
  • Pester people, offering fortune-telling on the arm.
  • Make acquaintance with 5 men and women.
  • Pretend to be a pig that symbolizes the New Year of 2019, and circle around the pine tree, grunting loudly.
  • Treat the cookies of all the babies you meet.
  • To put on a suit of Santa Claus and get various rubbish out of the bag, giving it away to passers-by (sweets, soap, toilet paper, key rings).
  • Get 10 kisses with compliments from 5 people of the opposite sex.
  • Organize a flash mob around the pine trees, attracting passers-by and children.
  • Make a snowman in a few minutes.
  • Loudly yelling: "People, stop drinking! The New Year has arrived!"
  • To undress to the laundry, run out into the yard and ask the first person to come in for salt.
  • Take buddies and slide off a mountain train.
  • Make up your nose with lipstick and play a grandfather Santa Claus.
  • Go to each neighbor and congratulate you on the holiday.
  • Pretend to be a foreign citizen and try to find out the way to the embassy from people passing by.
  • Pretend to be a speculator and prank someone. You need to offer a person something to buy, hiding this item in his jacket. In the end, you should definitely admit that it was a rally.
  • To sing a New Year's song with some kind of funny accent.
  • Throw himself on the neck of a passerby, and then pretend to have misrepresented.
  • Make a butterfly in the snow.
  • Stop the car and heartily wish the driver a Happy New Year.
  • Interview passers-by, interested in their dreams and plans for next year.
  • Organize a mass slaughter by snowballs.
  • Ask 5 people of the opposite sex for a phone number.

For a drunken company

In the midst of New Year's Eve, an excellent solution would be to play funny forfeits. This game will allow guests to laugh at the ridiculous tasks that other guests will perform. You can play forfeits in pairs, in which case it is worth coming up with more difficult tasks. However, they should not be compromising and hazardous to health. You can come up with tasks yourself or take some of this list:

  • Pestering those present with silly conversations, trying to portray an annoying fly. To better enter the image, you can even buzz, trying to make the most unpleasant sounds for others. Anyone who can no longer restrain himself is allowed to "slam" the bored fly.
  • Show one of the participants through facial expressions.
  • To invent and tell a fairy tale in which the main characters will be those present at the festive table.
  • Change into a person of the opposite sex and try to seduce one of the guests.
  • Show how animals mating games are played using voice (biting withers, growling, etc.).
  • Say a festive toast and drink one glass.
  • If the “fancier” is a man, you need to take a bowl with spoons, go up to the lonely woman you like and admit her love in a registered voice.
  • Put on a canopy and show the statue, taking pictures with each participant in the show.
  • Have a drink on the Brudershaft with a neighbor and kiss him. The gender of the person does not matter.
  • Show how a chicken lays an egg.
  • Say a few tongue twisters, putting sweets on the cheeks.
  • Make a festive make-up to one of the guests present.

Erotic subtext

Fants with an erotic connotation are not acceptable in every company. But if those present at the festival are normal to such fun, then why not. Here are some examples of piquant tasks:

  • To tell about his three most ardent desires.
  • Take off one thing.
  • Show how a rooster cares for a chicken.
  • Fulfill the wishes of each participant.
  • Massage the buttocks to the neighbor on the left.
  • Draw a pose from above by selecting a partner by lot.
  • Become a "slave" of a partner for 10 minutes (the desires of the "owner" should not be complex or degrading).
  • Tell everyone what role-playing game they would like to play.
  • Without resorting to the help of hands, burst a balloon located on the neighbor’s lap.
  • Frankly, which of the two options would be most preferable: sex in a public place or hard BDSM.
  • Play the truth or falsehood: answer immodest questions from guests. In case of refusal to confess, some ridiculous order is executed.

If the game involves couples, then you can use the following phantom. Between the stomachs it is necessary to squeeze some fruit, roll it to the mouth and eat without using your hands.

Thus, New Year's feats help to have fun at the holiday. This is a great solution for both corporate parties and for home spending time with family.

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