Plastic cellar in the country: advantages, disadvantages, expert advice

Plastic cellar in the country: advantages, disadvantages, expert advice

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There is always a problem with storing food in the country, which is why we use the cellar for many vegetables, fruits and selections. Today we will talk about the ease of use at the dacha of a plastic version of the structure, its advantages and disadvantages.

Cellar in the country - an excellent store for a wide variety of products. Often, this is also a replacement for the refrigerator in the summer, because the room temperature is kept at standard, and there you can calmly not only cool juices and water, but also save meat, milk, prepared soups and salads, etc. Having built a technology cellar in the country once, for many years you will provide yourself with high-quality storage. But sometimes its construction is an impossible undertaking. For example, there is not enough time to do such a necessary thing, or simply there is no experience in this work. There are a lot of ways out of the situation, and most often the hired craftsmen are engaged in the construction, but today we offer a completely different option, or maybe a new one for you - plastic cellar in the country.

What is the design

In fact, this is a certain box with walls of medium thickness, with or without stiffeners, with a special hermetic lid, complete with shelves and a ladder. Most often, this tank is a plastic container with a volume of several thousand liters and a size of approximately 1.5x1.5x1.5 m or 2x2x2 m. But these parameters can always vary depending on customer requirements.

Installation of construction

The advantages of a cellar made of plastic in the country

You can start not with common truths, but with the observations of summer residents who installed such a structure on a summer cottage:

  • Firstly, the placement of the cellar in absolutely any area where you are comfortable;
  • Secondly, a certain part of the arrangement work can be discarded - the finished product only needs to be installed correctly.

But there are certainly other advantages that manufacturers at the point of sale talk about:

  • A plastic caisson is installed not only on the territory of the site, but also under the future garage, house, shed, bathhouse or any other construction;
  • Unlike structures that are built from scratch on the site, the caisson is not subject to temperature extremes and humidity changes. Under conditions of high-quality installation and compliance with ventilation parameters, it provides the most high-quality storage of products;
  • The cellar is protected from the appearance of microorganisms and pests, does not absorb odors, does not gain moisture, is easily cleaned and amenable to disinfection, annual prevention;
  • This is a great place to store food, convenient and reliable, fully equipped with everything you need.

In addition, the use of a plastic cellar is possible in areas with a high level of groundwater, the material of its manufacture is not subject to corrosion, the life of the container is more than 50 years!

Design flaws

There are certain disadvantages, but even more negative observations and questions from summer residents. So first, the real cons:

  • Very high cost, which only for a product can cost about 20% more expensive than usual. And you will need more installation, arrangement;
  • Often the sizes are standard and this is not always convenient, especially if you want a cellar for your own requirements, and you are offered equilateral cubes.

Now a little about observations and issues that are rarely disclosed by manufacturers. We describe them only so that our readers do not pursue a new and practical solution, but think about the purchase correctly!

Description of the cellar made of plastic

Product installation complexity

By and large, as manufacturers and sellers claim, there is nothing complicated in the installation, and you only need:

  • Dig a specific pit;
  • Concrete the bottom of the pit or install a ready-made concrete slab;
  • Set the cellar on the same plate and anchor it with special slings;
  • Fill the foundation pit with the cellar with a sand-cement mixture, leaving only the entrance from the outside.

But it is here that the difficulties on the part of practice are visible.

Cellar installation, foundation pit

For example, it is difficult to dig a place under the storehouse, since the cottage is already inhabited and it is not very convenient to start an excavator on its territory. You can dig into it manually, but then the question is what to do if the stove is not poured under the cellar, but the finished one is installed? Carry it in the pit manually? In addition, installation under a house or other structure occurs only at the initial stages of construction, when everything is in place, it is quite difficult to install a cellar in this way!

Caisson and groundwater

It is believed that the cellar is protected from groundwater, does not get wet, holds moisture in the walls and generally does not react to them at all. But there are also precedents when structures are squeezed out of the soil due to that very high level of groundwater.

Why is this exactly happening? Manufacturers explain the fact only by improper installation and even recommend pouring two concrete slabs during installation - under the cellar and inside it, making some kind of floor reinforcement and adding weight. But will it help, or maybe then the pressure will fall on the walls?

Storage insulation

There are user notes that talk about the insulation of the caisson. Do I need to do this or not? Many do not advise, since the design is considered self-sufficient ... but for high-quality thermal insulation of walls that quite simply pass the temperature, it would probably be worth it.

Cellar ventilation

The finished “plastic cube” is equipped with a special ventilation system - a set of holes and outlet pipes, but it can be noted that in many cases this ventilation is arranged according to a simple principle - standard. Remaking ventilation for yourself means violating the tightness or structural characteristics, and therefore, if you get into poor-quality ventilation, it will be very difficult to deal with condensation and excess moisture. Agree, this is a problem that seriously deserves attention!

Plastic cellar

Purchasing Tips

We are absolutely neutral to this product, and therefore we recommend that you make your choice, adequately and rationally evaluating all the pros and cons. We will not dissuade you, nor will we persuade you to buy, because each summer resident has his own opinion and beliefs, moreover, only in this article there are enough versatile arguments. We bring to the completion of the material also the recommendations of specialists:

  • Be sure to choose a product that is made from quality materials. Check documents, state standard specifications, certificates, do not pursue cheapness;
  • Try to entrust the installation to specialists who will help to correctly determine the place and possibility of installation in the area where you need;
  • Be sure to consult with professionals, follow the installation, or maybe hire an individual for control (naturally, from another organization, and not from the team that performs the installation);
  • Conclude a contract for the purchase and installation, follow the warranty points;
  • Be sure to pay attention to the subsequent arrangement of the structure, and not just to its installation.

In addition, you can chat with neighbors, relatives, friends. Perhaps someone you know already has a similar experience, and observing this person will be useful to you. There are many nuances that are worth observing and which must be complied with, so be careful when making an expensive purchase!

Plastic cellar for a summer house or private house - A good option, but again, in the case of the acquisition of a quality product and professional installation! Please, if you have any thoughts on our topic today, share them in the comments.

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