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How to insulate walls

How to insulate walls

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Help advice. The house is heated with a fireplace, one floor. What is the best way to insulate walls outside? There are such options:
- polystyrene, then mesh and plaster;
- polystyrene, then crate and profiled sheets or siding;
- mineral wool, lathing, profiled sheets. Is it necessary to additionally lay some kind of steam, hydro - or wind insulation?


Vapor barrier is necessary, it must be fixed to the wall. Then, strengthen the vertical boards of the frame with a step equal to the width of the heat-insulating mineral wool boards. The width of the boards should be equal to the thickness of the insulation. Mineral wool plates are closed by a wind barrier from above. After that, a rail with a thickness of 20 - 50 mm is attached to the boards to fix the siding and create an air gap in front of the insulation. On the rail, in horizontal rows fasten the siding, starting from the bottom up.

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