How to choose a sprayer for a summer residence

How to choose a sprayer for a summer residence

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The summer season requires us to take care of plants, from which we want to get a good harvest. And one of the mandatory measures is spraying from pests. To make this work the most fruitful, it is required to use special equipment - sprayers for summer cottages.

Sprayers for summer cottage - devices with which it is possible to carry out preventive treatment or direct destruction of pests of the garden. Today, with the purchase of quality equipment there is only one problem, and it consists only in the right choice!

The simplest device for spraying in the country

First of all, we decided to recall the grandfather's method, which has been used for decades in country houses and in villages. It consisted of treating plants with a broom, directly from the bucket, where a special poisonous compound was mixed. This is a simplified scheme of work that does not doom a person to the waste associated with the purchase of equipment, but this venture is also quite dangerous. A large concentration of toxic substances on an ordinary broom, which is processed, leads to burns to the hands, allergies, and human poisoning. Troubles are possible for plants, since poisons with such spraying fall on garden crops and garden crops unevenly. As a result, some plants are burned, others are not completely processed, and only a small part remains more or less healthy and without the presence of insects. But, if the budget for gardening equipment is limited, then this method is better than no processing at all.

Modern garden sprayers

When choosing, it is definitely worth considering the functionality of the purchased equipment, its intended purpose, convenience and safety of use. But it will also be correct to pay attention to spaciousness, the carrying system, the length of the extendable bar, and so on.

Do not forget to be interested in spare parts for the sprayer that you have outlined for your summer house. It often happens that the model itself is inexpensive, and there are no spare parts for it at all, or their costs are more than the equipment itself.

Homemade garden sprayer based on a vacuum cleaner

Pump Sprayers

These are budget models, the characteristics of which are quite enough to work in the country. Knapsack or manual pump sprayers operate in manual mode, when a special lever needs to be pumped to supply fluid to the hose and boom.

All work is based on the principle of preliminary injection of air, which creates pressure in the tank and pushes the poisonous liquid out. Spraying occurs until the pressure in the tank decreases and the liquid ceases to be supplied. At this point, you need to pump air again to continue working.

Today on the market you can find a wide variety of models, equipped with small and large tanks, telescopic rods of different lengths, for home use, on terraces and balconies, or more professional, with a large tank and a high-quality pressure generating system.

In such equipment, there is a special safety valve with which you can bleed air when creating too high a pressure. If the sprayer is large and heavy, it is equipped with a special belt system so that it can be hung behind the back in the form of a satchel for the convenience of work.

The devices are also equipped with rods of different lengths, on which the poison supply valve and a special dispersing nut are located. With the valve, you turn the flow on or off, with a nut you regulate the atomization of the liquid in the range from a fine cloud to a directed jet.

Gas sprayer

Hydraulic Garden Sprayers

If for pump models it is possible to work on preliminary air injection, then in hydraulic everything is a little different. Here it is necessary to constantly pump air into a sealed tank with poisons so that the liquid is supplied.

Liquid is pumped inside the pump flask and for this, depending on the independent choice of mode, it is necessary to perform up to 30-40 swaps.

These sprayers are considered not so convenient, but quite safe, since the pressure is not pumped in the entire tank, but only inside the flask. If, in the event of increased pressure or due to other reasons, the device breaks, the flask ruptures or the safety valve flies, then pesticides do not leak, since all the liquid remains in the entire tank.

If the hydraulic sprayer for summer cottage is equipped with a large tank for pesticides, 15-20 l, then it is necessarily equipped with a backpack system for ease of movement with the sprayer on the territory.

Thanks to the volumetric tank and convenient hydraulics, the unit can be used on large areas of gardens, kitchen gardens and greenhouses, speeding up the work several times, thereby increasing the amount of free time for other summer cottages.

An indisputable convenience is the long telescopic bar, which allows you to handle even tall trees in the garden. In addition, on its edge there is a special nozzle with a set of the most practical adjustments. One of the most suitable regimes for the garden is the spraying of pesticides in two opposite directions at once.

The only drawback of such devices can be considered fatigue from constant pumping pressure and wearing heavy weight.

Motorized sprayers

If you are the owner of a large plot of land, pay attention to motorized sprayers, which are wheeled or knapsack type. Naturally, the cost of equipment is quite high, but according to experts who have been using similar models in large areas for a long time, their payback is possible within even one season.

Current manufacturers offer modern equipment, the package of which includes electric motors on batteries or gas engines. Due to the advantages that are possible due to the replacement of manual labor with automated, it is possible to cultivate the territory 8-10 times more than conventional garden models.

This equipment is more convenient, throws a stream of pesticides at a distance of 10-12 meters, can work with dry powdery products (subject to special equipment). Of course, you have to spend money on recharging or fuel, but it's worth it!

DIY sprayer

Choosing a sprayer for a summer residence, evaluate along and across all the advantages and disadvantages of the models, study the characteristics or individual qualities that are most suitable for you. Be sure to pay attention not only to the cost and eminent company, but also to the convenience of working with equipment - its weight, volume, rod length, ease of pumping. All this will tell you how quickly you can work in the country and how much land you can process per unit of time. Choose garden tools with us, get expert advice, and also share your opinion, which is important for us and readers of the site!

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