How to choose a conditioner for a summer residence

How to choose a conditioner for a summer residence

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Hot summer often makes us hide in a country house to take a breath and not get a heat stroke. But even under the roof of buildings it’s hot enough ... so you should definitely consider installing an air conditioner or a fan in the country to cope with the elevated temperature.

Unfortunately, we simply cannot physically consider all the offers of today's market in order to choose the best option for a summer residence, but it’s easy to make a brief review of our own observations and the types of air conditioners and fans. So, the best offers and options that stabilize the temperature, and possibly regulate the humidity for our comfort!

Group of air conditioners for summer cottages

There are three main groups of air conditioners and special systems on the market that cool or replace air, moisturize it, regulate the microclimate, and so on. But only one is suitable for use in the country - a group of domestic air conditioners. Others - commercial and industrial air conditioners, do not fit into our parameters for power, service area and cost, which is really high.

The group of household air conditioners includes wall-mounted split systems, multi split systems, window air conditioners and mobile air conditioners. Which of these types suits us best, remains to be seen right now!

We can say in advance that in any version there are brands that can service rooms and houses ranging from 10 to 100 m2, produce power from 1.5 to 8 kW, and are also practical and easy to maintain.

Wall-mounted air conditioner for a summer residence

A wall-mounted air conditioner or split system is the simplest and standard option, which is well suited for a country house. It is also called home or household, as it is most often used in apartments.

Installing it in the country takes only a few hours, but installation should be entrusted to specialists, since incorrect behavior with the system can lead to unwanted malfunctions. Wall-mounted air conditioning in the country is installed in any room, closer to the window and higher to the ceiling. It will be able to cool the room to 60-70 m2, depending on the selected parameters. The indoor unit is mounted inside, the outdoor - on the street, also near the window. This reduces the length of inter-unit communications and costs.

The air conditioner is controlled from the remote control and is designed for simple programming, cooling the air. Other functions, such as ventilation, are not provided here, which means that if air replacement is necessary, another option should be considered.

Multi split system in the country

Such a system involves several indoor units, and is great for a country house if there are several rooms in it. The multi split system is almost the same wall-mounted air conditioner, with only a few differences.

Each unit can be installed in a separate room, it is independent of the others and can work independently. The system replaces several split systems and is convenient because several outdoor units will not need to be placed on the facade of the building. There is a serious advantage - the indoor unit can be almost anything - cassette, duct, ceiling, floor.

However, there is a minus - this air conditioner for summer residence also does not work in terms of ventilation, but only regulates the air temperature.

Mobile air conditioning for summer cottages

Many consider the mobile or floor air conditioning in the country to be the most practical option, and, in principle, the way it is. This unit can be brought to the country in the car, and when leaving, take home. The connection takes place independently, in any room, but then immediately there is a difficulty - the need to install an air duct. The air conditioner works on the principle of cooling the air in the room and removing hot air through the air duct to the street. Therefore, it must be installed near the window, as well as to mount a special system through the opening in the window block or around the wall.

Today there are mobile air conditioners with two air ducts, the efficiency of which is much higher. But along with the beneficial action, the cost rises, which is already very high. Two air ducts are needed in order to provide air intake from the street, cooling with the help of the system, and the release of hot air into the street. Thus, the unit does not draw the air cooled by it from the room to the street, but works on independent circulation.

The capacity of floor air conditioners is average, and it’s enough for high-quality work in one room or for easy cooling of several. The system has many advantages, but there are also disadvantages, the main ones being the high price, the noise of the process and the need to install air ducts.

Window air conditioners for summer cottages

A good and inexpensive option, although it is considered old. Many shops have long got rid of window air conditioners, although they are quite effective for small rooms.

A small-sized cooling system is inexpensive, installed in a window or wall, does not have long and expensive pipes for connection. All that is necessary during installation is to observe the level, high-quality fixation and tightness. After switching on, you can press the button or turn the knob to set the desired temperature and cool the air in the room with high quality. A huge plus is the ventilation mode, as the air intake goes directly from the street.

The minus of the system can be safely considered noise, low power, as well as requirements for cleaning the system. In principle, it is not difficult to carry out maintenance and cleaning (as in any other air conditioner), but you can put up with noise! If the air conditioner's capacity is not enough, it is worth turning on the cooling to the maximum, and set the air flow rate to minimum or average, then icy air will come into the room, which will mix with warm over time and give an acceptable temperature.

What air conditioner to give

Having paid attention to the most diverse systems and brands of air conditioners and having tried installing the air conditioner in the cottage with our own hands, we came to the conclusion that many characteristics do not correspond to those declared by manufacturers and dealers. In addition, a number of additional advantages or disadvantages are discovered, which can be found out either independently or from reviews of other summer residents. So, if you choose an air conditioner for a summer residence, we would advise you to pay attention to the window system, which does not require large expenses and installation costs. Such systems work stably for 3-5 years without breakdowns, but then require maintenance, often with replacement parts, which is no longer profitable.

It is advisable to buy a split system or a multi split system for a summer residence if the cottage type house has good energy saving and tightness, its area is large and it will not be possible to cool it with a window. Then it’s worth choosing by capacity and manufacturer, consult with installers, communicate with friends who previously installed air conditioning in the country.

Considering the option of a mobile air conditioner, we immediately want to say that from this machine upsets are sometimes more than positive emotions. The air conditioner buzzes, cools only in front of itself, when turned off, the air heats up quickly, the system collects condensate, often does not remove it, and so on. Yes, and it costs serious money. In general, it’s worth choosing here based on the budget and requirements, since having so many drawbacks, the mobile system has its advantages.

Fan for garden

Very often, and especially when the budget for the purchase of equipment is limited, we can forget about expensive purchases to the detriment of our own cosiness and convenience, and come to simplified options. Yes, we are talking about fans, which can hardly be called a complete replacement for air conditioners, but, nevertheless, they really save in extreme heat.

Driving the air around the room, the fans create a certain pleasant flow, which, moreover, seems cooler than the air around. You can use the fan on the street, creating comfort in the gazebo or on the veranda, but air conditioning will not help here. A positive difference from the expensive system is the price, mobility, and significant savings in energy consumption.

It is difficult to talk about high quality, brands or capacities, because there are so many cheap and low-quality offers on the market today that we often respond specifically to them. Indeed, is it worth it to chase a fan for a summer residence for several thousand, if it is 2-3 times cheaper you can buy a device that can last 3-4 years without question.

How to choose the best air conditioning for a summer residence (video)

Cooling equipment for a summer residence - The question is not only serious, but also very difficult. When choosing one, you should not only focus on the budget, but also think about the power, volume of the room to be cooled, functions (cooling, climate control, ionization, humidification, etc.), installation, quality work, constant maintenance, and much more. Therefore, either high-quality air conditioning with a professional installation and a guarantee for a lot of money, or a simple fan, and no more problems.

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