How to choose firewood for barbecue and smoking

How to choose firewood for barbecue and smoking

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This article is for guidance only and contains the opinions and reviews of people from different regions of the country, pros and experimenters. Therefore, you can share your ideas in the comments by telling what kind of firewood for barbecue and smoking do you choose.

Our article is such an educational program for beginners, a review for those who are interested, and a reminder for those who know how, but more correctly, this is a collection of tips and opinions that we put together in one text. Already now you will find out which firewood and combustible materials are most suitable for grilling kebabs and for producing smoked foods, which wood burns hotter, and which grade should not be thrown into a fire at all.

Saxaul firewood

We found on the net the opinion that saxaul is most suitable for grilling kebab, as the wood of this plant is very dense and gives excellent heat. Usually, saxaul is not cut, but simply broken, holding a branch by one edge and striking hard against another tree, ground or wall. This is an indicator of the density of wood, which emits a lot of heat over a long period of burning.

Grapevine Kebab Firewood

There are many opinions about grapevines, but more are positive. The only negative is the rapid burning of wood and thin vines, but if you choose a thick vine, it forms a good and stable heat, gives the meat a unique taste and aroma. The bad thing is that not everyone can get the vine, as, in principle, saxaul.

Firewood from apple, oak and birch

Here opinions are divided again, but a greater number of positive ones, since the wood of these trees is dense and holds heat well. Apple and oak are great for smoked, and if we talk about all three varieties, they meet all the requirements for frying kebab. The only thing is that birch gives a serious smoke and forms soot, and therefore it should be used carefully, perhaps on closed roasters.

Firewood from cherry, pear, apricot and alder

We found one interesting barbecue forum where people discuss these types of wood for cooking meat. So there they agree that these varieties will give excellent taste and aroma to poultry dishes - goose, duck, chicken.

It is worth noting that the fruit breeds give excellent heat, hold the temperature for a long time and provide the product with a pleasant aroma!

Firewood for barbecue from pine and spruce

What can I say? Such firewood is not suitable !!! If you do not have an emergency need to cook something on spruce and pine, forget about such wood. She emits a large number of resins, which not only make the food inedible, but also dangerous. Eating them is simply impossible!


We talked a bit about fresh wood, now let's talk about the so-called semi-finished products - charcoal. We all understand that this is the most practical way out of the situation if there is nowhere to take firewood. Many people generally constantly replace conventional firewood with charcoal, since it is more convenient.

Of course, you can cook meat on charcoal very quickly, and they keep the heat excellent, but they have a specific smell, give soot and so on. Therefore, professionals and connoisseurs still prefer natural wood.

If you want to significantly save on the consumption of charcoal when frying kebabs, heat the heat in closed containers, for example, in an old cauldron, and fry meat and vegetables on top, on a grid. After cooking, just cover the coals in the tank, blocking the air, and they will go out. And the next day they can be used again, and so almost a dozen times.

Charcoal briquettes

Here, having gathered almost a hundred opinions, we found out that coal briquettes are suitable for barbecue and barbecue, but obviously not for smoking, which requires natural wood that gives off a specific aroma!

Collected information on firewood and meat frying

Unfortunately, we cannot say that the information is 100% reliable, as it is reviews and observations ... therefore, combined points are possible here!

  • So, the largest amount of heat is generated by hardwood - yew, beech, birch, oak. But not everyone is suitable for cooking - birch smokes, and some yew varieties are generally poisonous.
  • Firewood of cedar, fir, elm, apple and cherry gives enough smoke when burning, but it’s fruit species that provide a certain smoking effect for barbecue.
  • Resinous firewood, such as spruce and pine, is unsuitable for cooking meat, and also often “shoot” sparks.
  • Firewood from ash and hawthorn is very difficult to ignite, but then you can get a good heat.
  • Poplar and walnut quickly burn out, the effect of burning firewood is very small.
  • Cedar and spruce burn well, give out a lot of heat, but are not particularly suitable for cooking.
  • Pear and apple tree give a strong aroma, for which wood and fell in love with barbecue.
  • It is believed that frying meat and cooking smoked on juniper is even better than on saxaul wood. You can get a good heat and amazing color of the product.
  • For the kebab, they also choose the cone of the Crimean pine, which emits a lot of heat and does not contain tar.

You can discuss wood for a long time, as there are many trees and shrubs around us. We even saw comments in which people talk about frying meat on lemongrass, mango and pistachio wood. Here are such things!

New firewood for barbecue

Fry meat, smoke food, cook grill group stands on special firewood, and each dish has its own wood, or even a mixture of different varieties. Therefore, we believe that it is worth choosing the choice of firewood or, so to speak, combustible materials carefully, but we also remind you that it is very important to know good kebab recipes, understand how to cook kebabs, how to light a fire and get a strong heat. With such an arsenal of knowledge, you can cook the best meat!

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