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How to buy a cottage: useful tips

How to buy a cottage: useful tips

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Acquisition of a summer residence is a crucial step. And it doesn’t matter why you make such a serious purchase - for work, leisure or just as an investment, the main thing here is to correctly prioritize and pay attention to many serious points.

Buying a summer house is very simple ... many people think so. Why, just chose a plot and a house, looked at the garden, gave the money and received the documents - that’s all. But experienced people, summer residents with many years of experience or just practical and looking far into the future buyers, think a little differently. In fact, buying this kind of real estate is a responsible and difficult step that should be taken thoughtfully, because there are not only a certain number of mandatory requirements, but also pitfalls that need to be circumvented.

Today we want to tell everyone who wants to get into our circle of summer residents, how to buy a summer house, how to choose the right site and its location, what to look for, so that after signing the documents you should not clutch your head and not regret the deal.

List of basic requirements

We will try to put into paragraphs the main criteria that we consider the most important. If you suddenly miss something, we ask you to supplement our thoughts in the comments, because it is very important that everyone who wants to buy a summer cottage can orientate themselves correctly.

How to find a summer cottage for purchase?

Today, making such a purchase is quite simple, but it all depends on the budget. The more money you can spend, the more offers you can get. Having a serious amount, you can count on a manor house in a fashionable village, a cottage in a specially built town, a nice private house and an adjacent plot on the outskirts of the city, or just put it on a building. If the budget is a little lame, or simply means are limited, there will also be many offers, only their quality will change.

Regardless of the amount, built-up area and ready-made options, you can search through special agencies, newspapers, magazines, realtor offices, cooperatives. But you can simply let out a cry for a cooperative that you liked, or among friends and neighbors whose friends and neighbors, in turn, will probably tell a person who is selling.

Where to buy a cottage?

This question is one of the most important, because it affects health - in terms of ecology, the cost of moving, the very perception of nature and so on. Now we decide where to conduct a search for a purchase - within the city, suburbs, cooperatives or even in the countryside, at a distance from the dusty metropolis. There are many factors to consider:

  • The location of the property and its remoteness from the main place of residence;
  • Population of a country town or cooperative, neighbors, protection of sites and so on;
  • The environmental moment - to take the cottage in the fresh air, outside the city, or in the usual smoke, but near by;
  • Focus on a serious cottage town, where they will be happy with your money and provide the best conditions, or a cheap cooperative, where the foreman is a king and a god, knows everything and does whatever he wants, or even a quiet village with cute elderly neighbors;
  • In nature, with a minimum of modernity and attachments to today - only a well, a fireplace, a river and so on, or in a more modern place, with asphalt, a loose beach, electrification and illuminations around.

We touched upon only those factors that we consider to be the main ones in this paragraph, but you can think up our list for a whole page!

Be sure to pay attention to the remoteness of the site from the main place of residence. This will affect the convenience of travel, cost, time of moving from home to the cottage and back.

Self purchase or through an agency?

If you have access to a good realtor with a small commission, you should definitely use his services. At hand, such a person has a huge database of objects of a very different plan, to which all requirements can be presented and, through selection, reach two or three most suitable sellers. In addition, such a person knows exactly all the ways of quick and correct paperwork, will help with the solution of other issues.

If you don’t have a good and inexpensive realtor among your acquaintances, and obviously you don’t want to turn to lovers to tell fairy tales for a lot of money, everything is in your hands - independent search and purchase! Redraw the ads on the Internet, re-read all the newspapers, ask your friends and grandparents, and soon you will find a suitable option. Now you should make a deal ... here it is already worth contacting a lawyer, consulting, and after a certain payment, notarize everything. Of course, you yourself run a lot, but save a little, about 20-30% of the amount, and maybe a little more.

Land for development or finished cottage?

We make a big emphasis on this point, since here many people disagree.

  • Some of us are interested in buying ready-made options - stop by and live. There is a small house, a well-kept garden and a vegetable garden, outbuildings ... of course, we will still have to work and put everything in order, but that’s the cottage for us.
  • The next option is a fully inhabited area. This is a good house, well-established communications, landscape and so on, where you can only plant flowers and monitor the rose garden, that is, a plot that fully meets all your requirements.
  • And finally, the “killed” and inexpensive, but promising option. An old or destroyed house, a wretched garden and a garden in the weeds, other horrors of old and uninhabited summer cottages. This option is perfect for people who are looking for a place to build - all for demolition and decoration "for themselves." The main thing in this situation is to choose a site that meets the rest of your requirements.

In this case, it is important to pay attention to the purpose of the cottage, that is, why you are buying it!

Purpose of a summer residence

There are also a lot of opinions, but we want to highlight the main three:

Household cottage for work. Here you will plant plants and harvest every weekend and free day, build new sheds and grow small animals, put the plot in order and take care of everything with your own hands;

A place for relaxation and events. A plot and a house is necessary in order to gather at the weekend of a fun company, to relax from the bustle of the city, and so on. Garden furniture, shower, small garden and flower garden, playground, parking for cars and, perhaps, enough;

The territory under the business is a large plot on which there are already corresponding buildings or they will be driven out in the near future. Smoking meat, growing strawberries or greens, raising chickens or rabbits, a carpentry or stone workshop, and so on.

The purpose of the cottage should also be determined on time, because the location, price and other requirements will depend on this decision.

Property condition at the time of purchase

When choosing a summer residence, it is definitely worth examining it completely, assessing its condition. Walk around the yard, go into the house, try to notice all the cracks and deflections, rot in the fence, weeds in the garden, broken trees and dried bushes in the garden. You don’t need all this, but all this can play on the price, if minimal defects are not important for you.

In addition, an inspection of the condition of the facility is necessary to evaluate the work that you will perform in the future.

Land and buildings in the country

It’s worth considering not only how nice the plot looks at the time of purchase, what garden figures are in the garden and what country crafts are organized on the lawns. Be sure to take time to distribution and the ratio of the suburban area. See how much land is reserved for a garden, a vegetable garden, what area is occupied by existing buildings. Evaluate the correct location of the garden, greenhouses, flower beds. After all, if they are available, the price can rise significantly, but if they are located in the wrong place and do not bring results, there is no sense in them.

Evaluate the convenience of the location of paths, small architectural forms, the proximity of water from watering places, and so on, look at the cottage from the practical side and how much it suits you in this state.

Ecology, soil quality, general climate

Important parameters that are responsible for a healthy vacation and the cultivation of organic products. Let's look at the main aspects!

The ecological situation is very important, but note that not only your health and well-being, but also the quality of the soil for growing a variety of crops depends on it. Nearby there should not be treatment facilities, plants and factories, any small harmful production. Try to choose a site at a distance from the road and various service stations, from railway stations, other places, structures and production halls that poison the air. Be sure to evaluate the situation of garbage collection, there should be no landfills nearby!

High-quality and fertile soil is the basis of the yield of vegetables, berries and fruits. There is no good soil - no products! Evaluate the composition, find out about the level of groundwater, ask about the acidity of the soil, find out how often the earth was fertilized and what has been growing on it for the past few years. If you wish, you can generally take the soil for samples, take it to the laboratory and learn absolutely everything about it!

If the cottage is bought far from the main place of residence, ask about the climate, how much it differs from your region. Almost always there are no significant differences, because few decide to travel further 70-100 km from the house, but sometimes, due to a sharp difference in altitude, the presence of ponds or forest terrain nearby, the climate can show serious deviations.

Location of the cottage

Partially this topic was raised above, but we decided to focus on where exactly the cottage will be acquired. A lot depends on the terrain!

A place away from the city, near a forest and a river, fresh air and meadow flowers, mushrooms and berries, and so on.

Plot in the city, on the outskirts or somewhere else in the "stone jungle". It's not so natural and fresh, but everything is close - a house, shops, an office, if you need to often wander to work.

Cottage in the field, land allotment, as before, 6 acres, which you need to go by train. The option may not be so “serious”, but after all, many sites today are not sold in the forest, but in the field - come, plant trees, and you will have nature ...

Be sure to consider these options, because they are very important. Let's just say that if you choose the option in the field just because there is a nice house, communications and excellent design, then remember that the shadow of trees and the freshness of the forest will not appear there in the next several decades. The choice should be tied to care.

Communications in the country

The most important criterion that regulates the opinion of so many. There is no water or gas - and even the best offer becomes uninteresting. There is no electricity - and generally the Stone Age. Therefore, be sure to ask the seller, study for yourself and ask the neighbors about the availability of electricity, water, gas and sewage!

Neighbors, team leader, workers

We rarely pay attention to neighbors when buying a summer house, and then it all starts ... screaming, swearing, drinking, constant bonfires with wet leaves and smoke in the yard, begging for a glass, borrowing money, obsession with conversations, theft and so on. It may sound a bit rude, but very often it’s true ... Therefore, the issue of good neighborliness is extremely important, sometimes more important than some other requirements for the site when buying.

It is also necessary to find out what the foreman and country workers are worth. You pay money for the site, its maintenance and maintenance, and therefore must receive real and timely assistance in case of problems.

Garbage collection, water supply, repair of communications and so on should be established. In addition, all such a fraternity should not look down on you, as is often the case ... in general, you need to communicate personally, to learn the opinions of neighbors!

Cash or credit purchase

Having chosen a good site, you must decide how the calculation will be carried out. In principle, the quality of the purchase may also depend on the calculation, for example, if there is not enough cash, and a slightly more expensive option is possible on credit for several years. This is a personal question for each of us, but it is worth approaching it seriously, with the calculation of rates, inflation, solvency, and so on.

Registration, privatization

Re-issuance in many cooperatives is very simple - by transferring money, making contributions, registering and handing over, say, a garden book. In fact, you are the owner of the cottage, but only the site itself, which is part of the cooperative. If a large-scale state construction is outlined at this place or a serious city businessman decides to build a suburban recreation complex, then you will be left almost without rights.

In this case, it will be very difficult to defend your innocence, to receive compensation, or simply to profitably sell the site that you previously spent on. But privatizing a property, you will receive absolutely all rights to it. Therefore, think about privatization immediately after the purchase, if this, of course, is possible.

What to look for when buying a summer house (video)

When buying a cottage, each item on our list of requirements and evaluation criteria is very important. Of course, there are some other, less important criteria that everyone will pay attention to personally, but we highly recommend that you listen to our recommendations! If we missed something, you can always supplement our thoughts with your own comments!

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